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18 hours ago

This was my first big trail hike and it was much better than expected. I hiked this trail in late September and the Missouri weather was pleasantly warm. The hike was challenging but not too rough for a first. The campsite we chose had an amazing view and plenty of space for an secluded tent site.

great hike. beautiful sights of the river. it starts as lewis &clark but the the two trails split mid way. the app says its 4.7 miles but the trail head said 5.3.

great hike. beautiful sights of the river. it starts as lewis &clark but the the two trails split mid way. the app says its 4.7 miles but the trail head said 5.3.

Great overlooks, beautiful water crossings!! Everthing a hiker wants. Some steep inclines and rocky areas as well as long flat walks though the trees. My favorite trail!!!


Amazing trail to go on.

14 days ago

14 days ago

This is a beautiful trail with diverse scenery. We did this hike on a warm January day, and it was so refreshing! The moss-covered boulders and babbling stream were magical!

This is a beautiful trail! Well kept but not very well marked in some places. However, the trail is fairly easy to follow.

Great area for hiking. Unfortunately the lack of trail markers caused me to hike 15 miles instead of the 13 that I expected. So glad there was no snow today or I may still be there! Most of the trail is easy except one area called "the stairs", so I believe it should be categorized as "moderate", not "difficult". I'll definitely use this trail again.

This is my go-to workout trail.

21 days ago

Hiked in late December- with my 4yr old- the bridge at the beginning is missing so it is good to wear water proof shoes. There are 2 creek crossings and we all made it with dry feet but being December I was a bit nervous about shoes getting wet in cold. We look forward to going back when wild flowers are in bloom. My Apple Watch said the trail was 3.8 miles - its new so I don't know if the trail is really that long or if my watch is off.

This trail needs some maintenance. There are 20-25 fallen trees that are down on the trail. For someone day hiking this is not an issue but there are camping sites along it which requires more gear and larger packs.

One of my favorites. Great all year round!

22 days ago

Hiked in late December so the views were open to the other hill tops. We are going back in summer and take advantage of creeks!! A nice quick hike!

Great day for a hike. Views of the Missouri River were great. Our tracker has it closer to 8.6 miles. Did the loop in 3 1/2 hours

My favorite trail in Eastern Missouri. It has every terrain and elevation you can think of. From the low wetlands that flood after rain to mountain climbs at 20* of angle. Amazing.

One of my favorite trails to hike!

Fun trail. well maintained

Some spots can get overgrown, and some smaller trees may have fallen over the trail. Nothing that's hard to step over or go around. The trails are very well marked, but keep an eye out for some spots that may cross the bigger creeks (I got turned around a couple times on one trail where the marker was on the other side and I hadn't seen it the first time.) Almost all of the trails are close to the water most of the way. This can make for good fun, but also lots of bugs and gnats in the warmer months. Pack lots of water and some snacks, as there are connectors to other trails you can do in the same day. This is a great park, and has a good variety of difficulty in the trails, and length.

Great technical trail. Loved it.

This is one of my favorite trails in Missouri. Beautiful views, great for an overnight backpacking trip. Great length for taking out first time backpackers.

Unfortunately, someone broke a window on our vehicle with a rock. There was nothing in the car and beer cans left in the parking lot.

Just wanted to leave a heads up here for people heading that way.

I will definitely hike this magical trail again despite this misfortune!

Ran this trail, challenging hills, decent straight aways, definitely do it again

One of my favorite trails to hike! The bluff overlooks are beautiful and there's two options based on what length of hike you want. It does get busy on the weekends in the spring/summer.

Beautiful, beautiful views.

Lmao what a joke. Yes a good trail for this part of the country, but THE DRAMA of inexperienced hikers/reviewers. I get it, not everyone has climbed a mountain or even done a 14er. But the clamorous reviews of some group needing to come down because of a little rain and thinking they were about to die...really ridiculous.

Fairly easy hike, can be done in 1 day, more fun in 2.

4 stars because it’s the best you’ll get down there. -1 for the drama, but if this was in any other part of the country...it would be 1 Star. Btw there is some wildlife, no bears but “little bears” that may get into your pack. So pack smart!

1 month ago

I just hiked this trail in the last week of November and it was very pleasant. It was midweek and I still came across several hikers and about 10 mountain bikers during the day.

This is the third time this year that I have hiked the entire Lost Valley Trail. I feel that hiking it clockwise is the easiest as most of the two-track road sections are then downhill and mostly on the 2nd half of the hike.

Also, the Carbonite mileage markers are all laid out for viewing in this direction. There are markers every half mile and the trail is easy to follow even while covered with leaves.

When starting out, I also prefer to follow the Little Femme Osage Creek which is the "old way" of hiking this loop. When you reach the first Carbonite sign with 2 arrows pointing right for "Lost Valley Trail" and "Short Loop," you instead bear off on the unmarked road to your left.

This keeps you along the creek and you'll meet back up with the marked trail around the 1.5 (?) mile marker. This is also the route shown in the book, "St. Louis: 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles."

very fun trail! family just went from trailhead to river lookout and back but look forward to doing whole loop without little kids!

Watch for leaves, very easy to fall with lots of rocks underneath.

Great hike. Definitely a good work out. Due to the time of year though, the trail is very easy to lose because it’s completely covered by fallen leaves. Definitely be aware of where you are and periodically check the app if possible. Topographic map was very helpful. The view was great and very pleasant.

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