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great trail. well maintained. liked the different terrains. very quiet and peaceful.

Pretty easy trail for the loop that goes up to the glades. Can get through it in about 25 minutes if you have a moderate pace.

Fun trail to run. A couple of those hills are just plain evil which is always a plus. The trail is marked pretty well and was maintained for the most part. There was a small overgrown section and a downed tree on the path. I'll definitely come back to this one again.

Very beautiful and shaded. There were a lot of dirt trails that went all over the place and were hard to follow. The main path was paved.

One of my girlfriend and I's favorite place to go :) Lots of views and you can see alot of deer on the lower levels. highly recommend for anyone, friendly for all ages

First hike, great experience! Panoramic views. We started at the east and ascended via the stairs. They are well maintained and really get the blood pumping. A few more inclines made for a great hike. Cooled down with the Meramec river trail.

First 1/4 to 1/2 mile a little tough but rest of trail easy enjoyable

Great views and photo opportunities

Amazing views all around this trail! As a big dude the end is tough but extremely rewarding!

Great trail for kids! The beginning of the trail is a little exhausting if you aren’t used to elevation, but the rest is easy breezy! Beautiful views and photo opps. Lots of puppers on the trail so be on alert if your dog isn’t used to making friends.

nature trips
1 month ago

Loved the River Scene Trail and the rugged path at the beginning of the hike. Bathrooms at the park were pristine clean. Very enjoyable!

Would definitely not rate this as “Moderate.” The trail is very well marked and relatively easy. Great views from the bluff & alone the river. Crowded on the weekend, but that’s to be expected.

Nice winding trail, very peaceful. Has some stretches that I would love to come back and run. Also, according to the paper map provided on-trail, it is 14 miles.

1 month ago


on Bluff Creek Trail

1 month ago

Cool trail, lots of different paths. Shaded the entire way.

Beautiful scenery of the Meramec River and the valley... somewhat crowded but worth the hike!

good hill climbs,can hear traffic but beautiful little treck!

This is the most beautiful hike in the St Louis area.

trail running
2 months ago

Fun trail to run. Slippery when wet but a fun challenge.

Beautiful views, well kept, great way to spend your day.

Nice trail, pretty easy walk but very narrow in some area's

Absolutely loved. We went early this morning and it wasn’t too crowded. There were people along the trail, but the ones we encountered we courteous and polite. All and all would hike again!

This is a beautiful hike, but is also a popular hike. If you are looking for quiet you may want to time your visit. The view is great, I would love to come back after the leaves are gone for better visibility of the river. Fun change in elevation at the beginning, plenty of benches and overlooks for those who need a rest on the way up.

2 months ago

Pretty and lots of options. There are a lot of different side trails in various levels of difficulty. Some are paved and some aren’t. I like the variety. We saw a snake on the path once.

2 months ago

My dog and I love this trail. It’s a challenge going up but short enough that it’s not too intimidating. And it’s almost entirely shaded which is GREAT!

It’s pretty overgrown right now and a tree fell on the path. Beware of ticks. We spent most of the time trying to dodge the overgrowth but my dog had a small tick on her when we got home.

2 months ago

The trails you know and love are still here! You just have to get to them. Come hike them! At first I thought they ruined the trails. They didn’t. The people who said they ripped the trails out are mistaken. They did not rip them out. They are both still nestled in the woods where they were. The other reviewer that said this is not the place for natural trails is also mistaken. Take the lower trail head to just last the cave. On the left there is a drain, before the bridge, the trail starts there. You can also find it in a few other places along the paved path.

2 months ago

This is simply an amazing trail to hike! The initial rise will get the blood pumping and is highlighted by some breathtaking views overlooking the Meramec River. If you are a photographer, you will get some amazing shots. Only pitfall is, aside from early Spring and Fall, most of the cover (from cliff-side trees), will block some of your river views. But the strategically placed over-looks, allow you to overcome that (in certain areas). Really a very good hike. If you start out to the East versus West, when you get to the point where you cross under the railroad tracks, be prepared for a steep ascent via well-maintained wooden stairs.

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