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Misc Georgia for Fall 2019

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Very nice. Fast on the first half. Will do it again.

Love this trail. The top of the West loop is a more rigorous climb and good to start the hike with. Trail is well maintained. Very few trees crossing the path and most are easy to cross. Bridges are in good shape. I will return to the trail for sure!

Tough at first but view is amazing!!

22 days ago

Nice trail. We took the west loop over and around the mountain, then connected to the east loop to go to the quarry. We took the east trail out. The west loop is definitely more challenging and longer. Next time we will just do the east trail and back out the same route. The quarry is a good payoff for the trip, nice spot to stop for lunch.

23 days ago

Excellent trail if you can get your dog to cross the first bridge! Also has a nice area around the old CCC quarry.

Used this as our first little backpacking trip. it was wonderful. beautiful campsite at the top.

Tough climb up but the view on the top of the rock about 1 mile in is fantastic!! It makes all that climbing worth it!!

Beautiful trail very enjoyable hike

steep but worth the view at Cow Bald.

Beautiful day for a hike and great local trail. Well maintained and plenty of parking.

I would say there is enough elevation and enough places you had to watch your step to make this moderate. My heart rate got up a couple of times. The description says lightly trafficked, but felt more like heavily. But I was also there on a beautiful Sunday at noon. The fall leaves made it absolutely stunning. I'm glad I was able to catch it before they fell off the trees. There has been enough rain in the past week that the creeks were flowing, very pretty, and provided clean water for my dog to drink and play in. One of my favorite trails near Atlanta so far. I completed it in about 2 hours, but I was taking my time.

29 days ago

Beautiful hike east to the Quarry and then around to the west loop. Water was crystal clear and high. We went early and saw no one until leaving the trail. We loved all the bridges. The trail was well maintained. Perfect for families!

Loved this trail. Great scenery. Walked along a creek for quite a bit and over at least half a dozen bridges. Only draw back was a guy w 4 noisy kids. Nice sized parking lot.

Hiked to the Quarry and back. Trail is easily identified and well maintained. We live in the area and it rained a good bit a few days prior, however the trails were in great shape. The Quarry is awesome!

Great trail , two really great views , colorful !

We did the west loop. The rock quarry pond is on the east loop. We will see it next time.

1 month ago

Wonderful trail! The rock quarry is beautiful and peaceful and there are several great spots with easy access to the creek where the dogs love to play! I was a little disappointed that the top of the west loop is so grown up right now that you can’t see the summit views at the bench. The wildflowers and pretty fall colors still made it worth it :)

It was a perfect day for spending a few hours on the trail. The little bridge over the tree roots was creative.

1 month ago

Decent hike. Downed trees have been cleared (workers on the trail when we went 10/18). Trail isn’t blazed but pretty established and easy to follow except for a few spots. Round trip was about 4:45, stopping to look around here and there. Would do again.

trail running
2 months ago

Great trail. I liked the figure 8 route. Many different options. The pond is beautiful. We saw a lot of fish and a turtle. Although the parking lot was full, we only saw two people on the trails. This is definitely a trail we will return to.

easy and great short hike!

2 months ago

Nice hike, did the west and east loop but somehow could not find the quarry. Guess that will give me a reason to go back and do it again.

on Smith Creek Trail

2 months ago

I posted below several months ago. This trail needs maintenance! We hiked a 1.5-mile portion from the Unicoi trail head yesterday 30 September. There are 3 tree down places blocking the trail. This has been the situation since early June. I’ll try posting the pictures. Love this trail when it is clear, but this long leaving debris across the trail is crazy.

Amazing views! I got stung by a yellow jacket but it was no big deal. Totally worth it;)

We started at Hightower Gap and finished our day at Woody Gap. Our route started out pretty intense, Sassafras Mountain is no joke but it really nice.

2 months ago

Went on a Tuesday around 5pm, there was only one car in the parking lot and we passed that one person at the very beginning of the trek. We only did the west loop because it would've gotten close to dark if we had done both loops. The west loop has great up and down's and it's nice to be up on the Ridgeline. There was a huge tree down in the train and lots of overgrowth so carry a stick to knock down all of the cobwebs because you're going to walk into ALOT of them, but you're outside and it's lightly trafficked so it's to be expected. Really loved this trail and can't wait to come back and see the east loop with the quarry. Also, can't wait for the leaves to change because it's going to be gorgeous. It's only 40 minutes from my house and will be well worth coming back several more times.

2 months ago

Very nice hike when combined with Preachers rock.

Summit, 8am 9.23.18. Overall vegetation is still thick, mud and dry conditions on the trail from the AT > Cowrock > Wildcat > Shelter. Warm, 75-80. Blue skies and sunshine.

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