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I love exploring slot canyons. What I like about this trail is that when hiking the loop you hike through several different slot canyons. Non of them look alike. Each has their own uniqueness. I enjoyed hiking counterclockwise. I got some great pictures.

Loved this hike! If you can climb a ladder, this is DEFINITELY worth it to check out. Way less crowded than the NPs, and gorgeous views all around.

on Dead Horse Rim Loop Trail

11 days ago

Fine but not that spectacular.

A quick and short hike. The views of the arches are beautiful, a nice brisk fall day to be out on the trail.

Great trail but it is a little iffy if you have big dogs. We took our golden and he LOVED it. The rock wall you have to climb and the ladder were too much for him and I couldn’t lift all 85 lbs of him up it. The rest in our party made it up fine to see the remaining 1/4 mile and you can still see the arches from the area right before the wire guide climb.

So glad we did it. Met a fellow full-timer on the trail and talked for an hour afterwards as we gazed at the AMAZING amount of stars.

Worth hiking this trail to the end as it provides views on the other side of the mesa too! For more details and pics, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

Amazing. I am a teensy bit scared of heights, but easily made it over the double o fin with a bit of hand holding and a whole lottta confidence.

This is by far an impressive hike! The primitive loop is well worth it. Truly gorgeous.

nice views

Absolutely worth a visit while you’re in Moab! Not as crowded as Arches NP and you get some great panoramas from various parts of the trail. Enjoy!

great easy hike. if you have a dog there is a ladder and metal cable climb. I would recommend a pack with a handle for the dog as it made it simple to pull her up. I went at 8am and had the trail to myself!

On the Devils tour this week. Came in for the day and even tho we started the hike at 2:00 (a bit later than I planned) we finished up right before sunset and the light was magical.

This is an easy trail. A couple climbs using a cable rope and a short ladder but still easy. It’s about 2.5 miles round trip to the arch so wear the right shoes. Very worthwhile.

Fun trail! Get there early to beat the crowds and use AllTrails if you go on the primitive trail because you will definitely get lost!

Incredible hike took our family about 4.5 hours today – the full loop including a few of the offshoots. It was moderate to a little scary at times but well worth the effort. It is the quintessential Arches national Park hike!

Trail a little rough to find for a short distance up a wash. Beautiful destination!

I did this amazing hike with my 12 & 13 year old boys. It took us a little over 2 hours. We loved all the rock scrambles and wrong turns. This is a must do hike in Arches

25 days ago

Pretty middle hike, some stairs but other then my that smooth. Beautiful views, must so you can see both sides of the canyon at the same time!

Well worth the effort! Fantastic views and surprised at every turn.

A nice view overlooking the canyons. Easy hike

26 days ago

It's ok, but there is so much nicer around

26 days ago

Not the best, but you can climb on the rock facing the arche and get a better view

A nice little hike that includes all major arches. I suppose this is THE thing to do in arches NP. It wasn't always clear to me where the trail was, but nothing dramatic. There are a lot of people if you don't go too early, so it shouldn't be a problem.

1 month ago

Very nice, but long walk, especially if you are strategically planning your creek crossings. Right now, the creek is low enough that you could probably do the whole hike without getting your feet wet as long as you planned your crossings carefully and channeled your inner gazelle. But, there are lots of chances to slip up and so the odds are pretty good that will eventually end up with at least one foot in the water. The last 20 feet to the waterfall does require that you walk in the water, but I took off my shoes for that part. I saw 2 other people the entire 3 to 4 hours I was in the canyon.

The driving directions as I got them from the AllTrails app were exactly correct, but it seemed like the actual hike is shown incorrectly. Professor Valley road is a couple miles before the signed Onion Creek Road if you are coming from Moab. When you get to the end of Professor Valley road, there are two parking areas right next to each other, and if you park in the last one the well-marked Sylvester trailhead is to the right. On the left there is a trail running down into a wash and then up the other side. That's the right one. You need to stay alongside the creek the whole way. In the first mile or so, don't get fooled into going down any of the washes away from the running creek, even if you see footprints or horse tracks. I made that mistake and had to backtrack. Just under a mile before you reach the waterfall, there is a side canyon that you could explore if you wanted to climb up a makeshift rope ladder someone has placed to get up over a large boulder.

Beautiful and diverse scenery. Highly recommend for the adventurous traveler!

off road driving
1 month ago

This trail is definitely a must to check out one of the many lower canyons in the Moab area. Vertical rock climbing can be done at a small turn-out about midway through. The drive thru the fallen rock on the trail is awesome and not a problem with almost any off road 4x4, plenty of clearance. If you start at Deadhorse, it's downwards to the canyon bottom. From Potash road, it's flat then working upwards. Nice climb. Pretty smooth trail. Worth while...

Moderate at most for avid hikers. Could be difficult at times for weekend hikers. Don’t let the difficult rating deter you. There are only a couple spots where you have to either climb or descend some slightly slippery rock faces. I did it counter clock wise in tennis shoes in about 2.5 hours. I wouldn’t say one direction is easier than the other. Beautiful and rewarding views!

1 month ago

It is about 10 miles for the loop, not 8. I went up Little Wildhorse Canyon and then down Bell’s Canyon and loved it. Don’t skip Bells- some people say it’s not as pretty as Little Wildhorse, and if you are looking for a slot Canyon sire that’s true, but I think the variety in landscape and views you get with the entire loop is worth it!

This is a good intro to the area. We walked this trail at the end of September in midday sunshine with temps nearing 90 with strong winds. We had no trouble following the cairns. I don’t understand why others had a hard time. Hats off to those maintaining them—we found them evenly spaced about 30-40 feet apart where no trail was apparent. A word of caution: whatever the weather in the area, you’ll get it in spades on this hike. You’re traversing completely exposed rock at the highest elevation in the area. Although it was hot we hiked through very strong winds that left me thinking I wouldn’t want to be out there unprepared in extreme weather—you won’t find cover anywhere. That goes for sun exposure as well. That said, we really enjoyed the walk. The trail was fun but I highly recommended heading to the Elephant Hill area for a truly spectacular experience.

1 month ago

Great hike. Did it not long after sunrise, had a quick lunch at the bottom and took our time going back.

Definitely a challenging hike! We did it clockwise - the first half (up to the double O arch) was well-marked, well-traveled, and not too tough. The second half, the primitive trail, had some very, very challenging parts, mainly a tiny ledge with sketchy hand holds. A LOT of people turned back there. Just know it exists, and be ready for it. There are no major arches on the primitive trail, but the winding canyon is really beautiful; it was worth doing for us (ages 62, 53, 26, 24). Pack in a lot of water - I packed in 2 liters on a fairly cold day and I was shocked I went through all of it.

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