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off road driving
6 days ago

This trail was a blast. There are multiple routes, however, so I'll try to review them each.

The first trail(to the left) leads you to Picture Frame Arch and is clearly marked, leading you down some soft sand paths and minor rocky areas. it eventually comes out to a large sand pit which then has other trails to take. I would rate this part of the trail as Easy.

However, if you go straight, you'll immediately be pounding over a plethora rocky areas. This way also has steep inclines and declines, and once you're in the trail it is nearly impossible to turn around.

I drive a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk with a lift kit and 245/65/r17 tires. I also have the Avid Contour bumper that offers impressive front clearance. This trail was tough for the Renegade, but we made it through without ever having to use the winch.

I recommend the second mentioned area to teams and nothing stock. It seemed like it was better suited for ATVs or bikes than vehicles, but with some patience and skill, you'll make it through. I rate this one has Hard.

on Moab Rim Trail

15 days ago

This is more commonly called the Moab Rim 4X4 Trail. For the first mile there is a well-marked hiking trail (named Stairmaster) that runs alongside the route for off-road vehicles. After that, it seems that hikers are walking along the vehicle route, which might be a pain, except it is probably exciting to see how the vehicles make it up the sketchy parts. Or what happens when they don't. (Lots of YouTube videos.) There were no vehicles, or for that matter, any other people anywhere on this trail during my hike. The second half of the hike/drive can be done as a loop, or a variety of loops, actually. There are lots of signs, but they are often strangely unhelpful. I took a good guess on how to do a loop and it worked out. This trail connects up with Hidden Valley (also an awesome hike), and some time I would like to do it as a point to point if I can arrange the transportation.

Hollyyyyy sheeeit. This was my second trail run ever. This isn’t a good one to learn on lol but what we did do of it it’s a hell of a challenge but seriously fun. We couldn’t finish it. I’m not even sure how far along we were. We actually got up there quite a ways. Our Can am Trail is now broken in though lol. It was able to handle all of this surprisingly easy, but I wasn’t about to go up a rock that basically was at a 90 degree angle lol we will try this next time we come to Moab. It still gets 5 stars. I just need more experience.

Scary as can be in spots! Beautiful all the way thru!

Awesome views and challenging hiking! Highly recommended.

off road driving
2 months ago

Holy smokes. it was all fun and games until hamburger hill. it just got worse before it got better. i had a blast. my girlfriend got mad and got out the jeep and spotted for me. she did not have fun. all in all it was great. 2013 jk, 35s, 4.56 and rear locker.

Icy and snow packed in some areas, but still beautiful!

Amazing. Some spots very hard. Be careful and hang on. Adrenaline and views!

It's is a great trail that you must drive if you like off roading. Come prepare to pay a 5 dollar entrance fee. I consider myself a beginner driver (this was the first serious trail I took on). Although there are some difficult obstacles you will find bypasses. I did the trail on my 99 Cherokee fully stock besides a 2 inch lift and I didn't struggle at all (I did not drive through the "escalator" and "hells gate" cuz they had traffic and a broken 4x4 was in it) Plan on spending a good 4-6 hours on it if you're gonna be taking pictures and completing the whole course. Departure angles are really important, having a rear towing hitch sabe my rear bumper several times lol. If you do the whole loop (pass the escalator) take your time cuz towards the last downhill section there are some steep obstacles and the are kind of difficult, (no bypass). I'd do it over and over .. highly recommend it..!!

If you have a built off road rig, you will have no problem on this trail. Lockers, body armor, and 15psi in your tires will get you anywhere you want to go on this trail.

Great Trail very technical for my Tacoma with a 2 inch lift 32 inch tires and lockers. I did not have a spotter and no one else was on the trail which made it exciting! Go do it!

Great trail. We have a lifted Jeep Rubicon. We had no problems and did not have to use the lockers. All the harder sections have bypasses. This is a must do.

off road driving
5 months ago

Awesome and beautiful trail that gets more intense over the last five miles. Took two stock Rzrs all the way through with quite a bit of rock stacking and technical driving from Hamburger Hill on. Would not recommend this in a stock Rzr unless you have a lot of experience rock crawling. If you just want to play in the creek make sure you have enough time to turn around and go out the way you came in as that part was the most fun in a Rzr.

