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My first hike I loved it

This was a great trail! Wasn't too long of a hike...and the Falls were amazing!

Best view we’ve had in the Smokies! My wife and I did this trail the day after we had hiked around 10 miles. Even being a little sore, this trail was doable but moderate. The trail was uphill coming back from the Bunion. Well worth it, was great!

Started this hike at around 8am and we were lucky enough to miss the fog as it rolled in after we departed Charlie's Bunion. I would rate this trail on the easier side of moderate. There are a few water sources along this trail with one being marked near the Icewater Spring Shelter. There is also an outdoor toilet on the way up. The trailhead itself is a lookout that was very popular for motorist driving through. There were also restrooms located there. The view from Charlie's Bunion was well worth the hike.

Great hike
Foggy and rain most of the hike but cleared just as we reached the Bunion for 10 mins, then thunder storms rolled in just as quickly.
Good reminder to always be prepared for all types of weather while hiking.

Nice hike with a pretty waterfall and great spot to swim at the end. We saw a bear on this trail!

The view was amazing! The hike can be rough in spots because it goes straight up hill, but the trail evens out along the way providing great spots to take breaks. The only down fall was the fog. Luckily when I went, it wasn't too thick. I highly recommend this hike. I am a beginner hiker and it wasn't too vigorous.

Directions from this site take you to the "out" end of this mostly one-way route. The directions need to start the driver off Cherokee Orchard Rd.

Great hike, beautiful views. Unique in that you hike down first and ascend on return.

There were many great views on the way. Left the trailhead at 7 am. saw quite a few people near the end,that's why we left early.

trail running
9 days ago

Ran this 3 times, each time a little farther until I made it to the steam engine without walking. Great training with steady ascending elevation and various terrain.

strenuous for those who have not hiked, but doable at a slow pace.

Not much to see till you get to Charlie's Bunion. The end definitely makes the hike worthwhile. It falls on the easy side of "moderate", with a good path and slow inclines and declines.

12 days ago

Great trail, widely unknown and unmarked at the road compared to the other popular trails such as Ramsey Cascades and Porter Creek. This wonderful trail was like a lush zen garden that followed a very active creek with mini rapids, pools, and mini waterfalls. The soothing sounds and sight of a running creek was heavenly while hiking. As others have stated, you enter to the left of the ranger residence on Greenbriar Rd about 1 mile in off 321. There are a few graveled parking spots next to the road off of the resident driveway. Only one downed tree you have to duck under near the beginning of the trail. After that, the way is clear. Stay left of any sign or intersection if you want to see the ancient steam engine sitting in a creek off to the left. It’s not a railroad locomotive type engine but one with big wheels used off track in logging nearly 100 years ago. I would love to know all the true history behind it besides the operator losing control from the stories I “googled.” It had to tumble down the mountain from somewhere that was once important to the area during the logging era. It would be interesting to hike and see the spot it actually fell from. This was far enough in for me to turn around and head back. It was a great hike that I will repeat, hopefully with company next time. There is enough cover that I actually started while it was raining and stayed dry. Not like needing sunglasses on this trail while trees have leaves.

Hiked this last week on the one day of sunshine surrounded by thunderstorms! It was relatively easy with amazing views throughout. A bit crowded at the end of the trail but 100% worth it!

Great trail. We went on the 4th of July early and it was fantastic. The trailhead parking lot was a little crowded, but we never really saw anyone on the trail. Easy hike for our crew of 9 (kids were ages 6 to 14),though a little long to get to the waterfall. So glad we did though...we waded in the water and relaxed, making for a quick trip back down. Beautiful the entire way, quiet and peaceful...and lots of river distractions for the kids. Bonus was how nice and cool the hike is along the river. We were never too hot, even though the temps were in the 90's that day. Super happy!

The hike was beautiful with a few waterfalls along the way. There are many side paths to get better views of the river and falls as well. The last half mile or so goes past the final waterfall up an incline to a fork where it meets other trails. If you are just looking for the waterfalls and not for the next connection point I would turn around after the last waterfall that you can see from a wooden walk bridge. The bridge has no rails and is wide enough for a car to drive over. Over all good hike! I would definitely recommend bringing bug spray!!

Well marked trail with great views. Not too difficult. Would definitely do this one again.

13 days ago

Very cool. A lot of spots to pull off the road and check out along the way

14 days ago

Nice waterfall. Rocky and narrow trail. Short hike with good ending waterfall. Took about an hour.

Not that hard, well marked with great views.

Favorite trail. Take the beautiful Appalachian Trail to Charles Bunion. Charles Bunion is one of my favorite views of the Smokies. The panoramic view at the top is majestic. Watch for wildlife along the way. I saw a bear cub, buck deer, birds, and multiple small animals. Friend has even seen wild pigs.

FYI, this is not a Chacos, open toe sandal, trail. There are plenty of toe busters, rocks and water breaks, you have to step over and around.

on Meigs Creek Trail

14 days ago

Me and my three boys hiked the trail. It has several steep inclines for the first mile or so. You cross the creek multiple times and there is a beautiful small waterfall. We only saw two other people on the trail. It doesn’t look very traveled past the waterfall which is about 1.7 Miles back. The trail is a lot of fun and we’d definitely do it again.

great, quiet hike to a gorgeous falls and swimming pool.

Great views. Great cardio experience. good mix of through hikers and day hikers

Great way to get away from the crowds at Clingmans Dome. The trail is well maintained. It goes downhill from the parking area so be prepared for coming uphill on the way back. Most of the trail is tree covered and it was nice and cool with the breeze.

More than 2 hours, started to get crowded coming out but very pretty!

on Abrams Falls Trail

16 days ago

We went early on a weekday last week and it was not too crowded. This hike has many different views and never disappoints. We got to see a mama bear with 3 cubs and it was an amazing experience. This is one of my favorite hikes.

It’s a great little hike to an awesome place but use caution if you have small children. I took my kids on this hike because it was a short hike but it was extremely rocky and for a child it should be rated as difficult .

We hike this trail when we visit every year and love it.

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