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Up up up! A nice hike to get your blood pumping. Views get better the higher you go!

I’ve walked this just after sunrise and just before sunset.
AM it is best to go clockwise, PM best anti-clockwise.

Note that where alltrails has you start is at the top of the valley and there’s no real parking save a spot or two on the side of the road. However, it was a great hike and i enjoyed doing it! Very well maintained and pretty much had the trail to ourselves the whole time. As others mentioned it’s all in the shade so better to do when it’s warmer out. We also did it counterclockwise and the ascent seemed a little more gradual that way than had we done the opposite.

Really scenic, very beautiful and not too hard to hike (tho some parts get a little steep).

Make sure to note that the park closes 30 minutes after sunset, and the rangers will begin to give tickets after this.

not too difficult, cut short due to daylight, but nice

3 months ago

Amazing hike but dont use my map - tried to extend the hike with a few additional miles but ran into challenges. Never easy to get to hikes on the P'sula, TH has limited parking but there is a larger lot right around the corner. Trail in great condition even with the recent rain. Trail goes up right away but not too bad. The Redwoods are solid but not over the top (but wait) - get to the top and wide open views. The Heritage portion of the hike was one of the best I have seen in the Bay Area - very quiet and Redwoods looked great

very beautiful and peaceful but a steady uphill climb for close to 2 miles. if I walked it again, I would skip the fire trail and go back the way I came, or at least cut back to the Dean Teail. the fire trail is a very steep, uninteresting route in comparison to the other trails

4 months ago

We hiked the the Eagle View trail at Sunol Regional Wilderness. Total distance was 7.2 miles with a elevation gain of 1,683 ft. The views were spectacular. There is few challenge ascents in the beginning but overall it was a pleasant hike.

5 months ago

Another forgotten trail from when i lived close by in HMB.

Great hike for the most part, some beautiful views.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail! Really pretty views when you reach the top!

Great hike. I went on a Sunday and only saw a handful of people when the trail meets up with another trail. Other than that I had the trail to myself. It was peaceful and beautiful. Mostly shaded with a few good steep areas to get the heart pumping.

nice creek along the trail. the trail isn't very long though, and walking on the road isn't as fun.

Lots of climbing

I did counterclockwise with having a little detour to enjoy Stevens Creek Natural Trail. Indian Creek Trail has steep gradient and was challenging with almost no shade. But view from black mountain was great. There were not many shade through the loop except Stevens Creek Natural Trail. Recommend to hike in the morning and finish before noon if temperatures exceed 90F.

A beautiful redwood hike, perfect for a hot day because the entire hike is in the shade. I only gave it 4* because it's pretty steep and for most of it you're either going up or down which is not my favorite plus I prefer single track paths and this was wider but nice if you have a hiking partner that you want to chat with.

Breathtaking hike through the redwoods. Totally loved it. Highly recommend doing it counter clockwise.

9 months ago

I finally saw why it is called windy hill, because the day we went there was extremely windy. Most of it is rolling hills, a few shaded areas, and at the beginning there is a nice river which you could see up close and touch the water through a tiny 10 foot path. There were a couple of poop bags on the trail sides. Some steep parts. At the later part of the trail and especially the summit, there was extreme fog. Awesome 5 mile trail.

Recommend going clockwise on loop to avoid doing 100% elevation all at once.

10 months ago

Nice trail. Mostly flat with a few hills. It's very overgrown right now so bring bug spray!

Going counterclockwise from the recorded map leads a consistent steep decent for the first 1.8 miles and a more gradual, but also at times steep ascent back up. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed this as much if I went clockwise.
I enjoyed this route because it was so lightly trafficked and mostly shady with patches of sun in between. My gps recorded only 5 miles, and with a steady pace I completed this route in under 2 hours.

Good and relatively easy workout to reach black mountain. 5 miles round trip if you reach the black mountain and come back. 6 miles if you meander around at the top for some time. Doable in 2-2.5 hrs. Open trail, hence best if completed before noon in summers.

Monday, April 24, 2017

I took us around 3 hours to do this loop with children (so multiple stops and small detours). No outstanding features, but pleasant views and a stream for part of the loop. A lot of wildlife these days in the preserve: we saw more than 10 deer, some wild turkeys and a coyote in the early afternoon. Also many birds, butterflies and wildflowers.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

We hiked up to the Eagle View trail at Sunol Regional Wilderness with a 7.5-mile loop hike (4.5 hours) with a total ascent of 2,000 feet. The fields were lush green from our recent winter rains and showing abundant of the spring wildflowers.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

UNREAL greenery and verdure along this trail. Can be crowded if you head the flag rock way but the trail to eagle via old joe trail has nobody on it and absolutely spectacular views for a little hike.

Nice easy 5.5 miler. Lots of banana slugs, creeks had water this year. Some wildflowers, but not as many as I've seen on other trails on the Peninsula

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

gorgeous views now that the hills are green. can be quite muddy though.

Beautiful hike. It's a bit of a climb back from the bottom, so take that into consideration.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Great trail

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