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22 hours ago

Trail was great, super steep. Dog owners though don’t follow rules, I saw a dog without a leash, & a lot of poop not picked up.

was the best back in the mid 90's

7 days ago

The Bonnie Cove Trail starts off inauspiciously, about a hundred feet from the 210, and rises to a ridge with high voltage power lines. I would recommend a slightly different loop, descending on the Alosta Canyon Trail back to the trailhead. The Alosta Canyon Trail is a switchbacking single track, with interesting views of the canyon and oak woodlands. Plus, it is a lot quieter on that side of the park, without the freeway noise and the sizzling power lines.

Very quick trail but the steepness makes up for it. Don’t go on a rainy day because it will get very muddy and you will ruin your shoes like I did. I would definitely want to go back on a non-rainy day

Thanks for the update, Tyler!

Sucks there is no parking beautiful scenery but you have to park really far to even get close don’t know why they don’t do parking spaces up there.

Great trail! d : )

16 days ago

Very good

Decided just to walk into the gate of the mining company, knowing I'd be stopped by security. Soon as that happened I asked if I could speak to whoever was in charge to ask some questions about the trail.

Spoke to the manager of operations where he explained the fire and why it's closed, but also the city hasn't made any effort to fix the trail and probably won't by how bad it is.

I asked for him to take me as far as he can with supervision, just so i can see the trail because i own a landscaping company and I'd love to fix it for free just to open it back up (I dont though shhh.)

So he brought me as far as he could take me, the trail is severely messed up, had to use ropes to get across some areas, making it nearly impossible to get to the Falls and extremely dangerous with 20-30ft shear drops on un-stable ground.

My best advice is to not even try a way around or even going when they're closed. It's way too risky. Also they believe this trail will be permanently closed.

Sorry Everyone :(

Great little hike, especially for young kids. Can even take a stroller if you wanted.

No parking, permit only for at least a 4 block radius. Basically it's limited to those who live nearby or are willing to walk half mile to get there once they park legally. Disappointing to say the least.

22 days ago

Fun hike, with some beautiful views! You can even see Downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Some steep hills so you get a workout, but it's not too long, so it's good for the whole family.

Nice short moderate trails. Just a caution: As I left today (about 5:30- dark already), someone was making a police report as his truck had been broken into.

There are multiple little trails so perfect if you want to explore or need a quick workout. Fairly easy with a couple inclines here and there.

26 days ago

It's alright. Yea, there's a lot of side trails and whatever, but it's easy enough to figure out since the trails are shade free and you can see your way around pretty easily. The 210 is audible from most of the area you'll be hiking on, so it's not exactly a peaceful quiet walk. But there are lots of city views all the way around.

Love the hike!!
Was just wondering if anyone would know if the trail is open

Local hike to the water tower with a view of LA.

1 month ago

Nice walk. Since it's an out and back trail, you gotta do all the uphill twice. Gets the blood pumping a bit. On clear days, can get some nice views of Glendora.

I liked that there are plenty of places of shade. It is not hard. A few hills, but not steep at all. I took my dog and it was okay. There is a spot for free parking, which is nice.

1 month ago

can get pretty steep but it’s quick. nice high views

1 month ago

A great little hike offering excellent views of the canyon and the valley.

1 month ago

The view of the San Gabriel Mountains was glorious and the peaks have names including Pine Mountain, Waterman Mountain and Mount Islip Even though you’re near the junction of the 57 and 210 freeways, you really can escape the rush of daily life and the trail wonderfully weaves through many patches of cactus. Quite invigorating!

Took our German Shepard on a December Saturday. Perfect for dogs and inexperienced hikers. Saw a few deer and the people we passed saw coyotes. Great views from the top. We parked on the street and started on black walnut trail and looped around to come out on powder canyon. Starts uphill and the rest is easy. Definitely will do again.

1 month ago

Mu husband and I completed this hike with our friend Alex on November 24. The parking lot was easy to find, but we had difficulty finding the trail. On the map it looks to literally go straight up the mountain, so we took the side trail (the dotted trail labeled "Eagle Scout Trail" on the app).

Even though this trail was less direct, it was still plenty steep. In fact most of this trail was steep, with many uphills and downhills. Great workout! The endpoint was anti-climatic. The trail does have good views, and you can see multiple freeways from the peaks.

We didn't see hardly anyone else on the trail. There was some trash though. Pack it out, people!

We'd recommend this hike for anyone looking to get a decent workout!

Went today with my little foo foo dog and had a blast. The trail was well defined and lightly trafficked. Definitely was out of breath when I got to the top.

1 month ago

Some very steep parts, short loop, great scenic views, clean, check it off my to do list.

Nice place to hike! Enjoyed the scenery although not clear due to the all the wildfires! Great workout!

Dogs only allowed on 100-yard trail. The signage for the other trails are marked no dogs.

What a poor decision by the organization managing this resource.

The people who follow the rules will leave. The people who don't follow the rules will take their dogs anyway, and leave their dog crap everywhere.

This area seems like a "checkbox" item that someone used to fulfill a political requirement. It's not designed for the real world.

Awesome views of Downtown LA & the SGV!

2 months ago

Great short hike. Steep areas make this a great workout.

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