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Fantastic hike. Hubby agrees. Says best hike we have done. We hiked in AZ and CA before arriving in UT. The canyon is beautiful. Arch at the trail end is incredible. Our pit bull terrier loved crossing the creek and trying to catch the lizards. Did see Poison Ivy but would not deter us from hiking the trail again. Only complaint is people who don’t respect the rules and allow their dogs to roam off leash and don’t pick up the poo. Head out by 0900 and you will enjoy the trail without the crowds.

Spectacular...one of my all-time favorites! Do not miss this hike.

1 day ago

Wonderful....great arch with shade at the end.

The bridge at the end is awesome. Unfortunately the trail getting there is infested in poison ivy. We vigilantly watched for it and tried to avoid it, but somehow both the dog and I started our week in Moab with poison ivy. I wouldn’t recommend for kids or pets.

1 day ago

Great hike. Beautiful Canyon. I'd say the hike is easy to moderate. only reason for 4 stars is because it was so packed. Not hard to keep your feet dry water is very shallow.

1 day ago

Really simple walk up but can do a bit of bouldering/climbing

1 day ago

Probably one of my favourite hikes I’ve ever done anywhere. The scenery was breathtaking, it has equal parts sun and shade. I saw a lizard, lots of cacti and the river that you run along side was perfect to keep my dog hydrated. I would def go back and do this again. So glad I did it while I was in Moab

Did this hike on April 23. Beauty day, hot and sunny. Easy in and out. Took an hour and a half round trip that’s including eating some snacks at the arch. Definitely worth it the scenery is amazing!!

2 days ago

One of my favorites in the early spring! Also a great “entry level” slot canyon for people to experience!

One of the best!

3 days ago

This trail was by far one of my most favorite hikes we did while in Moab. It’s beautiful! Trees, shade, sun, arches, rocks, water and dogs! It was awesome. I joked it in my Chaco sandals and shorts in April and it was perfect. Maybe bring a little insect repellent. I noticed bugs starting to come out. Also, watch out for cacti and poison ivy.

Great well marked trail, totally worth the short climbs to get the amazing arches at the end.

I would consider this an easy moderate trail. It was very scenic with the creek running alongside the trail, all of the greenery, the canyon walls towering on both sides, and of course the arch or land bridge at the end. You might get your feet wet since the trail crosses the creek several times. But, if you have good balance you might be able to stay dry!

5 days ago

Easy jaunt from the roadway parking near the Windows section of the park. Good concentration of arches that are highly accessible. The volume of people corresponded with the ease, so maybe hit this one late in the day before leaving the park to avoid crowds.

Did this hike a year ago and it was amazing! Beautiful view! You can’t beat this beautiful area

I’m not in the best shape but this is one of my favorite hikes. If you have bad knees I would not do the hike. But take your time the views and rock formations are amazing.

Great hike for you and your dog! There is one small rung ladder that may prove to be difficult if you have a large or older dog, someone I talked with was able to navigate around the ladder but I wouldn't count on it. Breathtaking views and a well marked trail make for a wonderful hike!

Fantastic hike and a great introduction to the Moab area. I always recommend this hike to folks who are unfamiliar with this area as it is extremely easy to find and is a well marked trail. The two arches at the end are just a bonus, the scenery is equally as stunning! Be wary that there is a small ladder and somewhat of a "climbing" scramble at one point, but nothing that should deter a typical hiker. Enjoy!

This is mainly a review for people wanting to take their dogs as I haven’t seen a whole lot of detail on it in other posts. This was one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done! I hike between 600-700 miles a year with my dog and our friends so that says a lot for this trail. My group of 4 people and 2 dogs did this hike 4-15-18 and we all loved it. Ding has one boulder towards the beginning that you will need to get over then has several obstacles that you can either help your dog with or go around the obstacles. Coming down Dang the first big obstacle either requires dogs to be harnessed and “kinda rappelled” down a 50 foot section of tiered drop offs that I think would be too slick and steep for the dogs to do without a rope controlling their speed. At that point we took a narrow side trail on the right side(lookin down canyon) to bypass the rappelling section. But shortly after that you come to several 10-12 foot drop offs that are unavoidable and I highly recommend harnesses for the dogs and rope is a must to lower them down at least one section. And while my friend used a dog backpack for her dog the saddlebags did get in the way a few times on narrow ledges and drop offs that kind of knocked off the dogs balance, and it didn’t offer quite the same support around the chest and torso, so an actual harness is recommended over a pack. Several 6-8 foot drop offs to help your dog down and at the end there is a double drop off with the second one putting you in water. As of 4-15-18 the water was 42 inches deep and probably 75 feet long. If you’re strong you can grip the two walls with feet and hands and spider crawl without getting wet, but we enjoyed the water.

I only recommend taking you dog if
1:both you and your dog have plenty of trail experience
2: preferably both you and your dog have some boulder hopping experience.
3:both you and your dog have problem solving mindsets and don’t panic or get anxiety if it takes a few attempts to get past obstacles.
4: at least one person in the group needs to be able to fully lift the weight of your dog
5: take rope, harnesses and a carabiner (which we forgot), your dog will appreciate mushers secret for sore feet back at camp or the drive home. Bring plenty of water for you and the dog, no reliable water source on the trail

Click on my profile and see some of my pictures for reference

9 days ago

I didn't get to complete this trail because I got there only an hour or so before the sunset. The colors and walking through the canyon had me awe-struck. Beware of snakes, I heard something rummaging through some shrubbery on the trail and know there's a fair amount of rattlers in the area. The sand was a pinkish red color that I'd never seen before, would definitely hike again!

Fantastic hike! A must do AND NOTE LOOP DISTANCE IS ACTUALLY 11 Miles Not 8.

Did this with a 5-year-old, and he was THRILLED with the two short chained areas and the little ladder. The views are awesome and it was way less crowded than in the park. (We went around 8 AM on a Saturday.) Hike beyond the arch and around the bend for jaw-dropping views.

Beautiful and busy

Great hike. Lots of fun. A little challenging at the start.

on Grandstaff Trail

13 days ago

Beautiful & fun hike. Especially good if you have a dog that you cannot take on a NP Trail. And having water along the way is nice too.

16 days ago

Very cool hike with many different viewpoints and a great picnic spot at the top


Beautiful and easy

Great slot canyon. Actually three sets of slot canyons with a small wide area in between each section. Went up Little Wild Hors and backtracked same route. Took 3 1/2 hours. No water in the canyon which was a huge plus. Some mild scrambling. We are in our early 60s and did it without any problems. The temperature was 68 degrees and I would not recommend hiking it past 75 degrees. Bring plenty of water and a few snacks. Very crowded due to spring break in Utah but still a fantastic hike. Not to be missed if you are in the area.

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