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Great park!! Fun place to explore, hike, and enjoy! Loved climbing the rocks for great views 360 degrees. Very busy on the weekends but park is big enough doesn’t matter.

2 days ago

one of my favorite trails. the first mile and a quarter or so is in a wash then up a jeep trail. if you have a good 4x4 you could bypass this part. the actual climb starts easier and then gets continually steeper all the way to the saddle. from the saddle on up it gets delightfully rough, many parts are hand and feet climbing. be careful near the top there are two routes. today I tried the less exposed one and it was a class 5 climb for a short section, view from the top is worth it though.

It’s fun to rock climb the mountains

Interesting hike where the river winds through a box canyon with water running despite hot and dry temps. Changes around every corner. Easy walking.

Tacked this trail onto the Dixie Mountain with Western Vista and Dixie Summits trail. This particular piece is fairly flat except for where it meets Dixie Mt Trail at two different points, therefore I would consider it an easy trail.

Did this one at night and it was beautiful. Don’t miss the hieroglyphics

Cool trail but very easy to get lost There are no markings or cairns. I’m pretty sure we did get lost but somehow found our way back to National Trail thanks to GPS after climbing over and under various rocks The hidden valley feels like another world. The trek up Mormon trail to get there was quite the climb

Great trails in the park! Typical desert hike- bring plenty of water. There are lots of splits in the trail, and it's easy to end up hiking further than intended, and risking running out. Carry extra for your pups, too!!

Quick hike, great views. Good for family or alone. Not too difficult at all but not too easy either.

9 days ago

Very special trail.

14 days ago

Yesterday I went only up. A lot of incline great work out. Was gonna do loop but decide to come back down. On warm morning and 1.3 mile incline is too much for me. Concern this as easy to moderate great sturdy rocks. Great view of Phoenix. Did total of 2.7 Miles

Baby owls were super cute! Did not realize it gets so hot quickly, we started our hike 9ish and it got too hot too soon

Gorgeous views with rock scrambling! This trail was unlike any other I’ve done with the valley. Lots of boulders around, and some that you have to climb over to stay on the trail. Certain parts of the trail are not clearly marked, so use the app map to stay on track. Cool photo opps on this one and nice views of the city! Downtown Phoenix is visible in the distance, and all in all a great workout that isn’t too strenuous.

Beautiful views of the city. Stunning rock formations. Great trail but be ready to hike with lots of people! Very little shade.

Great workout and views! Loved it!

Didn’t see any dog poop that a few reviews mentioned. Bikers were courteous and I thought the trail was well- marked. Even without the All Trails app, I felt it the trail was very easy to follow and there were markers with M on them at places where the trail split.

It was hotter than we expected and I would definitely go earlier next time.

Nice walk to some great views of the areas to the north and south.

19 days ago

Great desert hike with elevation. Cactus flowers are in bloom. Beautiful view at the top!

Very scenic climb near the city. Challenging for people not used to the heat. Neat lizards and cactuses abound, as well as interesting rock formations.

Walked it today, but stretched it to a 3.5 mile hike. Ages ranged 10 to 71, some were novices, but it was good. this is the 6th or 6th time for me.

Awesome. Saw the new baby owls. Mama enjoying the sunrise. Balloons right above. Another beautiful morning in the desert.

off road driving
23 days ago

We came to see the Box Canyon. Don’t take the loop on the map!! Continue up the riverbed into a beautiful canyon with lots of shallow water crossings. Be sure to park and check out the little side canyon on the left. Next time I will record the route and go farther up. If expecting rain don’t go. 4x4 advised.

fun trail, but lightly trafficked? I guess it depends on your definition of light, but I hiked this trail plus dynamite and probably crossed paths with roughly 50 hikers and 25 mountain bikers absolutely blazing the trails.

not enjoyable if you're looking for some peace and quiet.

There was beautiful sceneries and great trails! I would definitely go back.

25 days ago

Its a great trail, the 3 stars is just because 5 stars is for the best. Ive claimed this one as my go to spot. It gets you going and is great for those trying to get in shape for longer hikes with steep terrain. Its free and really quiet. Explore the peak and do a bit of adventuring around. Well worth it! Cheers!

Fun trail liked a lot about it - loved Fat Man's Pass. City view. Went on a weekday afternoon and it wasn't too busy. Small lot, backup parking on side roads. No restroom or fountain at trail head. Great urban trail - Hidden Valley makes you forget you're in the city for minute but little amounts of graffiti here and there pull you back to reality.

Annual hike when visiting the area. My kids and I love Hidden Valley and Fat Man’s Pass. Not terribly technical, but a good workout and great views of Phoenix.

28 days ago

Although the area is nice, it is very poorly marked. We were out to do this trail with our and ended up getting lost and having to retrace our steps multiple times to get back on the trail. There are many trails that intercept and is easy to end up on the wrong one since there are few trail markers past the first mile. Luckily we were using this app and were able to get back on the trail. When all was said and done, we hiked well over 10 miles on what was supposed to be a 4.7 mile hike. Make sure you bring plenty of water and a charged phone

29 days ago

Great view from very top of Vulture Peak. I think I lost the trail and I scramble up to the top. I'll say a 5.5 climb

30 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful view at the saddle.

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