5 months ago

Hiked this trail in the spring. I continued on through and hiked down out by way of the hidden valley trail. It totaled around 9 miles. Beautiful scenery. Will hike this again. Although I would suggest if you are going to continue and hike the hidden valley trail I would start at the hidden valley trail and go up coming down it is grueling.

Hard, scary, yikes

off road driving
6 months ago

Sooo... two girls having fun, roaming the beautiful canyons stumbled upon this trail unsuspectedly. It is f****** hard. It's got everything you might want in a trail; mud, water, it's scenic and it's got that hamburger challenge that will get your heart pumping, plus a few fun and hard obstacles on the way. When you think it's done, it's not. Also, be prepared to beat up your vehicle physically. But isn't that what it's all about?! I do not recommend anyone going alone. 3.5" with 35s.

Much harder than everyone says

First time hiking in the desert, and we made some pretty stupid mistakes; not checking the length of the trail, not bringing enough water etc. Ended up in a bad situation, but that's far from the trails fault! Really cool views and rock formations. Once you get out of the canyon and circle around the arch, there isn't much to look at. I would love to tackle this one again when better prepared.

off road driving
8 months ago

Just excellent, from a well experienced driver. All my other moderately experienced jeep buddies stopped and turned around due to off camber at the entrance.

Great trail to do! Bypasses are available almost at all harder spots.

Did this trail with my Toyota off-roading club "The Rising Sun" out of Denver CO. It was a night run which we started at 6pm and completed at 12:30am. This trail is extremely difficult and technical but a lot of fun and rewarding. Not for the faint of heart of beginners. Your better of attempting this with a buddy and his rig or a group.

9 months ago

Difficult start. Steep. But glad that it is dog friendly. Have only done the first mile twice. Next time I'd like to go farther. Beautiful views and what a workout. View of Colorado river behind you going up is stunning. View of Moab at top of first mile is lovely. I don't know how those vehicles make it! Was alone on trail both times except 2 other hikers.

Dirt biking- this is a cool trail. My first time on slick rock. It's AMAZING the traction you get. You can climb up steep inclines with no problem at all. Gorgeous views (although I prefer the views of Chicken Corners and Poison Spider). Good practice for steep up and downs and transitions to sand. It intersects with The Slick Rock bike trail- which is fun too!

Dirt biking- this is my favorite trail in Moab! It's challenging, but exceptionally scenic. You get steep rock step ups (2 that my husband had to do for me- although I tried!), slick rock, sand, etc. the trail is very well marked and the scenic route at the top is beautiful! Plus there are sections at the top where you can go really fast. The beginning of the trail is the hardest so don't give up too early! We saw a stock jeep at the top, though I'm not sure how he got up there?
This is an epic ride! Mind you- if my husband wasn't there I probably couldn't have got up some of the obstacles in the beginning.

off road driving
10 months ago

It was a great trail with lots of great views. Hamburger hill was no joke.

Terrifying heights for me, but definitely tests your skills. I'd recommend lockers and skilled driving.

off road driving
10 months ago

Had an awesome day here with my wife. It was great for our first true trail experience!

11 months ago

This trail was amazing. It's a very steep trail that offers unforgettable views of moab. We started from the bottom and got to the top in about 30 minutes. There were a lot of off-road vehicles during this time due to Jeep Safari week. It was cool to see how these vehicles try to get up and down some pretty sketchy parts. We also saw a mountain biker. When we reached the top there was absolutely no one. We explored around a lot and we found a cave near the top left of the rim. Overall it was a short hard and scenic trail and very worth it.

11 months ago

This hike was our first on this trip to Moab. The first mile is straight uphill. It's hard and grueling. After that it's a pretty moderate trail. It is very well marked and not heavily trafficked. It is a pretty hike with views of Moab and the Canyonlands NP. My kids enjoyed exploring the arched caves and echoes. The only water along the trail are little pools left over from rain-so definitely bring water for your pooch.

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