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19 days ago

beautiful hike had a great time.

Did the hike yesterday. Snow actually not that bad yet. Good time to sneak in a hike before it accumulates.

A beautiful and challenging hike! Went looking for the Fall colors, but found Winter instead. Almost no Aspens left except for the Aspens at lower elevations. Also, lots of snow right now. I'm 5"2 and snow was up to the top of my calves through the Abineau part of the loop. very chilly so make sure you dress appropriately. There were some steep parts covered in ice or mud, so be sure to bring a trustworthy tree branch to accompany your hike if you're a clutz like me. ☺️

We made it to the trailhead with a low clearing vehicle. If you're not worried about a couple scuffs and you can drive carefully, then you'll be fine. look for mile marker 9123J if the GPS cuts out on you. Right before this is a giant hidden rock that will hurt your car. BEWARE. Other than that the road after this marker will lead you to the trail head, there's plenty of parking there.

Not sure why this notes the trail is closed. It was open and had half a dozen hikers out on it. Dog friendly too. Great moderate hike with beautiful aspens and dense forest. The drive back to the trailhead was a bit rough but no four-wheel drive needed.

Very fond of this trail. Have gone both directions now. Strong preference for turning right at the sign and getting the steep up portion done first. We hiked the last 4 miles in rain / hail. Bring a rain shell.

steep but worth the effort, beautiful views and forests. leave early to avoid monsoons

Everything Lisa Abe wrote in her review is spot on. I went up the Abineau side and got stopped by monsoons about 2 miles in (and ~1150 ft up) but it had the beginnings of a great outing!

(Thanks for the extra help with the directions! I see 9213J clearly notated in the written directions “from Flagstaff” under this trail but I used the link to google maps and it does not get you all the way to the trailhead. Your notes were super helpful.)

This hike is open now! I started at a quarter to 6 this morning and didn’t see a soul. I went up Abineau and down Bear Jaw. Since the trail just reopened they haven’t had time to clear up a few fallen trees. They are passable but take caution as you do. I’m glad I went the route I did but the views would’ve been better had I done it the reverse. I saw a ton of deer and even a 6 Point buck (I think that’s how you say it). Very neat! The drive in is fine on the dirt road (I have a low clearance vehicle) but gets dicey when you see the turn off to go onto 9123J. My gps wanted me to continue on 418 but there is a sign that clearly directs you to turn onto 9123J. There are some spots to park immediately on 9123J if you don’t feel like driving on the slightly hairier (big rocks and some puddles but nothing my car couldn’t clear) road but it’ll add about 1.5 miles (round trip). I loved the views here and was glad I went early as the monsoon clouds started rolling in as I was finishing around 9.

4 months ago

The forest was closed on 6/30/2018.

The trail was closed

5 months ago

Hardest part was finding the trailhead - the AllTrails GPS coordinates lead to a private property dead end and Google Maps wasn't helpful either. For future reference, the coordinates of the trailhead are 35.18222,-111.5919. The beginning of the trail itself was beautiful and an easy hike. Unfortunately due to forest fire restrictions we had to turn back after about a third of the way through. Will have to finish another time!

5 months ago

Beautiful area but hard to stay on the intended trail. After you descend down, you cross over the pipeline intersection and head towards the mountain. There are a lot of small off trails so I’m not certain I actually stayed on the intended trail or not. But.. it was beautiful and great views of Flagstaff. I’ll try it again soon!

Still snow at the top of Abineau. Hard to connect to the rest of the trail.

6 months ago

If you’re used to hiking in Flagstaff this trail is a little boring. Definitely on the easier side. Some rocks and stuff when you get closer to the end of the trail. Also, watch for snakes at this point. The view is nice. Fairly shaded with lots of off-shoot trails should you want to explore.

6 months ago

Really enjoyed this walk. Took about 1.5 hours and was roughly 4.5 miles. The view at the end is very beautiful. You won't see many others on this trail and although I saw tons of bike tire tracks, I did not encounter any bikers. Enjoyed the view of San Francisco Peaks at the end of the trail. Would not rate this as moderate (more easy).

