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Love walking part of this trail everyday with my dog! It’s always well maintained and is stays pretty busy with bikers and runners. Definitely a fun thing to do in Hattiesburg if you want to spend some time outside!

We got there around 0830 in the AM, beautiful clear day, lots of deer active in the woods. The first half is harder than the back half, but it was easily hiked in shoes. If its recently been raining, I'd wear boots, there were parts that would be muddy if it was wet.

2 months ago

Fun hiking but inconsistently marked.

trail running
2 months ago

Awesome trails which are very well maintained, wonderful technical trails to have at our fingertips!

Well marked. Moderate hills to climb.

I loved the trails here.

The bike path was well maintained but the walking path was not.

Started on edge of Hattiesburg and hiked west several friendly folks on trail I stopped and ate at a restaurant in one of the small towns I have hiked and road many trails across several states and I really like this one. It’s easy so just add on the miles if you like a challenge. Go in the late spring and you can travel through the middle of pretty corn fields. Also lots of pretty long leaf pines. There is also a company that you can pay for a ride from one side to other to get vehicle if need be.

You can choose a 1, 2, 3, or 5 mike hike by following the colored trail markers. On the 2 mile hike i saw a snake, a raccoon, a large frog, many butterflies and birds, and plenty of mosquitoes. Lovely trail, bring bug spray.

The trail was nice. I would not rate it as easy, however, because there were a few inclines that were difficult for my 7 year old. We did see a lot of small wildlife—frogs, butterflies, salamanders, spiders.

The trail loops around/through Chucalissa, which was great. We got to see the grounds and read the placards, but they were closed at the time and I’m pretty sure we were accidentally trespassing. So, if you take this trail, try to do so during business hours, otherwise it’s hard to get out.

Also, per another review, we did notice a faint odor in the air, but it wasn’t obtrusive.

road biking
5 months ago

Great trail pretty well maintained

Great trail! Enjoyed the much needed shade on a hot summer day!

The trails are not well marked but so convenient one really shouldn’t complain. I mean how lost can you get in Bartlett?

yeah... nothing very scenic

6 months ago

saw a deer so I'm happy

Very good hike. A little isolated but it did provide shade for the heat.

I went after the area got some pretty good rain, so there was a lot of standing water. As a result, tons of buggies. Great trail though, plenty of ups and downs to keep things interesting. Mostly shaded the entire way through.

It rained recently, so some of the slopes were a bit muddy. Recommend trekking poles for post-rain hikes. The trail shown might be an old trail; the path I took is significantly different and lacks obvious trail blazes, but leads to the right areas. Strongly recommend bug spray at this time of year; the mosquitoes were out in force! All in all, good trail, had a lot of fun.

I have started walking this trail regularly to get ready for longer backpacking trips. It is well maintained (although a recent storm brought down some trees) lots of stairs and steep inclines. There are a couple of nice resting spots with great views.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Love it will come back

I went Tuesday and parked at the Wolf River Greenway parking lot (which has spaces for probably a dozen cars in total) and did north of Walnut Grove all the way around the NW lake north of the Greenline and back onto the trails past the Walnut Grove trailhead.

By taking the trails North of Walnut Grove a hike and/or ride can be extended well beyond 7.4 miles.

They are in decent shape but there is ample mud in some places where the drainage isn't good (which is mostly on the Blue trail East of WG and the white trail closest to Farm Road. That one is waterlogged and a bit of slog through mud for considerable distances and hard to maneuver without carving new paths.)

One big caveat: If you are doing the full loop all the way out to I-40 and the Wolf River - the bridge crossing the inlet creek closest to I-40 is washed out and it's a full wet crossing. When I went, it was about knee deep for 15ft across. Trying to bike through it might be difficult. Horses wouldn't have an issue but hiking, running, or bicycling is - well, you're going to get wet. (The bridge is salvaged but two ends along with the metal cables broke so it might be a spell before it's repaired.)

Snakes are out, especially north of Walnut Grove (neither were venomous but enough to give a small fright) and ample deer are out too, during daylight hours.

If there is any rain, check the Wolf River gauge online to have an idea for flooding, especially along the White trail parallel to the Blue along with some additional crossings on the Blue and Yellow trails.

One last bit: There is a spot on the yellow trail, west of the 1.5 mile marker where the trail is close to eroding off the bank. If you're trail riding or running, watching your step and/or wheel is advised.

If you park at the Germantown Road trail head, there are bear-proof trash bins and a port-a-potty. There are also bear proof trash bins at the Kayak outlet onto the Wolf River at Walnut Grove.

road biking
8 months ago

Beautiful well kept trail it is easy but has a slight incline that can wear on you

Love love love this trail! Lots of ups and downs. Flowers in bloom! Had a few areas where it smelled bad but not enough to make me not want to return. Trail was well kept and very easy to follow. I felt like I received a pretty reasonable workout on this trail. Yes I will return!

Make sure to call ahead to see if there is flooding. Drove an hour and a half for nothing

Very nice trail , well maintained with lots of rest stops and access to water, restrooms, and cold drinks. My only complaint is that we were chased by dogs on three occasions while riding from Prentiss to Hattiesburg.

trail running
9 months ago

Bring your trail shoes and plan to get muddy. Hard to lose yourself in the run due to such long and wet sections where you must traverse in 6 plus inches of mud/retained water. I won’t come back here until it hasn’t rained for weeks. Trails are not well marked.

Good trail with some challenging parts if you take the outer loop!

One of my favorite places to run ! So many options to take . Run on trails jump on roads back on trails . Rest rooms are never that far away . Great trail !!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I give it 5 stars for around the Memphis area. Lot of ups and downs. Went during the fall and had some pretty views of deep valleys and the wetlands. Couple of benches set up along the way to sit and rest and enjoy the view. Only down side I see is it is an inner city park and the trains go right beside the park but overall a nice little park.

Friday, December 01, 2017

best in memphis area

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