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Great as ever

Great view from the top and a pretty nice return, but the way out is a lot of working on or near the road and a stone’s throw from people’s backyards.

3-4 parking spots are a couple hundred feet from the trailhead on the same side of the road further away from bear mountain bridge. You can skip out on walking to the trailhead as there is a cut through to the maintrail right from the carpark area.
Steep steps in the beginning for the first .5 mile. But great views on top!

Loved this hike!! First time I've used the Fishkill Ridge trailhead and I wasn't disappointed..went on an early Saturday morning and had the trail all to myself. Will definitely return to this trail

Still great & no ice to deal with

Nothing short of beautiful! I have done tons of hiking this year especially and this overview was amazing! We were standing above the clouds looking out at snow-capped mountains while standing on the edge of a rock we just scrambled up! This time of year (11-25-18) the scramble had lots of ice and snow but that wasn’t going to stop me! For anyone scared of the climbing or nervous to due conditions just keep following the cliff face until you get to the easier assent! Either way enjoy the views!

beautiful views from the top, worth the hike. the whole hike, back and forth was about 2.8 miles, and at a comfortable place it should take you less than 2 hours to complete. make sure you have the right shoes, especially when the ground is wet, as I've seen some pretty funny slips and falls from people wearing running sneakers while the ground was covered with snow and mud....so be prepared, and enjoy the views from the top

24 days ago

Partial ice , Mug and snow . Clear mark and it is moderate. But still have some foliage!

on Bull Hill Full Loop

26 days ago

it's one of my 'go to' trails in the mid-Hudson valley! I've been hiking this trail for close to 60 years!! I'm now in my 70's, and still love hiking it, regardless of the season! not all that far from home.

Great hike for someone looking for a challenge but doesn’t want to get overwhelmed either. First km or two is steep (climbing on rocks, some lose some not). Rest of it is flat and downhill but still rocky and climbing over fallen trees, crossing tiny streams etc. I hiked this alone, so was happy with this moderately busy route. Gave full stars for the ease of access and the just right amount of distance and challenge. I went this weekend, and there were one or two patches where water was still frozen on path in the afternoon.

1 month ago

Such an awesome experience! The rock scramble was intimidating at first, but the view is worth it all!

Nice hike. Challenging enough to put my newly replaced knee to the test. Well marked trail but be mindful once trails start crossing each other. I took a wrong turn and almost got lost. Definitely going to give it another go.

Great hike with great views! Highly recommend it but be prepared for steep rocky portions. I’d say moderate is correct but would not recommend for beginners or people who do not regularly do hikes/hill runs. Took us almost 5 hours at a comfortable pace without breaks and we accidentally kept going after the end of the trail.

Awesome hike. Great way to push yourself and have an amazing end result to a spectacular view

Quick hike to the fire tower, which had beautiful views of the leaves changing! Definitely recommend wearing waterproof shoes because there are parts of the hike where you’re going through a stream or surrounding areas are muddied by the stream. Also it rained the day before we went so it was definitely more robust than usual

1 month ago

we wanted a short hike and I thought this would be perfect as it is lightly trafficked - unfortunately for us we paid $30 to have lots of familes in front of us and behind us wanting to do this hike. this is definitely a moderately to heavily trafficked hike. we ended up not scrambling up the rock face because of how many kids were already working doing so and it seemed like it would be a very slow process as a result. we met a bunch of hikers who were coming down and who mentioned how busy it was on the ledge. not for us.

Incredibly fun and challenging hike! Just be cautious going down as it gets a little confusing which trail leads back to the trailhead.1

1 month ago

My wife and I did this trail yesterday and enjoyed it thoroughly. We are active seniors and do some hiking. The beginning, first 2 miles, is on the steep side and offers some challenges along with some great views. Once over the top it is more of a nice walk in the woods. The trail is well marked although we did lose it a couple of times and the app helped to find our way. Some reviews mentioned that it was crowded, this was not the case on a lovely November Thursday! Being old and retired has some benefits. Gave it only 4 stars not for any particular reason , always want to think there is something better down the road or in this case trail.

1 month ago

The beginning of the hike is pretty steep (never to the point of rock scrambling though) and quite enjoyable. The views are great at the top! The descent is pretty easy and flat, but at the end of the hike it takes you beside 9D and it gets quite noisy. This place also has heavy foot traffic so try to go during the week.

This was a nice quick hike. It took my boyfriend and I about an 90 minutes to go up and come back down and we stopped a few times to give the couple ahead of us some time. It was pretty steep but levels off in a few areas. It was a little rocky but not too bad, I did it in my sneakers. The view from the fire tower is so pretty and it’s the only view so if you don’t want to go up the fire tower I wouldn’t recommend this one.

Quick Trail, I always go up to see the view and back down. There are other trails within that I ended up roaming around in with my brother and we ended up on the road

Fun day on the trails. Some really nice foliage. Did the full loop for the first time. Found the short loop a little more challenging though! Look forward to hiking Breakneck Ridge.

1 month ago

Fun trail! The first part is difficult and requires bouldering up the mountain, definitely have to be in decent shape to do this. I'm don't usual bolder and it took me little over an hour to get to the top. Coming down Notch Trail is moderate and the final leg of Brook Trail is easy. You'll come across multiple ruins toward the end of this loop and it's a lot of fun to explore and makes for some great photo ops!

Enjoyed this trail - went to the left and had several easy scrambles on the way up but an easy way down

Yes, you will have to refer to your trail map regularly, but the trails are well marked. The trail head on Mine Hill Rd. begins rocky and steep, but don't let that discourage you, as the tricky part is only about 10 minutes long. Then it levels out and becomes a more typical wooded trail. We then took a more easterly trail that was closer to the 2 lakes, and ran parallel to the All Trails trail. At the northern end of the more northern lake you can make a right which takes you over the damn, and to the water. It is beautiful and well worth it. I highly recommend this lovely trail.

1 month ago

Easy to moderate hike, the full loop is around 5 miles. The first mile & a half is moderately steep but then it flattens out - not enjoyable for the serious hiker. There is an awesome viewpoint from where you can see NYC though.

First time hiking and first time hiking on the Bonticou Crag Trail. I climbed the Crag! It was slightly intimidating at first however it was challenging and an absolute blast! The view at the top is breathtaking! I will definitely do this one again.

1 month ago

This hike is much busier than 'moderate'. We were hiking most of the way up with a number of groups of people and it did not feel very peaceful and quiet. you also hear the train honking every 5 minutes. the views were lovely but I think I enjoyed the little Forrest on our descent the best - most of the groups had not taken the route and it was mostly quite peaceful and pretty. the worst was probably at the very end of the hike where the last half mile is a paved walkway with a lot of people moving in the same direction single file. the route is very well signed (it's the long loop) and unless you like crowds I would not recommend this hike.

1 month ago

The trail overall is awesome. But it has a $15 per person fee which is very high in my opinion.

Great views from summit. Very steap on way down with rock scrambling. Be careful.

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