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Very well-marked trail. No good drinking water found on the trail, as an fyi to others. Perfect weather conditions today. Not too sure why I didn’t see anyone else, but two gals at @ mile 9 on the way back during Spring Break. A definite loss for others who didn’t partake. Limited window in TX of ideal hiking weather- cool upper 60s/low 70’s and zero humidity.

Wonderful walk through not very interesting forest.

2 months ago

Nice leisurely hike. Views are ok, mostly think piney woods but a fun hike on a nice day. Lots of people, all were very nice. Definitely an easy rating.

2 months ago

Great day to be out in the woods.

Good and friendly

Beautiful scenery and great place to take the dogs and kids.

2 months ago

Nice, secluded lollipop loop along Big Sandy Creek. On the harder side of easy due to length; the terrain is hillier than you might expect for southeast Texas but still pretty flat. Nice mix of bottomland forest and upland forest. A few muddy areas to deal with after a rain but not as bad as some other trails in this area. Overall, a good choice for dayhiking the Big Thicket.

Check the maps on location before starting this hike. Over half was closed but it was a nice trail the parts we used.

Trail was partly closed due construction,...but im stupid and road around the barrier or sign and road the 7.1 miles on Thanksgiving weekend 2017. I just got a new specialized bike and there was a lot of roots but if you have a good bike you can go over them pretty easily especially if you're younger. I'm 48 and little bit overweight LOL. But I still can get over these roots pretty easily. Great workout for me. I wish people would post their age on here to tell how difficult the trail is. Obviously a person 25 years old and 185 lb is going to ride this Trail like it's nothing. Me I enjoyed it and it took some really good effort to get over some of the spots. You have a great time on this Trail.

3 months ago

it was an awesome trail with awesome scenery... well marked and the trail was very nice... I took my 7 year old son!!! will definitely be back to do it again

Hiked the length of the trail today. It was very peaceful, didn't see another person out there all day. For a solitude I give it 5 stars; you might as well be in your own world out there. For maintenance though, I would give it 3 stars, as someone stated earlier, the trailhead is nicely maintained, but the trails not so much. This really doesn't bother me too much just shows how little the trail there is utilized. The thing that did bother me though was the complete lack of signage. With no blazes or markers of any type, at times the trail can be confusing. The map that is provided is for the horse trail out there and does not even show the actual hiker path. I finished up on the trail early and stopped by the big thicket visitors center to ask about the lack of signage, thinking maybe much of it was lost due to flooding from Harvey. When I asked about It, the ranger on duty sheepishly told me that there really had never been any and that this trail is the least of the maintained in the big thicket system. He did say it was on the to do list of the park though...
All in all though, it is a great hike that takes you through some beautiful landscape and provides plenty of solitude and a chance to recharge the batteries after a crazy hetic week. I will definitely be back...

Don't skip this extra chance at seeing more beautiful country! It's worth it and suddenly seemed quiet as the rest of the crowd chose to skip it!

trail running
4 months ago

Parking is easy to spot, right next to the stoplight. I could see parking being limited on holiday weekends, but otherwise there's plenty (plus there's another parking lot further east, which I believe is not used much). In the front of the trail system there are some picnic tables and benches, and near "Middle Lake", about midway through the park, there are some bleachers to rest on.

As for the trail itself, and trail running-
This isn't a trail to get hill climbing or rock scrambling. It is definitely a trail to get some faster miles in as most of the trails are wide open and fairly flat. The signage is great in the front (north) parts of the forest, but the further south you go the less the signage gets. But stick to the main trails and you'll be fine. There are several skinnier trails through the trees, with foliage to dodge, tree roots to navigate, the occasional log, etc. but the main trails are all wide and mostly flat. No overgrowth on the main trails, and they're well maintained it seems. But...

Sand. Sand sand and more sand! I figure woodchips, mulch, etc. would be good, but there's a ton of sand on some of the trails. Maybe some people are used to running on sand. The forest is beautiful, the skinnier trails through the woods are quiet fun, and watching horses gallop by is kinds neat. But why sand int he middle of the forest?

All in all, due to the lack of creek crossings and any good hills to climb, I give this a four instead of a five for trail running.

6 months ago

Loved it! ❤️

love this trail. hiked it a many a time. love camping out on it. Great get a way.

this trail is great. I can not count the times I have hiked it and camped on the creek. Not recommended in summer as ticks and chiggers are rampant. fall, winter, and spring are great. Great day hike. seen hogs, snakes, deer, ect....

Lots of roots !

Amazing hiking! I'll come back for sure!

Jumped deer right by the trail. saw a bobcat stalking prey 25 yards away on the trail! Be prepared for allot of briars and some downed trees across trail.watch your feet saw a coral snake on the trail.

There was a lot of construction on the trail.

8 months ago

One of my new favorite spots. Lots of nature and a variety of routes to take. Completed 5 Miles today and plan on coming back. Only bad thing was the wet trails were slippery at times. Proceed with caution if you decide to go after some rainfall.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Great trails. Clean and offers different challenges. Only down fall now is some routes not available due to construction/repairs. Great overall experience for most levels.

Very nice an quiet!

Cool forest because you can make the trail as long or short as you want. Getting a lot more busy lately with all the development happening on 1488.

Did the full trail; phone says 10.1 miles, Garmin said 9.85. Aside from the distance the trail was easy with most of the elevation on the front half. Met about 10 people on trail and they were all overly friendly.

9 months ago

A little wet today but a nice walk, watch out for horse flies they were relentless

It was a pleasant hike.

Took my daughter here for her first state park hike and she loved it. Before you go, call the park. you can only do an out and back on this trail due to construction on the spill way. We ended up hiking around 8 miles. Saw 2 deer, frogs, plenty of spiders across the trail, and an eagle. enjoyed the quiet hike and will return when we can complete the loop.

if you just want a nice walk it's great but nothing to see.

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