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18 days ago

Been on the hike to Black Mtn many times but especially love going in the late fall or early spring when the temps are cooler. I've never heard of a Monte Bello "Loop" before and you won't find signage in the preserve that says that. Its a series of trails; be sure to grab a map. The landscape is beautiful here and weather often different from the valley. From parking, we usually take the Bella Vista Trail to the Backpack Camp and then follow the old Ranch Trail - it lets you out onto the road just shy of the top. We often lunch on the rocks at the top of the mountain (Calera Limestone) after checking for rattlers first. The return via Indian Creek Trail is GORGEOUS, especially in spring, but also rocky, steep & open exposure - luckily we were prepared for the brief rain we got today. When we junction with the Canyon Trail that leads back to parking, we've come so far down the hill that its a sustained climb back up - not always fun at the end of a long hike. If this return trails sound too challenging, suggest taking Bella Vista back down.

2 months ago

Enjoy this trail year round but especially in the fall when the foliage is changing. Mostly shaded, not too challenging. You won't see many far off views but there are a couple and the fir forest on the north end of the trail is truly lovely. Preserve maintenance has come through here recently and the trail was very clear of vegetation. Led a hike group here today with several cars; we do a car shuttle and start the hike at the south end so we finish at the north end where we can enjoy our lunch at the picnic tables.

Perfect place. It’s a wonderful air with redwood aroma, dears and squirrels. A little bit harder: too much elevation gain.

Lots of shade once you move off the top of the ridge. The redwoods are great and not that much elevation for a relaxing hike.

3 months ago

We started at 7:30AM. it was quiet, there are routes when it's a I
little confusing that we have to go back and forth until we hit the right one. we had to go back half way since we were time constraint. but over all, it was a good hike.

4 months ago

Was nice, went with Fuqua Energy Club Gang for Klinkman’s bday, some pretty aggressive hills for the first half. But definitely some panoramic views. Getting there took longer than I thought because the road up was classic windy and frankly would be insanely dangerous in the dark because I didn’t see any streetlights and I did see a lot of steep drops around some intense u-corners.

4 months ago

probably best for an early morning hike when it's not too hot, given that only the beginning of the trail is nicely shaded, and the rest is quite bare. quite a bit of uphill in the second half, and lots of loose gravel that makes going downhill a bit challenging. view is very nice when you get to the summit via anniversary trail. very worth it!

4 months ago

Nice and easy hike. The trail might seem steep at times but almost 90% of it is fully shaded. Loved watching the redwood trees and my friend also spotted many wild flowers.

Great Hike - easy to find TH but very little parking. Going down counter clockwise is steep - walking sticks helped. I extended by staying on the creek path - 1 mile each way. Coming up is gradual however it wasnt easy. As mentioned not much variety coming back up. Did not see one person until I got to Purisima Creek trail

Excellent MTB trails

This trail was really nice. Not many people and lots of banana slugs! Definitely go counterclockwise around this loop.

Good trail to hike and ride horse, moderate temperature, lots of redwood trees.

beautiful trail with little traffic. mostly shady and cool even it was way over 80. the view is limited and the scenery is rather monotonous. lots of banana slugs.

My first official hike happened here the first week I move to CA...aka...first week of June. It was challenging, but that's because I was/am inexperienced. My friends were experienced and even they enjoyed it and found some challenges. It has beautiful views and it was an amazing adventure that I would definitely repeat.

7 months ago

Lots of sand. Very windy. Be prepared for elevation and very little shades.

8 months ago

The lower flat portion of the hike is fantastic for kids. It is rather flat and easy. You can also make it interesting for children by having them search for banana slugs. Our top count is 52 slugs spotted from the parking lot to the far end of the trail.

nice moderate hike .... counterclockwise route is less challenging .... steep descent 2 mi down .... rolling ascent 3 mi up ..... beautiful, tree-lined shady path along a bubbling brook near the bottom .... 2-3 people wide 90% of the way .... parking at the trail head is very limited, 6-7 cars along the side of the road max .... light foot traffic .... very enjoyable

Up up up! A nice hike to get your blood pumping. Views get better the higher you go!

I’ve walked this just after sunrise and just before sunset.
AM it is best to go clockwise, PM best anti-clockwise.

Note that where alltrails has you start is at the top of the valley and there’s no real parking save a spot or two on the side of the road. However, it was a great hike and i enjoyed doing it! Very well maintained and pretty much had the trail to ourselves the whole time. As others mentioned it’s all in the shade so better to do when it’s warmer out. We also did it counterclockwise and the ascent seemed a little more gradual that way than had we done the opposite.

Really scenic, very beautiful and not too hard to hike (tho some parts get a little steep).

Make sure to note that the park closes 30 minutes after sunset, and the rangers will begin to give tickets after this.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday, January 07, 2018

not too difficult, cut short due to daylight, but nice

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Amazing hike but dont use my map - tried to extend the hike with a few additional miles but ran into challenges. Never easy to get to hikes on the P'sula, TH has limited parking but there is a larger lot right around the corner. Trail in great condition even with the recent rain. Trail goes up right away but not too bad. The Redwoods are solid but not over the top (but wait) - get to the top and wide open views. The Heritage portion of the hike was one of the best I have seen in the Bay Area - very quiet and Redwoods looked great

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

very beautiful and peaceful but a steady uphill climb for close to 2 miles. if I walked it again, I would skip the fire trail and go back the way I came, or at least cut back to the Dean Teail. the fire trail is a very steep, uninteresting route in comparison to the other trails

Sunday, December 03, 2017

We hiked the the Eagle View trail at Sunol Regional Wilderness. Total distance was 7.2 miles with a elevation gain of 1,683 ft. The views were spectacular. There is few challenge ascents in the beginning but overall it was a pleasant hike.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Another forgotten trail from when i lived close by in HMB.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Great hike for the most part, some beautiful views.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Beautiful trail! Really pretty views when you reach the top!

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