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Short and sweet with amazing views. Check out the view of Turret Arch through the North Window at sunrise.

Beautiful hike! Hike has views of Colorado River, two arches, desert & train tracks. The hike is short and sweet, but does have an area of steep rock with a ladder. If afraid of heights or unable to climb well, may not be trail for you! The top is beautiful though and I highly recommend if physically capable. Bring lots of water! Doggos everywhere and lots of places to sit around arch.

Beautiful trail with fun features including a ladder and a cable assisted mini rock climb. Breathtaking scenery. We went around sunset and it was stunning.

5 days ago

Easy hike, but nothing to write home about.

5 days ago

Beautiful trail but if you have a fear of heights or climbing may not be the best choice. You can hike in and stop before difficult areas and still view the arch from a distance. My youngest daughter and I went all the way but husband and other daughter sat at viewpoint about halfway and waited for us.

Love this trail. Beautiful views. Railroad tracks nearby

Fiery Furnace is a playground for adults! There are plenty of spots to squeeze through, scramble over, crawl under and just be amazed by the geography.

We hiked the counter clockwise route, and even with the arrows provided by NPS as a guide, you really need to pay attention and think you're way through. Definitely not a place where you can just wander without paying attention. We got off track twice, which led to more exploration as we reconnoitered options.

The limited number of back country passes issued each day make this hike even more enjoyable since you will probably not encounter more than a few folks.

Very fun hike that gets better and better as you make your way to the arch.

10 days ago

Interesting, not too difficult even in the rain.

mountain biking
10 days ago

Great trail all along until the last couple of miles where the trail narrows to 4 foot wide with plenty of boulders and near death fall to the right onto the Colorado...Otherwise it was AWESOME!

Enjoyable short trail that ends with to lovely arches. Dogs and kid friendly. Enjoy it!

Close to Moab city center. Dog friendly. Had railings on parts where it seems steep. Our dog (and so would other humans) was able to walk around to continue the trail past the ladder. Lots of places to sit out and look at the stars at night. Enough cairns along the trail that even if you did the trail at night with a headlamp/torchlight you wouldn’t get lost.

12 days ago

Hiked this with my daughter and we enjoyed it. A little intense if you’re afraid of heights and going over slanted rock terrain. Magnificent arch!

Great trail for kids and dogs.. Great scenic views.

We had a great hike this afternoon from 1:30-4:30. We didn’t find the“difficult” rating to be as forbidding as expected; all four in our group managed it just fine. The views in all directions are wonderful and the petroglyphs one finds along the high-rocks base (as others have indicated) on the right side just kept getting better and better. We really loved this hike, especially because we had the trail to ourselves much of the time, only encountering a handful of other friendly hikers. The weather was perfect today too—cool, a few clouds, but mostly sunny after morning rain.

This is my 3rd time on this trail in the last 4 years and it never ceases to impress! There are some steep parts so wear good shoes. Overall one of the best easier hikes I have ever been on and that is saying something for a fat chick.

15 days ago

easy hike that offers a unique perspective of the rock formations in the park. went mid afternoon and was barely anyone else on the trail.

best hike in arches! this is like a giant maze/playground for adults, you could spend all day in here so come prepared! super fun but easy to get lost, happened a few times. barely anyone else hiking this area due to permit requirements, bought mine on the same day. this is a must do!

The petroglyphs are amazing!! Once you get through the valley, head to the right when the trail forks.

Best area to go if you’re short on time! Can get really busy, so try to go earlier.

25 days ago

Short but tough ... the views are definitely worth it though!

No shade, but beautiful hike!

26 days ago

Great views and a good hike, best to go early cause it gets hot later.

off road driving
26 days ago

Very good trail. Need careful tire placement in some spots, didn't have any body damage concerns. Took several alternate (harder) routes.
1993 Land Cruiser, 35" Toyo's, 3" Lift, Triple Lockers

off road driving
26 days ago

Very Fun Trail - would rate as moderate - hard in an 93 land cruiser, 35's, lockers.

Beautiful and worth some initial minor step climbing. Most of the trail is on slick rock and not only marked by green paint marks but also watch for stacks of stones (cairns). The short cable section is an upright, just watch your foot placements. Started out 8am and only saw four others; outbound at the end saw several incoming. NOTE: At the start, you need to pass through two wire fenced areas, crossing the railroad tracks in between. Saw 2 others almost get lost if we hadn’t called them to correct.

27 days ago

this hike is awesome in all seasons.
bring water and go early in the summer; bring a walking stick and sunglasses in winter. it is kind of a beastly uphill climb in the first half mile; but worth every second. if I can do it; most anyone can.

once you get up top - there’s views for days and secret treasures to be found all over. secrets of nature & secrets of the ancients ;)

bunnies, lizards; falcons and tons of wildlife.

PLEASE be polite when heading down the residential road to this trailhead

off road driving
28 days ago

This trail is very scenic but not for the faint hearted. You ride along a cliff Edge climbing some boulders. Did this in a Jeep with 6inch lift and 35 tires. Didn’t need to use lockers. I have a little experience and I was slightly challenged by a few obstacles. We did this trail on our second day of the trip so I had a good feel for the Jeep we rented.

off road driving
29 days ago

Fun time great wheeling not as bad as they say it is

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