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Our late-November summit of Mt. Mitchell proved to be shrouded in clouds. But our disappointment was short lived, as the trees on our way to the top were dusted in a layer of white. It was freezing. It was windy. It was impossible to see more than 30 yards in front of you, but it was gorgeous up there!

This will go down as one of my favorite little hikes of all time. At first, we were bummed at the complete cloud cover. As we made our way to the top, the wind was gusting and the trees were dusted with white. It was gorgeous! We checked out the observation area at Mt. Mitchell before heading out on to Balsam. It was iced over at points, but oh so beautiful! It’s a short loop and you’ll wish it went on much longer. Don’t miss this one.

Very short hike but a beautiful waterfall at the end!

Love how accessible it is for more people. I do miss the old tower but the current design accommodates many more people. Not really what one calls a hike, but we were breathing a little harder than usual when we reached the top. Surprised to see so many people up here today.. So grateful to live in these beautiful mountains!

Lovely easy trail! We love the scenery along this trail. The trees remind us of a medieval forest with layers of rich green lichen and boulders with icicles hanging in places. The fir, cedars, & spruce trees were wind blown and frozen with ice & snow. I wish I had my camera!!!The first time we’ve been on this trail in November. .It wasn’t the trail we intended to hike today but someone else had other plans for us! We met three worn out young men and a beautiful dog named Mia.. They had camped out near the base of Black Mt/Mt Mitchell trail and hiked to the top this morning.. We met them as they were making the long trek down the mountain. They were tired, the trail was slippery, and darkness would be on them before they finished.. We offered them a ride and made four new friends. Sort of sad to drop them off at the camp ground. They reminded us of our sons. Good luck fellas!!

The trail is paved with brick. Very accessible, and it is cool to go to the tallest mountain, but not exactly fun hiking.

1 month ago

Great loop with amazing views!

Beautiful views, a hike that will get your heart pumping.

1 month ago

I began this trail as a loop hike. I parked first at the Park Office and was about to start on to Old Mitchell trail when I read a sign that instructed hikers of this trail to continue up the road and park at the restaurant . After relocating my car I started out on Old Mitchell. I continued to Camp Alice (Mountain to Sea?) to Commissary and from Commissary around to pick up Old Mitchell again near the Park Office to take me back to the restaurant. It made for a really great loop. Commissary was a nice rest for my legs before giving the final push back up to my car.

I really enjoyed this trail. I found it so be pretty challenging for me...but very do-able. I will say that I am a 55 year old woman in decent shape (I don't do much cardio these days, but I teach Yoga 5 days a week. I have hip issues and sometimes my knee acts up.)

The most challenging part of this trail was finding the proper the right foot placement with each step. The many large roots and rocks caused a few logistical issues. The trail was pretty wet when I went (thanks Hurricane Michael) I also went alone and never felt unsafe.

I had great footwear (Salomon) and a hiking pole/stick that acted up a lot, but when it (the pole) didn't, I was super grateful to have it with me. So I recommend bring one along. I saw a few groups of 20-somethings that flew by me with relative ease...some in regular Nike tennies. But that seemed rather careless to me as much of the trail had wet slippery rocks. One place on the trail had a rope to aid navigation (I had to sit down and slide down on that one.)

I saw only a few folks my age.

The trail was pretty clearly marked and I had no trouble finding the turn off for Camp Alice.

Definitely a great time and perhaps I will take it up to the summit next time.

I completed this loop yesterday going down Mt. Mitchell trail and up Big Tom. The BHT section was a muddy mess from all the recent rain. Took me just under 4 hours to complete while taking my time. It was definitely tough and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the views were great! I'm not sure if me or my dog enjoyed it more.

I read others reviews and must admit I have not been there since it was remodeled per se! I loved it! The old tower was cool! It was interesting because it was freezing in the altitude below but warm above the clouds the day we were there!

2 months ago

This trail is so beautiful! the expose roots, the overflowing moss... definitely a beautiful trail. Continue on this trail up to reach the overlook!

Great short hike. Car ride in is a little sketch as you hit gravel road but keep chugging. Once you hit the campground you’re there. Not much parking. Waterfall is great and has great wading pools for your little hikers!

Beautiful trail thru thick forest. A fairly easy walk with not a lot of elevation change

Love this trail. It’s like stepping into an other-worldly movie set when you leave the picnic area at Mount Mitchell. I hiked out to Mount Craig and back. I’ve done it twice.

Challenging trail, lots of rocks and roots. We got to Mount Mitchell and the observation deck but it was too cloudy to see anything! Then it started raining. Check the weather carefully before you start this hike!

4 months ago

Paved trail to the summit. Slightly steep but well worth the trek up for the 360 degree views.

Was more of a walk up to the summit then a hike, nicely paved and great views from every direction. They have built this for all ages so that all can reach the highest summit on the Appalachian Trail!! There are trails to hike when you get there. Beautiful!!

4 months ago

just did hike to big tom turn off but even cutting it short like that its a great trail.

Perfect directions by SuperTrampGoesWild. I’ll just add that there’s now a trail marker sign for Setrock

Beautiful views from all around. Fairly easy and paved.

Beautiful views from all around. Fairly easy and paved.

Nice, short trail to the summit of the highest point east of the Mississippi River.

Most amazing view in North Carolina! I went a few months back in February and was not disappointed! It was windy and cold the day my family went but on the trail there was plenty of shielding from trees and bushes and once at the top it was warm anyway. During the winter months there is close to no traffic at all we saw two other people and that was it. Moderate trail would no doubt hike again!

Short loop through high elevation pine forest. Lots of interpretive signs tell about the unusual plants, algae, and fungi that grow up here. Some rocks and roots in the treadway, but far easier than most of the other trails on Mt. Mitchell. Provides a nice, less crowded, alternate route back to the parking lot after you have visited the summit of Mt. Mitchell.

Paved trail to the summit of Mt. Mitchell, highest point in the Appalachian Mountains. Not really a hike but more of a walk to the summit. Trail is somewhat steep, but rest benches are provided at several places. Remember that the air is thin at this elevation, so you will get winded faster than usual. This is a nice option for people who cannot do one of the park's harder trails.

beautiful, short walk, great for kids

Loved the walk thru semi dense woods. Found unexpectedly and didn’t have much time. It was easy, short but still not for everyone. A lot of zig and zags, steps and rocks. Beautiful!

Love this little place... been several times now ...

5 months ago

Wow! That was a challenging hike for me to do alone! The beattles at the top are annoying though.

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