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Nice trail with lots of birds!! Turned back before the loop, so may try the whole thing next time. Lots of dogs without leashes, some jumped up on us and got us pretty muddy.

21 hours ago

Beautiful and lightly traveled hike. Got there right after the late spring snow, it was manageable without yaktrax, but they would have helped. Small parking area on the corner of Park and Anemone, short walk up to the trailhead

Pretty easy hike along a creek most of the way. Only saw one other person the whole way.

Okay hike if you live in Colorado. However, if you are visiting or don’t get outside much- there are much better options! It was cool to see the colors, though.

Great views but definitely an unmarked trail. I just happened to stumble across it. You have to come up the road from the parking load to hit the trailhead

This trail is very hard at times if you start on the Green Mountain Falls side. But the view is WELL worth it.

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6 days ago

Awesome trail! Hiked early Sunday morning, hardly any traffic at all. Recommend good hiking shoes, there was a section of the hike where it was muddy so be careful around the edge. Recommend a hat and sunscreen, hardly any shade. Amazing views throughout the hike.

A very strenuous hike for most of the way but beautiful scenery along the way. The reservoir was dried when we went but it was still worth the views. Lots of scrambling on the rocks and some really slick areas so be careful.

Very nice peaceful hike...except beware of two black guard dogs at about the half way point by a new build...pretty aggressive dogs...gotta admit I was afraid they were gonna attack us. But beautiful easy hike:)

7 days ago

Trail ends right at the waterfall due to reclamation efforts. It seems permanent as they cut down a lot of trees that make it almost impassible. There’s about another 2 miles cut off. There is a sign that will tell you dead-end. Still worth the hike the elevation gain really gets the heart pumping

8 days ago

Fun, easy, great views. Pretty simple hike but worth it.

Nice trail. Contrary to previous post, bikers should be respectful of hikers, not the other way around. According to forest service rules, Bikes yield to both Hikers and and Horseback riders. This is especially important due to hills and blind curves where bikes could collide with hikers and Horseback riders with disastrous results for all.

I have a question, y'all. I've been day hiking intensely for a while, but my navigation skills aren't exactly stellar. I really want to see Jones Park and I've been looking for it for a while. Looking at my pocket guide map, I thought the best way to do that would be to catch 7 bridges and then turn west on 667 (at the junction of 622a and 667. Each time I've tried, I do something like this: reach the end of trail 622 (which starts as 7 bridges), continue through the impressive stand of aspen trees uphill and to the north (ie to the right if you're coming up the trail). I'm able to reach the place where 666 used to intersect 667. I then go west on 667. Yesterday I got pretty far on 667 before I had to call it a day because it was getting late. Does anyone have any advice for me? What I've seen is beautiful, but I've become very intent on finding the ~mysterious~ Jones park. Would I have better luck just taking 667 from High drive until I come to Jones Park? Any help is appreciated!

12 days ago

Great trails. Enough options to take different trails as you go. There is an area where the map appears to show a continuous trail for Devils Canyon but then you’ll see a sign that says dead end. If you keep hiking up the gorge, however, you’ll pick back up and continue on to the rest of the trail to loop back to Mace trail.

As good as it gets! Yes indeed

13 days ago

Nice, mostly-shaded hike from the parking lot up and around Spruce Mountain. Good views of the southern Rampart Range from the top. Pikes Peak and Almagre Mountain are partially visible from spots on the trail, as is a distant Mount Evans. Trail is easy enough that it doesn't really feel like 600' of vertical gain.

Hiked this today and the view was fantastic. Still slippery in spots and the elevation gain was pretty good for it being a small hike.

Great hike, great facilities....only bummer is no dogs in this state park!

Brutal. Parked and left @ 1230 made it to the top about 2:36-2:40

Took a lot of breaks, 1/2 through is moderate, and then the other 1/2 of the climb is a challenge.

Made our way Back down @3:05 and left the parking lot @ 4:40

Great views! Challenging but worth every step.

Beautiful view. Hiked up to the reservoir, and we had it to ourselves. Some snow and ice on the trail, but not to bad

Great hike. 7$ fee to enter the park

Nice moderate hike along a bubbling Brooke

15 days ago

They have ramped up giving tickets for trespassing. Don't do this hike. The Manitou police are now patrolling the entrance and will get you when you come out.

I've written a blog post about this hike @ www.break-trail.com
If you'd like to read it, follow this link: https://goo.gl/MbqHs2

16 days ago

My husband and I hiked this on a Friday afternoon in March. At this time there weren't many people at all, and just a few dirt bikes. Hiking counterclockwise, the uphill part is first. The trail is wide and very smooth. We especially enjoyed going through the two tunnels towards the end. When more people are active, I think the dirt bikes would be a nightmare. But it was a great hike for us!

17 days ago

Great views !

17 days ago

This was a beautiful hike. The falls themselves were only okay, but then again they were snowed over. The hike was fairly easy the whole way, and a little more challenging towards the top. The hike was definitely worth it. Only bad thing was that there was dog poop everywhere left along the sides of the trail. Seriously... if you are going through the hassle of taking your dog up there, how lazy do you have to be to not pick up after them? Otherwise it's a wonderful hike we will definitely do again.

Did this trail a week ago for the first time and enjoyed it. Very relaxing and scenic

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