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This place is an awesome hike. It gives you a variety of terrain and surroundings; from pines, to rick out-croppings, and a beautiful stream. Trail is well marked and easy to follow even with leaves down. There are two loops both with some elevation gain, but with switchbacks so they are not bad. Round trip both loops 4.75 miles. Will make this a regular one!

Really pretty short hike. I also climbed up the large rock close to the midpoint for some added interest and elevation gain. Very easy to do several of these short Valley of Fire hikes in a day.

Gorgeous views from the top.

They have cleared up the deadfall mentioned in the earlier reviews. The route was a bit harder than moderate, lots of steep hills. It was well marked and easy to follow for the most part. It is fall, the leaves are on the ground and slippery.

on Rainbow Vista Trail

8 days ago

Easy walk even in the sand. Went all the way to the end to the Fire Canyon overlook. Lots to see and enjoy!

great trail and fun place to explore.

on Raven Run Red Trail

10 days ago

Great go to trail-does get pretty wet when it rains, but it is easy and well marked- I never feel uncomfortable hiking it alone.

Love the scenic view, great hike/workout!

It had beautiful colors this time of year. wonderful place to watch the sun rise and set.

Great hike for Ohio! Pretty, quiet and good elevation changes. Highly recommend it!

Depends on what you’re looking for. This trail had nice scenery, especially when I went in the fall. I can’t say much else for it though. There was a lot of trash and people. Add that to the noise from the interstate and other traffic and it wasn’t ideal. Good for a walk if you’re in the area but not for me.

I did the bowl of fire trail in its entirety and then some. It took 7.5 hours. The trail was filled with all that a sportsman can handle. Note: you have to be in great shape to do this trail. The trail starts moderately easy but then it gets challenging. Have gloves handy. There are hills, mountains; the open desert, valleys and amazing sandstone rock formations. What a view! Important: please note that the trail disappears once you go down to the valley. You will need your GPS on. Alert: turn on your GPS from home and leave it on. You will lose reception well before you get to your hike location and then you will not be able to navigate your way. Have a power bank for your phone. EXTRA EXTRA!!! I was nearly attacked by a big bird. Not fun. I came face to face with a coiled rattle snake which was about 4 feet and I was within 8 feet from it. It was about to attack but I ran a few feet to create distance and it also disappeared. They shake the end of their tails when you're close so you'll always know if they're around. Please don't let that scare you. Enjoy the trail. Have fun. Take water with you and above all, be safe.

Great hike and good workout! 3 hours with a nice variety of trails and scenery!

13 days ago

Trail closed at 3rd tunnel - we did not see any signs that it was closed until we got to that point. Tried from the Hoover dam side the next day and again there were no signs that the trail was closed. We hiked to the first tunnel and found the gates closed so could go no further. Terrible communication from the park service.

another good one while visiting this park. all short hikes

Does anyone know if there are any accessible trails for a Wheelchair?

Well marked trail to two great waterfalls. We went after a heavy rain and they were flowing! Expect to get your shoes a bit wet if its been raining crossing the stream. Dog friendly and they loved it! Partially paved to Blue Hen falls which is only about .25 miles from parking.

18 days ago

Nice park. Trails definitely run close to the road, but pretty nonetheless.

Of all of Cuyahoga Valley, this is one of my favorites ... the blue hen falls is a 5 minute walk from the parking lot and is not difficult ; to get to buttermilk is a more strenuous hike as its more of a natural path.

These falls are very cool ... from the parking lot there is multiple trails you can take, so you could hike for a couple hours or just hike the 5 minutes to the waterfalls.

trail running
19 days ago

By far the best views in all of Valley Of Fire. Hike up and enjoy the view! Enjoy a quiet picnic and don’t forget to leave nothing but footprints

trail running
20 days ago

Ran these trails today. Was raining but not so bad under the trees. Great single track trails. Well marked. Good rolling trails. Saw plenty of deer. Will go back for more runs.

It’s a good hike. If you want to add to it, you can add 3 miles by adding Scott’s Gap.

Beautiful views. Great hike.

It’s good for hiking and mountain biking.

We live in Lexington, this is our quick go to trail. We love it!

trail running
23 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike! The trail is a little tough to follow at the start, but then once you’re headed up it’s very easy to follow. Great view from the top of vegas and the lake (and if you look hard you can even see Hoover Dam! Only wish it was a loop instead of an out and back.

mountain biking
24 days ago

this was great! our first effort on our bikes, windy day, lightly traveled- I will look forward to doing this again.
we combined this with additional riding along lake mead.

Love this hike! Awesome views.

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