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Amazing views. We did the loop passing by 4 lakes. 15km. Easy hike. Cristal bleue sky, no mugs thanks to the wind. The way to get there was actually also an adventure as we are not used to drive a 4x4 (a must for the last part of the dirt road). We took the Tamarack road following the advice bellow.

8 days ago

Great hike and fairly cool on an early August day when it was broiling at lower elevations. No bugs on the mountain and not too bad along the creek - but enough that repellent would have made it more enjoyable. Mostly we had the trail to ourselves. The number of old-growth trees is astounding.

on Goat Mountain Trail

11 days ago

I’d like to do this again next time I’m on this side of the states just because the smoke from the fires is real and I bet the views are even more amazing than what we did get to see, which were still great. The gnat pockets are real, but that’s nature. We parked at the start coordinates and recorded at 10.1 mi for us. Took just under 5 hours at moderate pace and while out of shape.

15 days ago

We took Tamarack road in as the road from Dinkey Creek is closed. We were warned about abundant mosquitos but it wasn’t bad at all. There were some at Dinkey 1, but we stayed at Island lake and had no problems with mosquitos at all. We took 4 kids on their first backpacking trip and it was fantastic!

Actually didn’t get to hike it but wanted to post this in case others are headed down soon. Got to the road leading to the trail (Dinkey Road) and it was closed due to construction. Drove 2 hours and was bummed about that. Perhaps call restaurants/businesses in the area to inquire if the road has opened back up.

longer than expected... well worth the walk! beautiful views. clear paths. well marked.

19 days ago

very pretty in spring..Good hike...

The top falls are worth the hike. Smoke every where right now because of the Ferguson Fire. south part of the park a little bit better.

Decent little hike but a comment that says, "not many hills" is inaccurate. It's almost all uphill from Cedar Valley Dr., some of it fairly steep. Of course, I was pretty tired from having hiked Half Dome the day before, but I imagine that people who are not somewhat regular hikers will struggle on this. It was hot, too, so bring at least 2 litres of water per person.

I didn't see any poison oak, but a lot of the types of plants that are frequently mistaken for poison oak. :-)

1 month ago

Amazing traill and beautiful but the mosquitoes were relentless. Even spraying up every fifteen minutes they would bite you. It was constant which explains why we had the lake we were at to ourselves which was breathtaking. The road there should be driven by an SUV. I appreciated being in a four wheel drive even though I didn’t use it. Had to drive around the long way from Dinky Creek Campground since road and bridge still out on the short route. We did get a bit lost but it was mostly user error and it was marked ok. The trails are also poorly marked so plan on doing some extra hiking to find your way but it is also why you get solatude and wake up to a lake all to yourself. Fly fishing seemed like it would have been successful since the trout were jumping all over the lake eating the plethora of mosquitos.

LOVE this trail. From the burned forest to the sunny stretches to the riverside—lots of diversity in terrain.

Hiked from Glacier Point to the Tunnel view parking lot, took a detour to go up Sentinel Dome. Beautiful meadows of wildflowers even in early July. Since the trail is a point to point it takes some logistical planning, but well worth it. Dewey Point has amazing views, it also cool to see Bridalveil Falls from Crocker Point.

Great hike, my wife and I both enjoyed it. We started off on Cedar Valley Dr. Point and hiked all the way up to the water fall.

Awesome waterfalls and swimming holes! Challenging hike if u push we lolligagged and took time to swim and smell the foliage!

Incline up the ridge to Indian Rock for days but one of the coolest arches ever with views of half dome.

Beautiful hike, waterfalls and fresh cool water!

Love this trail

Beautiful trail, especially in the redwood groves. Started at 0730, even then it was pretty warm at the finish. Lots of pretty creeks, saw 3 deer, and of course, the magnificent redwoods. Many flying bugs, but we didn't get bit by mosquitos. We have hike both directions, from the Hart Trail and the Sugarbowl trail. I think I prefer to go counterclockwise, beginning on the Sugarbowl trail, gets more of the elevation done early in the hike.

Not many hills and lots of shade. Great hike.

1 month ago

Did not do the trail but followed the river up to awesome swimming holes and waterfalls. First three lower holes you will see people but the farther up, its secluded enough to skinny dip!

Huge trees , the breath taking waterfalls , the beautiful butterflies flying over me . Wonderful experience

It's off the beaten path and not very crowded..This was such an amazing hike! I had a blast doing it and the view was pretty good. I hike around the other side of the gorge to get a picture of all the falls and it came out great. Don't recommend that for a lot of people as the other side has no real Trail and you end up doing a lot of bushwhacking. Still met some great people and saw some amazing scenery!

Must go trail for waterfall

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Lots of trees and the views at the top are amazing. We hiked in August and the water was moving slow. There were a few pools at the top that we swam in. My legs started to give out on the way down, but I’m not in the best of shape.

Great hike!! Our Lab loved the trail and the amazing creek! A little rough coming down with a Labrador! But well worth the time

1 month ago

I really wanted to like this trail. 5 lakes in only 7 miles? What is there not to like? For starters, the road towards the trailhead. Rough road and at certain portions off road conditions. It is about 1.5 hours from Dinkey Creek Campground. Not recommended if you do not have a high clearance all wheel drive SUV. Secondly-- the actual trail. Poorly marked, not maintained at all and easy to lose the trail. You will experience a lot of bushwacking. Thanks to my downloaded map from Alltrails, we managed to find our destination, Island Lake. No switchback-- just straight up. The worse part? Mosquitoes. and lots of them. We had to cut our trip 1 day short because of it. But I have to say though it is really beautiful and if you want solitude, you will definitely have it here.

Hiked this in 2015. It was beautiful and my favorite hike we did in Yosemite...away from the crowds!

2 months ago

Took my wife here years ago for her first backpack. She's in good shape but I have to admit this hike was a challenge for her. Still, a beautiful hike and the falls, while on the smaller side, is still wonderful. Great hike if you're looking for time in Yosemite but want to avoid crowds.

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