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Some spots can get overgrown, and some smaller trees may have fallen over the trail. Nothing that's hard to step over or go around. The trails are very well marked, but keep an eye out for some spots that may cross the bigger creeks (I got turned around a couple times on one trail where the marker was on the other side and I hadn't seen it the first time.) Almost all of the trails are close to the water most of the way. This can make for good fun, but also lots of bugs and gnats in the warmer months. Pack lots of water and some snacks, as there are connectors to other trails you can do in the same day. This is a great park, and has a good variety of difficulty in the trails, and length.

Beautiful hike. Will be back.

Great Missouri hike

20 days ago

What a treat! I hiked this after Fire Tower Trail on a beautiful November day. Loved the limestone formations that you can climb on and explore in and around. Some climbing on this trail; I followed it clock-wise. I think "Moderate" is a fair rating.
Will definitely hike this again.

25 days ago

Did this 6/18 . Some spots overgrown, was well worth the effort.

27 days ago

Fun trail with great scenery. Leaves made it difficult to see the trail in a few places, but it was well marked, so we didn't have much trouble.

An easy hike. A few bluffs and rock outcroppings to see nothing to extraordinary.

1 month ago

beautiful hike. watch for pink ribbon for trails.

Great trail .

1 month ago

Good walk but its really only .4 miles long very short.

This is a must! Did first two miles with my dog counterclockwise. A few nice spots in canyon right away after paved trail. Took the brown cut off trail due to time which was about 2 miles in and cutoff was pretty short. Wasn’t sure if people were talking about mainly hiking through the canyon most of the way to see more or what, but that what it looked like when you first reach it. . But will start clockwise next time. Would be pretty to see water. But perfect time for the colored trees.

One of my favorite trails in the area!

Beautiful hike on a well maintained trail.

1 month ago

Wonder site. The white connector has two well done campsites that make it easy to set up camp and hike the other trails while still providing quick access, less than 30 minutes, to real bathrooms and your car if needed.

Beautiful 60 degree day, very sunny and windy. Trail was in excellent condition. Awesome hike with lots of elevation change and some cool creek/drainage crossings.

1 month ago

one of the best places to hike in the state. the pines are incredible

Beautiful and quiet. Did all of North and South loop. Camped at campsite #3 which was very nice. The trail has great variety and is well marked and maintained. Some parts of South loop are little overgrown and you have push through the grasses but it never last for long. Would recommend and will return. Happy Hiking

Pretty hike! You have to go off the main trail if you really want to explore the canyons. We passed quite a few people and a few dogs.

First backpacking trip for me. It was challenging in some parts but the experience and views were well worth it. Stopped for the night at Camp 2 which was by a water source; it provided nice sounds to fall asleep to. Went out to see if I liked backpacking and this trail made me fall in love with it!

2 months ago

great trail with lots of twists and turns. Dog friendly, beautiful bluff views and interesting geology

2 months ago

Kim and I completed the North loop 6+ miles in 2.5 hours with three short breaks for water and snacks. We are a 50 something couple who walk 4 miles a day minimum. We found the trail delightfully different; most of the trail was clear soft sand, pine needles, soil/leaves. About 1/5 of trail was rugged with larger stones (3-10”); would rate this area difficult, all other parts easy. Trail was well blazed; when we were confused, bam, a blazing! The variety is stunning and remarkable; tall pines, deciduous trees, grasses, wildflowers, creek beds, granite formations, scenic views. See photos.

This park is a gem!

great variety of terrain, flora + fauna

Hiked this trail this morning. I would start by saying that it was a great trail. BUT it is not a good trail for very young kids. It is very steep. Pretty much you go straight up. It levels off a bit then you go straight down. The walk down was a bit slick and you have to be very careful. Saw a family walking in on our way out and I was genuinely worried about the young boy they had with them that was having a very hard time keeping his footing. This trail is an interpretive self guided trail so be sure to get a white pamphlet from the nature center so you will know what they are wanting you to see at each station. There are three small caves on this trail that they will let you go into. My favorite part was the last station where the Devils kitchen is. This trail definitely gives you a workout but was fun overall.

we have tried this trail twice with our kids and get a bit confused after we cross mail road and follow it up to park area. we have no idea where to go from there and we even asked a park ranger, who said he cuts the grass on trail, and said it's not a loop but in order to go back to parking lot, you have to walk same route back?

very nice trail, but not clearly marked once you are off in canyon part. very beautiful scenery and wildlife

3 months ago

Two friends and I did the combined north and south loop trails for an overnight backpack trip. I've never seen so many different varieties, shapes, colors, sizes of mushrooms in my entire life. The trail is very well traveled and well marked. We didn't start until 2p and made it to the 3rd camp by 7p. The 3rd backpack campsite was the best one, in my opinion, after seeing the first ones. It is worth it to make it all the way to this site to set up for the night. There is access to more water at the creek just past this campsite as well, which would have been helpful to know instead of filling up so much at the previous point. A few spots on the south loop are slightly more overgrown, but nothing impassable, just because it is less frequented. Overall, a beautiful park with lots of different terrain and scenery.

We saw an armadillo and they are gross. MORSHMA!

Great mix of hilly and more level terrain. gets your heart rate up without being too steep.

great hike. excellent scenery and well marked.

North loop. 6 1/2 miles

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