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2 days ago

A nice hike with views of surrounding greater Duluth area, industry, and natural areas.

This is mainly a mountain biking trail but can easily be hiked as well. It makes for a challenging hike, and weaves back and forth through the trees!

Good trail. Nice variety.

3 days ago

Nice park . Great trails for biking. If you bring a dog, check out the dog park in the middle of the park. Some great hiking for you and the pup in side it.

Beat the heat and went early. Walked opposite the bikers so it was easy to step aside. Friendly people enjoying the trail.

This is a nice hike. Lovely area. We did get a bit off track following these directions and ended up on a road and having to cut through a maintenance area. The paths are not all that well marked and there are many intersections. Carry a map with you.

I really liked this trail a lot. It is a pretty easy trail with an awesome view at the end. my dog and I really enjoyed it. We will for sure be back to hike it again!

We biked this trail today. Beautiful area around the lake though this time of year to many leaves to see the lake. Well maintained trail. Several elevation changes.

Great hike!

Nice hiking trails, well marked, all trails loop so you can choose the length of your hike. Waterfall was a trickle today, but still worth seeing.

Somehow we got sucked into the bike trail and couldn’t get out. We were lost and it got dark. Finally I pulled up this app (duh!) and we got out of there. Trails are loopy and difficult to navigate (and not many maps available). Pretty nice area though.

awesome hike to lookout mountain!

Great hike, amazing view from the top! "hard" is pretty accurate.

23 days ago

Great trail. My dog loved it too. You really cant get lost, all directions loop around back close to the parking lot.

This section of the SHT features great overlooks inland to Bean and Bear lakes. It’s a lovely stretch of the trail that makes a nice day hike or short overnight backpack. The trail is pretty rugged with lots of up and down, but the views are worth the effort. If you decide to camp at Bear Lake be advised that summer weekends it fills up quickly and there are only two spots on the lake that have decent space for a tent. A few hammock spots. There are a couple of flat spots up on the hill past the latrine as well. But if you get there early enough it’s a great place to camp. You won’t necessarily have solitude, but a post hike swim in this lovely lake is pretty glorious.

25 days ago

This is my favorite trail in the MSP metro the 19 miles of this trail are beautiful.

This is one of my favorite hikes on the shore. My friend Scott introduced it to me. We set out on cold winters day to climb the waterfall at cut log. It was my first foray into ice climbing and I found it both exhilarating and terrifying. I have since returned several times to enjoy the path and the amazing trees found on the way. Though I’ve no intention of climbing the drip again, I hope that I may find myself back here again someday.

1 month ago

Pleasant hike in the woods around swampy lakes and ponds. Trails are well-maintained and well-marked. Paved trails are intermittent in western side of park. Slight elevation changes. Park is in the suburbs near MSP so there is decent noise from the highways and airport.

nature trips
1 month ago

Took my 12yr and 9yr niece yesterday! We reached the top but I didn’t look at this app beforehand, I just went on a recommendation. Def have good hiking boots with ankle support and bring water and backpack to have your hands free, and bug spray they got bad as we were getting out. Fun hike!

It’s about 7 miles round trip. Took us about 4 hours with breaks. It’s a very rocky trail but it’s worth it for those views.

fairly easy loop trail. Many intertwined mountain bike and ski trails so know which one you are on.

My favorite is early spring when falls are mostly still frozen to late spring with lots of wildflowers. muddy in spring past the falls but great for kids.

One of the best in the area.

1 month ago

This is such a fun hike! Most of the trail is dirt. Tons of birds, frogs, trees, and flowers to look at. It's well located and doesn't feel like you're in the city at all. It was pretty well used on a Wednesday after work including a running club that I had to dodge (but they were very nice). The trail is very well marked and let's you add or subtract from your route to make it as long/short as you want.

it's a decent trail, watch out for baby snakes along the way. in the summer, you'll be ganged up by mosquitoes
the worst part is there aren't enough signboards near the parking lots to get you started on a trail, so it's very confusing.
the trails themselves are good and peaceful, well maintained and mildly challenging

1 month ago

Awesome trails that had pretty good elevation gain over short distances. The Stinks (dog) was tuckered out toward the end. The “Big Woods” have a rich history that you can read about along the trails. I wish it was a longer hike but it was fun!

1 month ago

Manitou Falls was beautiful, however we could not walk the trail according to park staff due to washouts from high water. Only reason I have 3 stars is we went down to the lower falls and were able to hike around a bit. With a 4, 6, 8 year old we couldn’t stray from the path too much but it wasn’t even a mile worth of walking. Still a pretty area with the falls.

1 month ago

Great multi-generational hike, plus our dog was in his element. Easy-moderate hike. Very lovely falls and forest.

Well maintained trails , easy to get into trail running and hiking, good views and cover

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