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7 days ago

This place is beautiful. It's been years since I went, but when we were there the parking area and pathways were very clear no trash ect. The walk down to the falls is easy, but getting back can be a bit of a struggle if your not used to lots of stairs. There are plenty of resting spots every so often between the staircases to rest though. Will be visiting again soon!

Very nice and scenic trail. Not much elevation change and pretty well marked. I will definitely do this trail again.

Selected this trail since it had waterfalls and was the shortest looking trail on the map as we passed through. Did not consult AllTrails... lady at visitor center said “you know it’s 1200 steps?” And I said to myself ...”is that a lot? I can do 12k steps in a shift at work”...
What I didn’t hear was STAIRSTEPS. Lots and lots. Thank goodness for all the little landings to wait for my heart to slow back down. Well worth the journey, though!
And I agree re dogs and the grated steps... ours would not have made it very far had we brought him.

12 days ago

Trail is poorly marked and poorly maintained. If you want to try this trail make sure and take a map, compass, and water. We got lost and ended up hiking 10.5 miles. Scenery is OK. I won't do it again.

12 days ago

This trail has always been one of my favorites. If you need some kind of reward to get out and go hiking this trail is for you. The waterfalls that you can observe at this park are some of the best in the state. The fact that you can camp at Cloudland makes things even better. If you aren't in the best shape then fear not. The stairs in and out of the canyon are filled with rest stops and places to sit and rest while you enjoy they scenery.

If you can’t do stairs, don’t do it. My dog had no problem getting down the stairs and she is a husky/German Shepherd mix. This isn’t my first time here but definitely do it during the winter months. I did it in June in 2016 and threw up from the heat, this time I had no problem at all. Had the falls to myself most of the time and loved it.

Great short hike with excellent views. Due to over 600 stairs, I would not people with bad knees or hips to complete this trail at Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Nice hike. The road going up was washed out but we drove through the water with no problem. Also, there was a bridge out on the trail but we found a big tree laying across the stream a little ways up from the bridge, so we threw some logs in the water so we could step onto the tree and walked on across. There are two switch backs when getting close to the falls. Take the second one and it will lead you to the bottom of the falls. I suggest a good pair of boots and a hiking stick. Happy hiking.

19 days ago

Giving this a 3 star because it says dogs can use but the stairs are grated. Most dogs wont walk on the grated steps. Mine would not. I did not make it to the bottom of the falls after several stair cases and carrying a 60 lb greyhound. Decided to turn back. I wish there was a trail next to the stairs even if it was a little steep to take. Falls were beautiful from the overlook due to all the rain we have been getting.

one of the best trails ever!!

We are visiting family in the area and got stir crazy with constant rain the last three days. We literally had the entire trail to only us. To those who gave a bad review, I would say that what wasn’t well marked with signs or tree blazes was still pretty clear where the trail was. Only two glitches: at the beginning there’s a point where a brook runs into the lake and with high water was impassable. We trekked around to the road and came back down to the other side. The second glitch was where the sign says to go left but the high dam was flowing with water and also impassable. There’s a trail just to the right of that sign and if you take it it leads you straight to a bridge to cross over the creek. Beautiful day, quiet with no people, well worn trail. Glad this was available to use even with the gub-nent shut down.

Amazing trail with amazing falls!

Beautiful hike with the kids, the falls are awesome! What a wonderful pre Christmas stop.

1 month ago

We did this trial last week and it was beautiful! We took the lime green marked trails and did the loop counterclockwise. When you see the orange trail markers you can take those to stay on this trail, otherwise you will keep going and it seems to go to a road and around. The orange will meet back up with the green trail. Nobody was out there during the week and we did have to dodge some fallen trees from the snow and heavy rains the week before but it was a great trail with a variety of scenery. Definitely 7 miles round trip to include walking from the parking area outside the gates and back. Would totally do it again!

So happy I read the previous reviews I also began the trail counter clockwise! Beautiful views from the top!

1 month ago

The trail was kind of a challenge, still really fun and a good hike!

This was a great hike. I elected to remove my boots and hike up my pants and walk across instead of crossing on the fallen tree. I was happy with my decision when I saw someone fall into the water on my way back. So no the trail isn’t closed, you just have to be creative.

Went clockwise doing the initial incline first. Great views!

Don’t do it 20+ weeks pregnant on a 90 degree day lol

The stairs are tough on your way back up but it is worth it! It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

We really enjoyed this hike on Nov 20. The bridge being out made the hike even more fun for me and my daughter. We crossed on the smaller fallen tree next to the bridge. Note: if you’re balance-challenged (or just don’t want to fall in 2 feet of water), be sure to grab one or two of the hiking sticks that people leave at the trailhead. They are really helpful to work your way across the log.

on Hemlock Falls Trail

2 months ago

The stairs are difficult but worth it.

This is my new favorite - had a little bit of everything - Hiked this Sunday, Nov 11, 2018, So many things to do. I believe the waterfall is one of the best I have seen in the Ga Mountains. Weather was perfect: sunny and 40 degrees. Wore jacket on way down and stowed it on the way up. Met some really nice people. As others said the bridge was destroyed but not hard using the fallen trees to cross. There is a sign about the route being closed due to the bridge. Please ignore that and enjoy yourself. Last point, if your vehicle does not have the clearance needed to cross a small creek you will need to walk a pretty good distance to start this hike. Not sure how far - someone else would know the distance. I drove the hike in a 2015 F250 Lariat - plenty of clearance.

2 months ago

The stairs are difficult but the beautiful waterfalls below are more than worth the effort!!

2 months ago

The stairs are tough but the reward is worth it! Beautiful falls. Be aware the stairs are metal and hard on little dogs’ paws - I wound up carrying mine part of the way.

The trees have been cleared from the trail. One nice option is to add the Latham cemetery loop to your walk. This brings the total distance to 7.8 miles.

Good, short trail with a beautiful view at the top! Not too difficult, but don’t try it in tennis shoes.

Great trail you can walk across logs where the bridge is closed.

Cool waterfalls! Would recommend a car that can go through some water otherwise you’ll have to park further back and hike 1 mile uphill to get to the trailhead

Great hike. Bridge was down so need to cross on small log or get wet. Well worth the hike.

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