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Because it’s just before devils garden I feel that people skip over it, but I hiked this trail during the golden hour and everything was glowing while you walked across the flat and the views through the arch on all sides were amazing. Nothing terribly difficult but the trail continuing to tapestry arch is not marked vey well.

We had a great hike this afternoon from 1:30-4:30. We didn’t find the“difficult” rating to be as forbidding as expected; all four in our group managed it just fine. The views in all directions are wonderful and the petroglyphs one finds along the high-rocks base (as others have indicated) on the right side just kept getting better and better. We really loved this hike, especially because we had the trail to ourselves much of the time, only encountering a handful of other friendly hikers. The weather was perfect today too—cool, a few clouds, but mostly sunny after morning rain.

The petroglyphs are amazing!! Once you get through the valley, head to the right when the trail forks.

Did this short trail as part of the hike to Long Bow, it is rocky and a bit of a climb to see the tracks, make sure you continue on to see the petroglyphs to the left of the Dino tracks.

Relatively easy hike. Great preservation.

25 days ago

this hike is awesome in all seasons.
bring water and go early in the summer; bring a walking stick and sunglasses in winter. it is kind of a beastly uphill climb in the first half mile; but worth every second. if I can do it; most anyone can.

once you get up top - there’s views for days and secret treasures to be found all over. secrets of nature & secrets of the ancients ;)

bunnies, lizards; falcons and tons of wildlife.

PLEASE be polite when heading down the residential road to this trailhead

Really pretty. We did the whole loop counter clockwise took about 3 and a half hours.

Easy and worth the time for those views! Not a workout but if you add on-the west rim and the spur trails you can get almost 10
Miles Out of the park hiking trails and the sights you will love!!

Climbed a little fin off to the side was fun.

I enjoyed this - this was my first hike ever so may be a bit biased!

1 month ago

We got a late start,10:00am ,not recommended because the cliffs are in the sun. However, once we got to the valley it was really nice with good views. I could see that this could be a very hot hike during the day but we were treated to a very nice breeze which keep things comfortable. If I were to do this again lat afternoon or early evening before the sets would be the plan.

This made for a beautiful sunset hike. We only saw one other person. It was magical 360degrees around

Beautiful view hiking down. Loose and slippery rocks made for a slower decent but well worth it

Really beautiful scene to see the gooseneck from above.

Easy hike with beautiful scenery. Highly recommend.

on Broken Arch Trail

2 months ago

Overlooked but easy and beautiful!

PSA: This is not a great trail for kids under 8 or 10. The signage isn’t terribly clear and the trail is rough. Our 4 year old did make the trip but it was tough going. In retrospect I would never have done this with her— could totally see a broken wrist/arm/ankle situation.

Great arches. But be prepared for walking through a bit of sand and there is very little shade on the trail. Bring water.

Nice loop hike to oversee the landscape.

I visited a few years ago. It's a fun climb to the tracks, and to the rock art a little higher up. Also, we found more dinosaur tracks on a stone slab to the left of the rock art. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else. Enjoy!

3 months ago

really easy hike, more like a walk, but a pretty arch still.

Nice hike but gotta walk through arch to continue to next arch pay attention to signs...take plenty of water

Incredible view looking into Canyonlands. If you plan to visit Canyonlands, this is a must-do.

3 months ago

Very short hike (we did it after an 11 mile hike) but you get quite a lot of bang for your buck! Cowboy camp, cave paintings, and great views in all directions. If you have just a short trip or aren't much of a hiker, I'd definitely put this on the top of your list! Also there are two ladders on the trail, so that's always fun and makes for some dorky pictures! Trail was very well marked in my opinion.

Great view! Was perfect for my small dog. Definitely worth a visit after Arches.

really cool but you have to climb up to see the dinosaur tracks. there is a sign and a rock that has the tracks but it is up on this overlook. kinda steep. Cool tho!

This hike is longer than what is posted, or we got lost. But worth it! Nice views, not too many people, the cowboy stuff was neat and the trail was mostly wrk marked.

4 months ago

Loved it!!

Amazing views from above. Sad story about Dead Horse and how the history started. Enjoyed this quick leg stretch on our way to Moab.

4 months ago

Great hike. I skipped the last mile. I’d recommend people treat it as a 2 mile up and back and try to do it in under 2 hours. The first half mile is the only hard bit and it’s not bad. If you do that part late enough in the day it’ll be in the shade. Unfortunately the actual valley part is usually in the sun since the valley isn’t too deep. Great views.

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