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It was an amazing day hike

Warning: the west side is currently closed to repair a bridge, so you’re detoured to the lake view trail. Which is gorgeous (including an epic waterfall view), but definitely heed the warnings of how steep it is.

5 days ago

long hike be prepared to be challenged and see amazing views i did no5 summit due to not enough water and hiking the day before to panaroama

Be careful with the GPS! The link took me to a very dangerous steep and rocky forest service road the bisects the actual trail! Never made the hike as I was almost didnt make it up the road in my non-4x4 4 cyclinder engine :(

11 days ago

Thinking of doing this one the last weekend of September. Would love to know if there’s still water up there then! Please update if you go up there :)

Really great views along this trail of the water, many nice places to pause for a break. Not busy at all. Falls are worth seeing!

Nice 11km trails to run, if you don't mind the horse manure, be careful where you step heads up. Couple of inclines but otherwise flat trails through the trees.. nice for walks with family.

12 days ago

I just got back from doing the trail, up past Munro Lake to the pond and the viewpoint overlooking the lake. It was overcast, but even so the view was impressive. Also, I did not quite get up to Dennett Lake. I had not realized until a moment ago how close I was to it. Maybe next year...

Like other commenters, I would say that this hike is difficult, not moderate. It is uphill all the way, with some tricky steep sections. There was no one else on the trail earlier today (Sept. 7, 2018). For me the round trip up to the lookout took 5 hours and 40 minutes.

13 days ago

Challenging, but awesome hike! I hiked it once last year and then again on July 13th of this year in one very long day. I don't recommend rushing this hike. It's so beautiful at the top. Take your time and soak it all in. I am planning on hiking it again by myself this coming Thursday (Sept. 13th) if anyone would like to join me.

13 days ago

Really good trail, I would say this one is difficult and not moderate though, based on that it was quite uphill almost the entire way. We did it Sep 6 which I am very thankful for as there wasn’t too many bugs and not a single other person nor had it rained in awhile so there was only a few mucky sections on the Munro-Dennett connector. If you push on to Dennett DO NOT MISS THE VIEWPOINT it is well worth it! You will come to a small pond before reaching Dennet (after leaving Munro) and there is an unmarked trail to the left that will take about an extra 10 mins each way to get to a sweeping view of Vancouver. I would say the Munro to Dennett trail is much easier than the first part of the hike and much quicker (took us about 35 mins to get to the lake), just a bit more technical.

wait for a sunny day, the vistas are amazing

Great single track trail running. Ran the loop twice. Some nice elevation gain that adds a nice challenge without killing the legs. It’s a shame the park doesn’t open until 8 am, would be nice to get out and run first thing in the morning.

Killer hike but the view is a priceless payoff!

16 days ago

This is one of my favorite shorter hikes. The views are pretty standard for most of the climb, but the panoramic views at the top are gorgeous.

Great steep rooty climb. I measured 5.6km to the top from the west canyon trailhead parking lot. It took us 2 hours to reach the summit. Awesome views from up there.

Beautiful view and huge place to do things. Well maintained too.

Sep 2. Left parking lot at 8:46 am, summited at 12 pm. 2 hours and 10 mins back to car. Beautiful views up top, hike is medium hard. Puppy made it almost all the way, I carried her the last bit where the rocks were pretty sharp.

17 days ago

Very scenic, the trail goes up and down lots which I prefer over a long continuous uphill. The falls were pretty a definite must do.

Beautiful views, very easy and delightful walk. Good for kids

Good for families. Lots of bear piles under transmission lines but didn’t see any Winnie the Pooh’s.

Hiked on Tuesday did it in 12 hours took our time enjoyed the views. My recommendation is to take 5 L of water, you don’t want to get cramps. Been looking at Golden Eras out my kitchen window for 20 years and finally did it! Well worth the bee sting. Very challenging hike with ropes and ladders. Makes you conquer your fears that’s for sure.

It was a good hike with some steep parts. View was ok. Wasn’t marked very well, we had to back track a couple times...lots of people asking if they were going in the right direction, especially at the beginning. Busy place too, I prefer a quieter, less travelled hike.

