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on Highline Trail

3 days ago

As a 69-year-old flatlander on my second day, I went only from Logan Pass to the Haystack- Mt Gould gap and return (Sep 3). Skies were mostly cloudy and there was smoke in the valleys. Even with that, this stretch is very scenic and fun. The cliff portions are wide and not scary. I intended to climb Haystack Butte, but lacked the energy and the trail did not look official or maintained.

Awe inspiring views from start to finish are provided by this half dirt, half boardwalk trail. Hidden Lake Overlook gives you a great sense of the alpine habitat without too much stress and features an absolutely stunning view at the lookout.

The trail has two staircases divided by a quarter mile of flat terrain. Given the boardwalk and short distance, this can be enjoyed by the entire family.

This is a trail that requires you to pay attention to the weather. The trail begins at roughly 7,000 feet, and when we hiked the trail in mid September, temperatures were 10 degrees colder at the trailhead than reported by rangers. Moreover, visibility can be a challenge because low-ceiling cloud cover can completely engulf this area of the park, even if it is bright and sunny in the West Glacier area (the trail is on he mountain that essentially “blocks” the clouds from moving down through the valley).

Love it... absolutely love it. Don't miss the strenuous hike to the top of Grinell glacier, that's the icing on the cake.

Words are insufficient to describe the beauty of the place.

Views plus being close to a glacier makes one feel as though one is in heaven!

Wonderful views and a very peaceful hike. I only saw a handful of people when I hiked in September. Is easy and short. Great hike if you need a light day after heavy hikes the day earlier.

This is a great hike. The trails are well kept and maintained. The first couple miles are steep as are the last couple miles. There were 5 of us on this hike and we all measured 7.2 to 7.6 miles back to the lake. My watch said right at 15 miles round trip. When the ended. We also caught about 8 fish in the lake over. 30 min period.

7 days ago

This is not 9.4 miles. It is closer to 13, if you go to South Lolo Peak (the named one on this app and Google maps). The initial route shown is not to either Lolo Peak (North Lolo or South Lolo).

Once you get to the vista point, you can continue down to the lake, only if you want to scramble up the face of North Lolo Peak. Which is rather rough. There is a trail that heads west, above the lake but it is not marked, as of 9/16/18.

Once up top of N. Lolo Peak, there are great views of Missoula and Frenchtown. Atop S. Lolo Peak, there are peaks for days. Gorgeous views.

fun little walk, close to home. excellent for 14 yr old dog, 11 yr old son and myself.

We hiked in to Peterson Lake as a day hike. There were great views. It was sad to see much of the area had been burned out. The hike to Peterson lake was 7.2 miles one way. The round trip was 14.4 Please note this was longer than it was shown in the app. There are 3 more beautiful lakes further up the trail. We didn't go further than Peterson on this outing.

Great hike, with spectacular scenery of the mountains. The first part of the trail was heavily trafficked, up to a lookout point that has a view of the lake below. After leaving the lookout point the trail heads down to the lake and the traffic thins out.

9 days ago

Great hike. Very popular in the beginning but head to the lake and it becomes less populated.

The beginning of the trail is a little busy because most people just go to the look out. We went all the way down to the lake. It is slightly strenuous coming up from the lake, but it only takes a few minutes. We saw a ton of hoary marmots just past the lookout.

Hiked this trail on Sept.8th. the onset of Fall was beginning to appear. It was a little smokey but made for beautiful photos. This trail was rated as difficult and I somewhat agree with rating. Falls were gorgeous, Took the left fork and crossed the creek. My dog loved it. Clocked trail time at 6.5 hours to lake and back.

trail running
16 days ago

This is by far my favorite trail run I have ever done. It starts off with a boardwalk, that goes out to the lookout point, but you have to go down to the lake because it is amazing. The elevation gain is not too bad, once you get to the switchbacks it does get a bit steep, but always safe. There is a mountain goat that hangs out just past the lookout. The lake at the end is not too cold for a swim.

Get there early in the day, because the parking lot is mayhem!

on Highline Trail

17 days ago

Beautiful views!

18 days ago

Planning in Glacier is a bit tricky. With the fires and lots of trails having restrictions for bears, we ended up changing plans around while there last week which included doing the hike up to the overlook. Initially wanted to go all the way down to the lake, but it was unfortunately closed for bears. Overall, it was an easy hike up, with an AMAZING view of the lake at the overlook. Really loved the fields going up with small streams & bunches of flowers too. Saw some big horn sheep along the trail up as well. Bummed we couldn’t make it down to the lake, but I guess we will just have to come back. Also - recommend going earlier in the day as it was pretty crowded coming back down (we left to go up around 9 am)

18 days ago

The effort to rewards ratio is insane on this one. Beautiful views of the mountains all the way to the overlook and the overlook view is very beautiful. But the lake itself is something out of this world. And all this for very little effort.

trail running
18 days ago

Seeing this area the year after a major burn is wild. The trail currently still has a lot of ash and fallen logs, but it’s still gorgeous.

For reference on directions, Mormon Creak Road and Mormon Peak Road or two completely different things. To access this, drive about 3 miles west on highway 12 and turn left on Mormon Peak Road. Drive all the way up and you’ll find the trailhead.

FYI the final climb to the top of the peak is a bit tricky. If your ready for a major adventure, you can handle it though.

19 days ago

The best and nicest FSR I've driven up. From the Mormon Rd Bridge it is exactly 8.2 miles. The trail is open but this trail goes thru a sever burn area. Might not want to do it on a windy day. Trail is full of shiny pyrite flecks. Nice trail Recommend

on Highline Trail

20 days ago

Beautiful trail. I did this 1st week of July, 2018 and got to Logans pass around 6 a.m. You have to if you plan to park there. On trail mostly in solitude. Great views. There was still snow, but that was fine. If (or when) I return to Glacier I will do this again. I went to the chalet, then turned around to the glacier hike, then hiked back to Logans Pass. People that asked seemed stupefied, but I did not want to hike down to the Loop. It was stupendous and wonderful.

21 days ago

Travelled from Washington State and spent the labor day weekend at Glacier National Park. Went to hike Hidden Valley on 08.31.18.

A beautiful trail, flowers are still in bloom. Prestine lake surrounded by mountains.

22 days ago

Reservoir is very low but still worth the hike. There is still a lot of greenery to be seen with some hints of yellow and red starting to appear. I saw moose and wolf tracks at the reservoir.

22 days ago

Lovely hike. We didn’t go all the way to the lake and this hike was easily 8.5 miles round trip. If you go to the lake add another 4 miles. I’m sure it’s worth it. Waterfalls and nice woods throughout. Enjoy!

23 days ago

Incredible trail. If crowds bother you, get there before 6am.

on Hidden Lake Trail

24 days ago

2018.08 amazing rewards for little effort. mountain goats everywhere especially on the trail down to the lake and on the lake shore.

25 days ago

GPS route via Mormon Creek Road is inaccurate, you need to take HWY 12 route. 8/25/18, trail is open and accessible.

26 days ago

tons of wildlife

Got as far as the overlook. Great views!

1 month ago

First overnight trip for my 11 year old. Choose this because of the easy grade, although the 3.5 miles to be able to camp was a bit far for his first time I think. Had a nice time though, and the creek water felt great on the way back under hot sun. Didn’t see any critters.

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