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4 days ago

Pretty views! Awesome place!

16 days ago

I've done this hike 5 or 6 times and it's consistently great, although there are always plenty of other people and their dogs on the trail. The trail is a short scenic drive from downtown Moab, and the hike itself is only a mile each way without too much climbing. It's a beautiful place. The first time I did it I was intimidated by the cable and the ladder, but they are actually pretty easy. The trail is well marked with green paint on the rocks and a few cairns, but there are signs that a lot of people and dogs are wandering off the trail and tearing up the fragile soil. Please don't do that.

Amazing. One of my favorite arches in the area!!! Best part is that it’s outside the park so it’s free to hike there.

trail running
18 days ago

There are two ways to look at this trail, a short hike/run with three or four ankle deep river crossings or you can go up over the water fall and finish out the hike which at some points requires you to get a little more wet. I would recommend taking the short route to the falls then backtracking and taking the higher section where the views really start to pay off. This is a great trail for a run especially after about 1.3 miles in the trail starts to roller-coaster and it is an absolute blast though it is sandy and you have to earn it.

What an amazing hike! Very easy, short distance and enough variance in terrain we didn’t get bored! We brought our 30lb pup, he absolutely loved it and did great. Just one section with a metal rope, we carried him up. All other sections very do able for a dog to go around. Arches were gorgeous!

Really loved this trail with my husband and doggo. I thought it was challenging enough to be fun and rewarding and I loved the arch as much as delicate arch honestly. There’s one section with a ladder where we had to pick up our pooch and one small climb where you’re holding onto a rope and using footholds, but it’s short and even a cautious creature like me could handle it. Almost no one on this trail!

Enjoyable, moderately quick hike. Bow-Tie is nice on it’s own, but Corona is fantastic! Large, picturesque arch. Adjacent rail line adds some extra punch to the hike

This trail was a lot of fun and the first time I’ve hiked on slickrock. There were a few challenging areas for my dogs and unfortunately we weren’t able to make it all the way to the arch due to the steep uphill area near the end. For those hiking this trail with large dogs: I’m not sure who said there’s an easy route for dogs to get up there, but I think that’s being overly optimistic. Still, it’s a really great hike!

2 months ago

Quick hike to a pretty waterfall. Though there was a few inches of snow, the route was clear. Three light stream crossings were ok with boots on. The beginning had a 15ft stretch that might be a bit tricky for those with balance issues as its icy and narrow next to the creek.

2 months ago

Same experience as Elizabeth. In 30°, I wasn’t up for wet feet and the creek ice was too thin to walk on. Turned around at the first crossing but the views up until there were stunning!! The first bit of the trail that hugs right close the creek was a little treacherous with ice and hard packed snow on rock. I visited in early January.

Beautiful and breathtaking views!! Definitely steep in one or two areas but you’ll be fine with the right hiking shoes. Our pup did fine on 99% of the trail! Big dogs may need help going up the steep part.

Awesome trail! A little snow on the ground made the view even more gorgeous. We took our large pup who needed some help up a steep incline, but apart from that, he traversed the trail very well and had a great time too!

Beautiful trail. Pretty easy except the steep midsection. Surprisingly, it was easier going down than coming up. My dog was able to navigate it fairly smoothly, in case you’re worried about your pet.

3 months ago

Close to my house!

3 months ago

I love this trail, it’s a good mix of easy and moderately challenging approach. Camera a must, peaceful and breathtaking scenic landscape won’t disappoint. One of my favorites.

Amazing hike. It’s a bit difficult at some sections but definitely worth it.

love this hike.

Love this hike! I usually hike Delicate Arch whenever I'm in Moab but this might be a new favorite. This hike is less crowded and has awesome views. It wouldn't be too hard of a hike with kids but there is a ladder and a couple slanted sections that might be a bit of a challenge.

3 months ago

I loved this hike. Not hard at all, spectacular views of the surrounding bluffs, and Corona Arch is huge.

Fairly easy hike, perfect weather

Great trail with awesome views. The arch is spectacular.
Word of caution for people with dogs. There are two sections near the last quarter of the trail that look daunting for some dogs. One is a steep scramble. It has a wire rope and footholds. Our dogs did it with a little coaxing. It was not hard, just unexpected.
The next is a ladder. Easily passable by going up and around to the left of the ladder. These could be hard for older dogs.

Fun for young children, teens and parents! Easy way to enjoy Moab without the major crowds of the national parks.

No cell service so coordinated well with your groups.

My favorite arch hike.

Very beautiful and amazing

amazing arch!! Not crowded!

5 months ago

Loved the fact that the trail follows the water but with the cooler weather we were not interested in wet feet. We couldn’t find the part of the trail to hike above the falls a mile in. Otherwise it was a super nice hike.

I don't know who enjoyed this hike more, me or the dogs! Mostly flat with lots of sun exposure (but opportunities for shade if you lean against the giant sandstone walls), easy to follow trail (look for the cairns). Less crowded than any of the trails in the neighboring National Parks with just as much to gawk at. A link to my full review of the hike is below:


Absolute stunning!! We loved this hike with the amazing arch at the end. Dogs loved it as well, just be careful towards the edge.

5 months ago

Mellow with a couple sections that are a minor challenge.

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