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Around this time of the year there isn’t a high amount of water, but still enough that it makes it worth coming by. The pools are great to relax by, and some of the leaves are changing just a slight amount for the desert, so it’s very beautiful. We went for a pre-sunset hike, and it was gorgeous. Lots of climbing over rocks, so I recommend going only if you’re comfortable with that. We took a dog, but weren’t able to make it all the way to the 80 foot fall with him, so something to think about before going.

22 hours ago

Amazing views. Well worth the hike. Tough rocky terrain at times. Great hike

Awesome hike. Tough at times but not too bad. Great views.

5 days ago

Beautiful views of the city and surrounding area. Did solo- no issue of losing the trail or not knowing where to go. Did the out and back and would like to do the loop next time around. Started from King Canyon trailhead which states it’s 3.5 from the top. Was a little tired from seven falls a few days prior so it was a slog to the top. Very nice pace on the way down even checked out the picnic area! Trying the loop for sure next time and make sure to bring more snacks as a sandwich and granola for breakfast wasn’t enough. It was a super windy day so was glad to have a long sleeve and a snug hat!

loved the trail! went during the best time, there was water, it was low 60s, and there weren't very many people. i bet summer is brutal, but i totally recommend it this time of year.

Great hike!! Loved all the river crossings. Saw frogs, and enjoyed the views from the top. Beautiful photo opps along the way!

Easy hike/walk with friends. Struggle to find the trail in some places but still easy to walk the dry creek bed and pick up the trail further on. Shade, birds, spots where water rushes over rocks, many vista points to stop and snack or take pics.

Great and easy trail.

Make sure u are at the falls before 1400 if u want to have enough fun for a swim.

We did this hike since it was close. Took our 4yr 2mth old son and he was able to do the entire hike. He climbed up without any help but needed to hold a hand on the steeper parts coming down. We went at his pace and it took us 3 hours to summit and 2.5 hours to descend.

Insanely beautiful views for such a short hike. Moderate bouldering, would not recommend bringing dogs. Recommended early morning on a week day to avoid local traffic.

13 days ago

great hike awesome views. decent elevation after the first mile.

Solid hike. Wanted to get a decent workout with a great view and that's what I got. I really enjoyed climbing over rocks and creating my own paths, if that's not your thing that's okay! No need to do the full 'trail', just hang out at the bottom and enjoy the water, the rocks, and the sunset like I did.

15 days ago

Amazing views. For people with kids - the first half of the paved trail is a little rough for strollers and a few steep spots are really tough pushing a stroller. Otherwise it’s a great hike!

Love this trail because it alternates between flat and easy to rocky and difficult. Rather than the same terrain, you get a variety.

18 days ago

not a good trail for just starting after long time no hike (learned the hard way), but its awesome training for elevation gain!!! also the views are amazing

Nice quick hike if you just want to sit by a pool or do some light bouldering. Not a lot of trail options, but a good summer spot or place to take folks from out of town.

Great little hike, just went down to the water and back. If you only have a short time for a quick hike, this one has some beautiful scenery and water to play in.

Hot but beautiful hike. The area is so green because of the recent rains. And the pools were running and full and refreshing.

Good trail. Pools were full after all the oct rain

loved it and the pools are the best way to cool off from the heat

Lovely, so mani variety of cactus to enjoy and quietly beautiful. Mostly shaded in at 9am when I was hiking. Rocky in some places, overall moderate trail.

Was great. Everything green. Made it about 30 minutes to the damn. Took a break in a nice area and had my vortex with me but no need. Huge big horn ram appeared 10ft from me. starred at me for 30 secs trying to figure out what I was wind was perfect. Awesome day and trail. People were friendly.

This was a great hike! The trail clear but not marked very well. It seems like the pools should be bigger at the end, but definitely explore more and you’ll find cool little water falls and bigger pools. The water was flowing yesterday! Also from the parking lot to the pools is more like 6 miles round trip. Definitely worth it!

29 days ago

Nice moderate hike up to the top of the hill. Paved the entire way. Good views at the top. Shouldn’t take more than an hour if you’re in good shape.

Really nice walk - took my dog - a few mountain bikers and trail runners out there

1 month ago

Nice views!

Great hike! Wanted to go further towards Mt Kimball but couldn’t find the rest of the trail. The views are stunning. One of my favorite trails. I started around 11am and was back at my car by 2pm.

Well marked and beautiful views! Took my two dogs and they loved it. Only saw one other hiker and two mountain bikers.

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