The heavily forested root filled trail is steep but beautiful. Bring excellent footwear and lots of water. Dogs may need their own water bottle/dish as well since there isn't a ton of water opportunities (at least not in late August of 2018)

Starting from the Golden Ears parking lot, the first section of terrain is a clear gravel path that is mostly flat. The Mt. Nutt trail starts on the right hand side where you'll have to turn off the gravel path (look for a small green sign nailed to a tree that says "Mount Nutt viewpoints") and start a short winding section to the base of the hill. Then it's all uphill from there - litterally. This initial section is a rooty uphill climb that eventually evens out for a brief period and leads to the small marshy lake. The lake is MARSHY and the earth here is really wet (not the best stop for a lunch) but it's the only water stop you'll get in the dry season so make sure your dogs get the chance to hydrate here. There is a separate small path the goes to the lake so don't miss it. Then, once you're done with the lake continue on the trail which will lead you uphill again through another rooty climb. The trail will eventually divide (twice) and some small white handwritten signs suggest that one way is "easy" and the other is "tricky". The first view point is a small outlook (it was misty and foggy so we couldn't see anything) and the final view point which is a bit farther up the trail and marked by another white sign that says "if you made it this far, you're nuts!" is a larger circle of trail around a big rock that branches out to a couple different lookouts.

Nice relaxing trail with a few hills. Gorgeous greenery, lots of blackberries in the summer!

Excellent time. Enjoyed the well maintained trail. A good balance of wooded trail on one side and more open on the other side. Even though kind of a rainy day it didn’t dampen a great outing. We’ll be back likely when sunnier. Come early as parking could be a challenge. Took us about 2.5 hours at a steady pace.

The turnoff from East Canyon is not immediately apparent, you have to be looking to the right for the small Mt Nutt marker. Get ready for a steep, tough climb. Not the smartest in the rain it was quite sketchy coming back down. The beginning should probably be reworked as switchbacks.. Don't miss the lake turnoff it's a serene little spot. Heading up I went by "Tricky" it's nothing you haven't already done. Come back down on "Easy" for the switchbacks for your knees. I'm sure the views would've been good if I wasn't fogged out!

25 days ago

Great loop hike weaving through forest next to the lake. On the scale, slides toward moderate on the easier side due to some inclining sections. We did this in 2.75 hours walking at a good pace and stopping for pictures. We hiked it in the rain and loved it. I would come back on a hot day to add in some swimming.

I hike this trail a lot. Some nice long uphills and a few downhills, but generally an easy hike. Great swimming at the north end in summer. A couple of friendly ravens there too.

It was misty with rain today. We did the 16km hike that's including the loopback from the west side. The view was not clear from the viewpoint. It was steep to go down from the Diez vista. You must pay attention to the trail markers otherwise you may go the wrong way. all in all, it was a beautiful hike . Be prepared, I recommend footwear with ankle support. we used hiking poles and they definitely helped on the way down .we did the full hike no shortcuts .great hike!

Fun hike. We hiked mid-week, started at 10 am, and didn't see anyone on the trail until near the end. Accurately rated as Moderate. We started at the North Beach Campground parking lot and hiked in a counter-clockwise direction. The East Canyon Trail goes along what appears to be an old logging road for quite a while, which makes it easy to follow. The West Canyon Trail has a steep up and down segment, hugging the side of the canyon wall, just west of the Creek. Going counter-clockwise allowed us to go uphill over what seemed to be the steepest grade; downhill is hardest on our 60+ yr old knees and ankles. Either direction is not a problem as long as you go slow. A hiking pole helps in this area. We use the off-line map feature but others have noted to look for the surveyors tape or ribbon markings on the West Canyon Trail to help with confusing areas.

Like the previous reviewer, we deviated from the loop a bit by continuing on the East Canyon Trail up to the Hiker's Beach and wading across Gold Creek there, rather than crossing at the bridge. This was a fun diversion. By mid-August the creek was only about 25 ft wide and was less than 12 inches deep at this point.

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