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Moab-Arches/Canyonland Map

great short hike, even in the winter!

Okay, it is windy. But it is an easy trail with views for days. Really amazing - esp. at sunset!

1 day ago

Not great in winter - snow and ice makes it hard (and dangerous) to climb up and down the rock. Otherwise, amazing views! Short scramble up.

4 days ago

This is a great little hike to an iconic arch in the Canyonlands experience. Parking is convenient but during the middle of the day the arch will be receiving many visitors as it is quite a tourist attraction. And if you're adventurous enough to rise early and catch the classic sunrise through the arch, you'll have plenty of photographers to keep you company. Happy hiking!

trail running
5 days ago

I did the rim trail part - easy and great views. January so some snow and ice but manageable. I tried hooking onto the mill creek trail but it was covered in ice and snow - okay to hike maybe. But no way I could run it.

Easy little stroll with great views.

7 days ago

Easy trail and well marked. The views are great but it is hard to compete - Arches has much better trails and views. That said, this would be easy for children and families. And it is very short - 2 miles return! We hiked it during the government shutdown so there was a lot of ice on the steps, but it was manageable!

10 days ago

This was a fun hike, and perfect place to stop and lunch. Had a lot of fun hopping from rock to rock, until we landed on the "whale" . You can get a decent view of Upheaval Dome.

such a cute little trail into a truly special location! short trail, flat and even, we went with lots of snow on the ground and had no issues. ends at a cute pond and the canyon walls are just stunning. we went at sunset and the light illuminating the canyon was beautiful and then ran across the street to the colorado river to catch the rest!

definitely check it out if you have an extra 30 minutes in moab

11 days ago

Always Amazing - Regardless of the time of year!

12 days ago

One of our favorites. Never busy, unless the government shutdown causes arches to be closed... Would recommend you stay left and head towards the big skinny tower, you'll end up hiking/climbing up next to the right of it, then follow the trail to the arch. If you go counterclockwise on the loop, you won't see the arch until you are about 300 yards from it. Take lots of water in the summer, uphill mostly the whole way in.

It speaks highly of a trail if it can be even more spectacular in the snow and winter as it is in the other months.  This is that trail and more.  As I was walking, I was shocked at the Grandness of this hike.  I wondered, how do you ever describe this?  The river is so beautiful that you get to walk along and cross over multiple times.  The cliffs are just huge and GRAND in their size and they are in front of you, and on both sides of you.   Even though it is hard to come up with words, I will say I I thought the Grandness paralleled the Grandness of God.  I will warn that you really need spikes on this trail. I hike a lot and am pretty careful, but right at the beginning of the trail there was a piece of ice, (I hadn't got started long enough for me to even think I should get my spikes on), and Bam I was on my bum. Broke my tailbone. Definitely got my spikes on fast after that. There are spots to take you up higher and Dodge some of the scary ice, so watch for those side trails. also make sure your wearing a waterproof shoe/boot, or sock. You cross the river lots of times, and you will be super lucky if you don't get your foot in the water, so just make sure you have waterproof gear to keep dry. I did a 360 degree street view trail here. You can check it out on Google Earth, or on my blog.


15 days ago

We hiked this on a very cold (15-23 degrees) day in January. It’s an interesting trail that meanders around and across a stream (multiple times) at the bottom of the canyon. While some others made it without micro spikes, we were very glad to have them, especially in the first quarter mile where there were some sheets of solid ice across the trail.

Just before you get to the arch, there is a very cold shaded spot. We did not get to the arch early enough for the sun; it was already behind the canyon wall, but we still thought it was worth seeing.

There were parents with young children who made it (slowly, they said) without micro spikes, but ours made us feel very confident.

We really enjoyed the hike and think you should go!

Nice shorter hike but with a shorter hike more people. well worth taking the trail through the broken arch was able to get better pictures from the back side and not as many people on that side. Most of the day was in the high teens for tempature.

16 days ago

Started my hikes with this trail. Was nice just after getting to the trail the number of people dropped off was able to make the hike and take a side hike up the one canyon got a bunch of good photos. Weather was overcast and cold

Fun hike and easy multiple water crossings. The bridge at end is a must see.

20 days ago

Beautiful at sunset

Beautiful view at the end, well marked trail.

24 days ago

Super fun, the dogs loves it too. Soft sand trail, no big incline’s. Follows the creek so you do cross it several times but water was low (end of October) and easily passable. We will definitely be back!

1 month ago

Loved the view! Quick and easy hike with a great view. The trail was snowy and icy at points but completely walk-able with just our hiking boots (no poles or shoe grips).

Loved the hike, easy, with great views. It was a bit difficult at times to see the cairns but we were able to get back on the trail. Icy and snowy at parts but we were fine with our hiking boots (no trek poles or shoe grips).

on Mesa Arch Trail

1 month ago

Great sunrise spot. The glow of the sun on the arch is beautiful. The view of canyons behind the arch is also lovely. The trail is very short and takes less than 20 minutes to walk to the arch and easy to follow. Going in mid November was great to miss the crowds but there was still about 10 of us at the arch for sunrise

Worth hiking this trail to the end as it provides views on the other side of the mesa too! For more details and pics, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

1 month ago

unique hike up the giant rock. nice views. fun short scramble at the top. for more details and pics, visit: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

1 month ago

Simple Trail with a few signs indicating surrounding vegetation. Nice view of canyon through arch. For more details and pics visit: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

1 month ago

So fun for the doggo- loved this hike (not for people who mind getting there feet a tad bit wet) As for the people saying the trail was hard to follow- it just takes some common sense. If the main trail tapers off, hop to the next biggest trail and you’ll be golden. There are also signs throughout the trail telling you where to go. So beautiful and so worth it!

One of the most amazing views is at sunrise. Definitely worth getting up early for!

Nice trail .05 mil look amazing

1 month ago

It was a nice hike. We were alone once we left the petroglyphs. Easy enough for our 8 year old.

Hard to follow the trail but our pup had a great off leash experience, which we were looking for (as allowed by the rules). We only hiked out about a mile but very much enjoyed the time. We had the place to ourselves in November. Very quiet yet close to Moab.

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