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absolutely stunning views of oahu at the top. wear a hat. bring water. the sun is hot and unrelenting. the pathway is paved for a little and then becomes uneven rock. i definitely would recommend it to anyone. my handicapped dad didn’t go to the summit but was able to walk up to about 700ft elevation.

It's uphill, but paved so seems more trail than hike to me. Regardless, beautiful views from the top.
Hiking down the "secret" trail to the tide pools definitely increased both the challenge and the adventure.

First of all, the parking! Wow!! can't do much about it, but when when you get a spot your good. The trail is paved all the way and you are in a moderate incline. Worth a morning stroll as we were fortunate to see a few whales early noonish!

Lots of people but well worth it with the views at the top. Plus the bunker walk through is a trip to the past.

The trail beyond the Pillbox area is private property and the AllTrails map illegally traverses and trespasses on this property. In addition, the descent at the end of this trail and other portions are simply not maintained and hiking loosens dirt and debris which wash down into Lanikai Bay. The environmental degradation not only clouds the water but kills coral and other reef creatures. The descent is also hazardous and numerous people have been taken off this trail by emergency teams. Hikers should not use the trail beyond the Pillbox.

Short, paved walkway. Beautiful views at the top. It’s more of a uphill walk than a hike, but certainly still enjoyable.

This’s a decent hike. Way too many people on it trying to catch the Sunset leaving very little Realestate to call your own unless you arrive super early. Head lamp is helpful if you’re going up and it’s still dark outside. After watching the sunset we continued on and around to the other end of the trail. It’s difficult going down and so pray it’s dry or hasn’t rained a few days. The views are beautiful.... But the hike is okay and a decent workout going up and down the trail with decent views.

Trail starts off steep and muddy so be sure to grab a walking stick at the beginning of the trail. After the muddy start the trail dries up and flattens our with a few random steep areas. The view at the top is breathtaking and worth the hike.

Upward incline the entire time with some Lookout spots along the way. Some off-paved paths that looked interesting but I wasn't that brave... One wrong foot and you could slip right down the cliffs. Not much to see along the way except cacti and scary spiders in the brush. Once you reach the lookouts to the ocean it's beautiful. Deep blue and you might catch a glimpse of a whale. We saw a little baby one playing in the distance. At one of the whale watch spots there's a steep Rocky trail down to the tide pools. Wanted to do it but it was really windy and we were already pooped as it was our second hike of the day. Heard they are a must see though. Saw tiny people down there floating in them.

Easy hike but heavily trafficked. This hike is definitely a good start of you are planning on coming to Hawaii to hike. Great views from the top. If you aren't used to hiking you will get tired and the stairs may seem like they can beat you but you got this.

no shade
4 days ago

Gorgeous sunrise views!! Very crowded in the mornings so make sure you come EARLY to get parking if you want to see the sunrise. First lookout is maybe 15 min in and the dawn view is already good from there if you want to stop at that point and just chill.

Short easy hike, very crowded.

6 days ago

Great hike, with beautiful views! Short and to the point. Try to start the hike prior to 9 am and you won’t be cooked out by the sun. Easy to get to and there is parking. Easy to miss the trail when driving it’s located about 9 light poles from the last intersection you turn on. Enjoy!

It’s a great hike with great views! Be sure to take water because it can get very hot.
The hike can be done as an out and back or a loop by continuing past Pillbox #2 and hiking the ridge. The trail will dump you out on Luika Place. CAUTION!!! The trail gets really steep and narrow, the last 1000 feet or so. If it recently rained, forget about going as the trail will get slick and muddy.

What beautiful view from the top. Make sure you bring water if hot.

The hike was great although crowded. Everyone was so happy...must be because we’re all in Hawaii! Can get steep, but an overall easy hike. The views from the top are spectacular and worth the 1 1/2 hour round trip (although we spent an hour at the top taking pictures!)

Nice easy hike, but way too many people

This was a super fun, easy hike if you hike a lot of trails. I hiked around lunch time on a Saturday which was still pretty packed. It was around 80° and humid so bring lots of water since there's minimal shade towards the top. It's definitely worth it. I wasn't aware of a tunnel which might be a little scary if you get claustrophobic but it's super short and quick. There's also 2 ways to get to the top. If you go left, it's the easier route and looks out to the ocean. If you go right for the steep stairs, it might take a little longer depending on how packed it is with people. There's also a cool bunker you can go through. It's quite a scene when you get to the top.

Short, sweet, side hike. Saw humpback whales. Lovely views and easy path.

10 days ago

super easy and fun. my 3 year old did it with no problems!!!!!

Steep quick hike with amazing views at the top. Cool WWII bunkers as well. Crowded and exposed so bring sunscreen and water.

The views are amazing at the top, as are the WW2 bunkers! It started raining as we were coming down and if it is wet, it makes it very slick coming down in the mud! Be prepared to slip and slide if wet.

12 days ago

Short and sweet! Worth it for the views. Fast climb, but easy with breaks.

Fun walk. Not really a hike because you are on pavement the entire time, but the views are spectacular. We were lucky enough to see humpback whales at the second lookout point. Bring water, sunscreen, and a hat because you're completely exposed the whole way.

Easy hike with a beautiful view. The only bad side is that the trail is very crowded. Also you need to pay 1$ to access the trail.

The view is insane! The trail is not so hard but with the heat it could be rrally difficult for some. Bring a lot of water!

Awesome place to watch the sunrise. Pretty heavily trafficked at times but the views are worth it.

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