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Nice short trail, but definitely room to explore to make it longer if you wanted to. Loved the quickness today with snow still on the ground, but just needing to get out.

Very muddy but a beautiful hike. A few stream crossings but they're manageable. Definitely wear boots!

This is a nice trail! Dog friendly! Lots of mud and sticks to roll through! Enjoy walking up hill and zooming through the leaves! ~ Mello (Dog Review)

Trailhead is easier to find than some say. It wasn’t as muddy as anticipated after raining the previous day. Glen Ellen Castle ruins are along the way. Beautiful hike along the reservoir.

trail running
23 days ago

Good, convenient out and back. December conditions were very muddy and included having to wade accross a stream crossing. maybe plan your visit a few days after the last rain to avoid.

Long ascents and descents and very easy to follow. Almost impossible to get lost. Great view at the end of the trail! Waterfalls and small bridges near mile 2.5. Recommended if you're looking for a technical run!

I do this one several times a year as it’s close by. Get there early for parking and be prepared to share the trail. Great views at the overlook and the pond is a nice resting spot on the Ivy trail.

A nice easy hike! There are some inclines in the beginning and at the end but nothing major. I enjoyed the views by the water and that this trail is very well maintained. Definitely suitable for all ages and pups!

It was a pretty good trail. We only managed to do the red trail since my youngest fell down and got hurt, but we will be back to do the whole thing another day.

Great easy trail. Great for adventuring down alternate paths, easy enough to find your way back. Check out @marylandtrails on IG for photos.

Nice day for a hike. Leaves cover the trail, but still a great short hike.

a little muddy after rains... can be hard to get around. otherwise very nice!

Beautiful hike. Steep at the beginning and end, but not hard. Good portion of the hike is along the river/stream, a few stream crossings, and a nice view!

Nice hike. Well maintained and labeled. The trail was muddy in some areas as expected after all of the rain the area has been getting. We took the Logger’s Trail (red) to Ivy and S. James (yellow) to Overlook Trail (red/black) to Logger’s Trail (red) to Virginia Pine (green). There were quite a few people on the trails. Our dogs enjoyed playing in the water. Lots of benches to sit and relax.

4 months ago

Lots of great finds for a mushroomer!

5 months ago

I'm surprised there aren't more reviews of this. It's a beautiful trail that follows the reservoir and has plenty of spurs to the water for a gorgeous view.

Sam's Grave is the more lightly-trafficked of the two. I'd rate it a moderate, not easy. There are some grassy bits, but for the most part it sticks to the forest, so you have a good chance of seeing wildlife. When it dips toward the water, you get panoramic views of the lake. It's one of the best local trails I've hiked.

Glen Ellen is easier and moderately trafficked. It seems to be popular for runners and bikers in the evenings.One thing to note is that part of it goes right past people's backyards, so it isn't as scenic. I ended up getting back on Sam's Grave instead of completing the loop.

One last thing: The trail-head can be a little hard to find, if you don't know where you're looking. If you park on the side of Seminary Ave with everyone else, you have to cross at the light to get to the path. I definitely wandered around a little!

great trail but a little muddy after rain.

Good trail. I took the yellow trail (the 4 mile one) and it was peaceful, only saw a couple of other people towards the beginning and end of the trail. There is a nice little bench and pond area about halfway where you can sit and relax. Definitely will do it again

it was fun and we had to fight it through

Great walking through the creek

Was okay...but honestly it could be marked much more clearly. We were always a little confused about which trail led where!

on Double Rock Park Trail

6 months ago

Very pretty park in the middle of a residential area. Trails are marked but its easy to get on different trails throughout hike.

nature trips
6 months ago

Hike is lame but there is an informative nature center

I appreciated the variety of terrain (rock, packed dirt, even soft dirt/leaves). Some nice views. Parts are really overgrown and others are just a rock road. There is one really, really nice long hill if you need to train for that. Unfortunately the map shows that trails continue beyond this mapped out and back but they are unmarked and barely visible, and eventually completely run out even tho the map say they are there.

7 months ago

This is a loop trail combining the loggers trail and the yellow trail at this park. It is visually appealing as you feel like you are away from the city. Unfortunately, the road noise will remind you that you are not. Has good ups and downs and some river crossings which were quite fun (good balance and coordination will help or you might get wet). There are other trails and fire roads connected so you need to look up every now and then to make sure you are on the right trail. Trail is mostly well marked on the trees (some markings are a bit faded on the yellow trail) Overall fun little hike. I clocked in at 4.46 miles.

7 months ago

SKIP THE LOOP. The straight line into the resovior and back is great. The loop off the trail was completely gone, unmarked, and full of downed trees and burrs... ouch.

7 months ago

Nice easy to moderate trail... only moderate because of some water crossings and a few short steep ascents.

This is definitely a runnable trail for nearly the entire way—just a few places where you would need to walk.

trail running
7 months ago

Fun, easy trails with a few water crossings.

I love the blue trail. Its easy and super fun, with small rock scrambles and some little water falls. The only bummer is there is a TON of trash everywhere. Be careful of the broken glass all along the streams edge.

8 months ago

This trail name is wrong. The correct name is Dead Man's Cove trail. There is no cave, though there is a sinkhole as well as some long-buried kiln activity. Before the reservoir was created, the hill coming down what is now 146/Jarrettsville Pike was known as Dead Man's Hill. The cove that this hike goes along eventually took that hill's name after the current bridge was built and the road made more safe. This is one of my local hikes and I really enjoy both the trails and bushwhacking around the shore, where much beaver activity can sometimes be seen.

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