Park at Sandy Canyon (you’ll see a sign to turn here on Lake Mary Road. Follow Sandy Canyon to the AZ trail onto Fay Canyon. The turn off to Fay doesn’t have a sign and I used my offline AllTrails map to find the turn off. Fay has lots of horse poop and you’ll feel like you’re walking through a meadow. Fay is shaded but the rest of the hike pretty exposed otherwise.

You’ll see some parallel trails to what you’re supposed to be on that come back together but I’d suggest following the path that has the black dirt. You’ll arrive at a road eventually and you’ll end up walking along the Hitchin’ Post Stables. Walk along the dirt road as long as possible to prevent walking along Lake Mary road longer than you have to. You can walk down lower not right on road. This trail took me 2 hours and my Fitbit said roughly 5.5 miles were traveled. I went early on a Wednesday and didn’t see a soul the entire time.

I’d consider this more of a walk than I would a traditional hike. As a hike I’d give it 3 stars as a walk 4.

7 months ago

Awesome trail! Lots of side trails along the way am opportunities to explore the forest. Lots of places to hammock:) hardly anyone on the trail and a really peaceful walk

7 months ago

Amazing view looking down into Walnut Canyon when you reach the end. Trail connects along Arizona Trail and will take you to Walnut Canyon, Sandys Canyon, and more. Very easy to navigate and not a difficult trail at all. Felt more like a nice long walk. Had nice views of the San Francisco Peaks and the east side of Flagstaff at start of trail.

10 months ago

Moderate rating justified. For beginners the distance might make this a bit too much. Loved the views of boulders and caves.

11 months ago

Oldham Trail is not a loop trail it’s an out and back trail
Hiked the Oldham trail with my wife and our Daughters dog, Wilber. The trail was a relaxing moderate hike, we both enjoyed it. The weather was perfect for a hike. The trail is made of loose dusty dirt in parts, very little roots, many rocks and rock outcroppings.
Note: we started the hike where this app/map indicated where the trailhead was located. This was not the case, with that said we ended the hike in the Buffalo Park parking area.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Great trail. Started on the abineau side. The altitude kicked my ass but the workout was awesome. 2.8 ascent up rocky terrain. Trail was beautiful and the avalanche damage was pretty cool to see. Still some golden leaves on the aspen but missed it by about a week. They looked awesome surround the trail itself though. I got in at 8:30 finished by 11:40. When I got there, there were three other cars, when I left there were at least thirty.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Beautiful trail. Good for walking, hiking, running, and biking. Lots of intersecting trails to change things up.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I loved this hike!

The Abineau side was tough but worth it :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Jedi loop trail is gone. From dry lakes Vista back down to brookbank meadow is just a scramble through the woods unless you just turn around at the vista and go back the way you came.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Long hike! But so worth the drive and time. It had amazing views and gorgeous fall colors!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's an out-and-back on a very pretty segment of the Arizona trail (not much for vistas, but I had the trail to myself on a very pretty Friday afternoon in late summer, and the rock formations and partial meadows along the way are idyllic).

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fun trail. A moderate 2.5 mile incline on the Abineau Trail, then a 2 mile flat walk along the top of the canyon, then a 2.5 mile descent on the Bear Jaw Trail. Very rocky on the ascent and descent. Great views from the top. A lot of downed trees on the Abineau side. The Bear Jaw side was much prettier, with a lot more green and more wildflowers.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Ok hike...beautiful if you detour to fisher point at walnut canyon...app map says to start in a parking lot in a townhouse complex which was super confusing to us...we did so just to get our distance but I suggest parking and starting at foxglen park...easy to get lost if you don't use your gps and see where to hop onto another trail...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A shorter drive from Flagstaff, albeit likely rougher road and only for AWD, is to go north on SR 180 to SECOND TURNOFF for FR 151 at mile marker 235. Right on FR 151 x 1.6 miles, left on FR 418 for a little over 3 miles; right on FR9123J and take this 0.5 miles to trailhead.
Nice loop trail if you don't mind walking on the dirt Pipeline Road for a while. Terrain on Abineau was loose in some parts and it's much steeper than Bear Jaw so I prefer to go up A, down B. There is also more shade on Bear Jaw. Only saw 1 other hiker out there.
Took me about 3.5 hours.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

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