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Hiked with my 6 and 10 year olds.

I did not consider this a moderate hike and found it quite easy. Neither of my kids found it difficult either. The only "steep" sections are found in the staircase around the falls and these are short.

The trail is about a mile to the falls and is fairly flat with a gradual incline. There is a stream crossing immediately after the trailhead we managed in the rain to avoid getting wet.

You've reached the falls when you hit a fork in the trail with a sign. The right continues on to Mt. Chocurua and the left heads towards the falls. They meet again after the falls to create a loop. I would avoid the loop by going up and down the staircase. If you head up the left the first or second side trail leads to a wide waterfall with a huge squarish bolder in the middle of the stream. Keep heading down the gorge another 200' to see a tall 50' waterfall. There is also a cut out in the canyon with a large overhang in which you can shelter. We ate lunch here out of the drizzle and dried off our gear.

Although we come to summit Chocorua this was a nice plan B. Had conditions been better and we summited I probably would have by passed the falls and missed out completely.

12 days ago

Great trail. We walked with our 7 and 5 year olds and a toddler in a carrier. It took us almost 5.5 hours as we walked super slow and made a lot of stops along the way. We lost the trail twice - near the same location on the way there and back but found the trail again quite easily. I highly recommend.

Great trail. Very quiet and perfect workout!

I did the Marion Davis Trail up. Very muddy from the rain the night before. If you're hiking anytime soon, make sure you wear some good hiking boots. I ended up just walking down the road instead of the trail due to the mud and slippery rocks. The summit has some nice views. Just try to ignore the parking lot, at the top

good warm up trail

I went last week and it was great! nice little view!

trail running
25 days ago

Nice quick trail run up to a beautiful view. Ran from Kimball Union to Plainfield Elementary to the Ledges and back and got 5 miles round trip. Followed the blue markings without any trouble (red at the top). Looking forward to trying more of the trails.

25 days ago

Fun trail, definitely some moderate spots. Be careful as the blazes are not always evident.

Easy with quick beautiful views. Cool water to enjoy. Kid friendly.

A nice quiet, lightly traveled 4 mile hike. My wife and I elected to start up North Mountain Trail, tackling the climb portion first, then come around via Boulder and bring it home via the North Mt Bypass. The 4 mile hike took us novices 2.5 hours, most during the climb section, with a few stops. It is definitely buggy. Fortunately we paid attention to the warnings and lathered up in bug spray. Not much scenery even at the peak of North Mt. Might be better during foliage season.

This hike was pretty long and buggy. The day we did it was extra humid so that probably had something to do with it, but it was well marked with lots of interesting changes in terrain which made up for some of the extra length

Fun moderate hike. It had my gf and I stopping to take breaks but we aren’t that in shape lol. We live about 10 minutes away and it’s great to do after work. We did some geo caching that made it take a little longer. Altogether it took about 3 hours with the searching for caches. We did not mind the parking lot up top one bit. The fire tower was cool to get some good views. Will be frequenting this mountain!

1 month ago

Loved the trail- very easy walking as it’s used for Mt. Biking a lot however lots of little trails throughout and it’s easy to get turned around because trails aren’t marked the best. Only steep part is right before top which wasn’t bad at all for a complete 360 view. Hiked with baby in back- good for family and kids.

I went last week. Usually I enjoy this trail because it’s easy and beautiful and lightly hiked. Last week, I pulled about 20 ticks off my dogs after the hike. It’s the only place in New Hampshire I’ve been that is absolutely loaded with tIcks.

Family friendly relatively easy hike to the falls. I did this with nine people and it took about three hours including the time we spent at the falls. Gorgeous views from the top of the waterfall. We tried doing the loop portion to also check out piper falls but the path barely looked like a path so we had to head back the way we came in. I'd definitely recommend this hike to anyone of any skill level.

It was worth it. The brook seemed too dry at first, so I was anticipating that I'd be unimpressed. But the forest let light in in a way that made the trail compelling for photography and it was not too difficult a hike. I did not meet too many people on the way up which gave me enough time for picture taking at the end of the trail where the falls are. The gorge that makes up the end of the trail had a nice balance of light and shadows for photography even though the falls themselves were rather dry.

Went today for the first time. With my two children 11 and 13 years old, our dog and a family friend. We all had a great time. However some spots were very steep and rocky. Had to be very careful not to slip. Very well marked trail and lots of other people hiking. Well worth the $5 park pass, we will be doing this one again.

Great first hike for my 11 week old pup.

This is a challenging hike for the novice. The summit is great and there is a fire tower there.

Excellent hiking trail! Went up Marion Davis and down Wapack Trail. The weather was beautiful and we got some amazing views of Mount Monadnock and could even see Boston. The bathrooms were very clean. The only reason for 4 stars....I don’t like coming off the trail at the summit and walking onto a parking lot. And, I would rate the hike as moderate.

2 months ago

Nice hike, didn't take too long, but the trail isn't just poorly marked -- for the most part it isn't marked at all. Very frustrating at the start. We didn't encounter another hiker, just a biker at the start and a walker with his dogs at the end.

2 months ago

it is a little muddy but good hike. we went about 9am and was buggy but not super buggy. if not a hiker like us will take a while, but what's the rush.

2 months ago

Great hike, trails were slightly hard to keep track of. Beware if you have a dog, I pulled 7 ticks off of mine.

2 months ago

Great hike, rocky in places and muddy. Make sure to wear hiking boots. Did this hike early evening. Bug spray is a must. Nice hike to work up an appetite

2 months ago

Really nice trail with lots of little swimming holes and waterfalls. A little muddy in spots. There are a few streams and simple obstacles to cross but a pretty easy hike for couch potatoes. This is a popular trail and the parking lot fills up.

Bring a pencil and $5 cash for the parking fee. Don’t forget bug spray!

on Catamount Trail

2 months ago

Nice trail, however not marked very well. We saw several lady slippers along our way. The trail ( 1 mile trail) leading to the main trail had several bikers but once on the main trail (Catamount trail), there was no one but us hiking. I rated this trail a 4 star due to poor signage.

Overall great trail, however the top is a disappointment due to cars being able to drive up. I took the blue up and the yellow down, I would reverse it next time. The yellow was pretty rocky near the bottom, and I would rather climb up that in the beginning, than down at the end. The also yellow had a couple nice overlooks to stop and get a view. Bring cash to park.

Rating should be changed to moderate

Awesome hike! It’s Memorial Day, cool, cloudy, and still wet from the rain last night...I’m not sure how that affected the traffic but it was a perfect crowd. We didn’t feel alone but it wasn’t so packed that you have to hug a tree to let people pass every few minutes. My 10 year old daughter and I found the hike up Wapack too easy so we took the loop trail around the summit before heading down. It was our first time hiking on wet rocks but there was enough soil on the Marion Davis trail down that we didn’t get into trouble. I would not want to do that on Monadonock!

Only reason for a 4...didn’t love the parking lot at the top.

Views at the top were awesome even though it was a bit hazy. This was the first time I had done this hike. Went up the blue trail and came down the yellow trail. Don’t think I would do it in reverse. Yellow trail involves a lot of climbing near the bottom before it eases up a bit. Make sure you have good shoes. Only issue were the bugs. They were out with a vengeance.

3 months ago

Great trail! Took my dog, she had a great time and we got some good exercise! Be cautious of a few downed trees in certain parts of the trail.

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