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Very peaceful. Couple of creeks. Only made it 2 miles. Dogs were done by then lol. We have little ones. A lot of horse tracks but saw none.

What we saw was nice but only had about 30 minutes. Found an old cemetery at the top of a hill. Pretty spring flowers, butterflies and the first bumblebee of the season.

nice place.

Going during the week in early springtime was great, as we only met three other groups of hikers. Taking yellow trail meant one low-water crossing of creek but a deeper spot coming back across. There was also a pretty steep incline at the mid-way point, like other hikers here have mentioned. This trail includes a great combination of wooded areas and fields that make for some beautiful scenery along the way.

Really beautiful spot. The road is difficult to drive so be careful. Has bathrooms at trail head. Trail flat and easy. Spring is pretty.


What a great area to hike. We found many of the trail areas to be maintained well. They are not overgrown like most of Missouri trails. We enjoyed the river area especially. Too bad you can't backpack. Contrary to what this page says, you can't. I talked to the area manager and read the regulations online. Camping is only allowed in a 2 spots and both are very busy areas.


Nice area but not an easy walk by any means due to horse ruts

15 days ago

Well marked trail. We saw about 10+ other people while we were out there, so it's moderately trafficked in my opinion. However, the spring was very pretty and worth it.

16 days ago

Called the ranger station last week and the trail is good-to-go.

A little muddy today but great views. Enjoyable

We clocked it at 5 miles. None of the climbs were difficult. Several stream crossings some easier than others but we made through dry. Lots of horse tracks but we did not see any. Lots of different terrains. Very enjoyable

trail running
22 days ago

So so fun! Several creek crossings that I wouldn’t recommend for small dogs or children if there’s been a lot of rain but the views were amazing. So many pretty waterfalls

Great spring hike!

24 MAR 18 closed for prescribed burn

26 days ago

Nice overall hike. Bit of a steep climb early on. The trail does run parallel to the road for a stretch so the sound of the cars took away from feeling out in nature. Other trails in the area making it easy to do several while you are out there. Be prepared to fight for parking with people fishing if you go on the weekends during season.

Absolutely worth the uphill hike. Views are beautiful, this is a photographer's dream. Just be sure to take the right trail on the way down. You have to look for your trail and a log bench on the right otherwise you will take the obvious trail that goes straight... into nowhere.

A great trail for the family

1 month ago

I have been here twice. I can not get enough of this beauty.

pretty easy hike to the natural bridge from the parking lot. Wear waterproof shoes, you will get wet. I was very aggravated by the trash in the cave. why do people do that. There is bats in the cave, I hope the trash does not disturb them

Very beautiful hike once you get down to the creek. The trail comes and goes so we ended up just climbing on the rocks along the creek.

trail running
1 month ago

The day I went here the place was filled with oblivious parents who didn’t seem to mind their children throwing rocks in all directions. The trails are often cut off by creeks, and I wasn’t willing to go through knee deep water to keep going forward. Hoped for a 5 mile run but after dodging rocks, water crossings, and too many smokers, I left after only getting 2 miles. To top it all off, I got back to my car only to find out someone had stolen the magnet off my car. The area is pretty but the people I came across that day ruined it.

Very enjoyable trails. Did part of the yellow trail (turned back at the crossing due to the water) and finished on the red trail. Very active park with lots of hikers and horseback riders. The trails are all fairly well marked, but there are some serious inclines, even on the easy trails. The noise from the gun range wasn’t too bad, and helped with orientation. Definitely worth the time.

Best trail at the lake without driving to Ha Ha Tonka. Nice variety of meadow, lakeside, and overlook. Pretty rocky but not too muddy, even the day after a rain. Took about an hour at a moderate pace.

1 month ago

Nice hike with a variety of terrian. Several camping sites along the trail. Trails are marked well enough that you shouldn't find yourself backtracking or scratching your head on which way to go. I was able to find ways to cross all the creeks (staying dry) after a couple days of good rainfall but a week of heavy rain might prove otherwise.

Beautiful area. Frequently patrolled and safe. Great family campground.

2 months ago

An absolutely beautiful spring! The road from south of Alton (160) is quite curvy. The sign to the trail is very small, so don’t miss it! The trail is actually only 1 mile and the elevation change is 450 feet. The spring is clear and peaceful. We saw a bald eagle soaring above the spring today!

Nice trail for a fun, easy hike.

2 months ago

great trail.

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