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Great place for flowers!

4 days ago

It is nice place to hiking but it is not kept up u can’t walk through there all grown up spiders all through trail we walked in the spider webs got spiders all on us surprise we didn’t get bit

8 days ago

trail was good, well marked. I was hoping for more lake views along the way only saw the lake like 3 times.. it's mostly forest and it's pretty thick between you and the lake. for being closer to town is a great choice for the limited Nashville area

This trail was awesome. Short and sweet, has cool rock formations and a cool little history behind the lake. This honestly felt like moderate difficulty to me, though. The trails aren’t super well marked but it’s still not that difficult to get around.

Not a lot of elevation. Really nice around Mile 5 and 6. Spiders. EVERYWHERE. Glad I did it once, but definitely a one and done experience.

13 days ago

easy walk and beautiful scene

Used to walk this trail every day. Very easy with a paved path. Had many animal experiences here.

Great, easy trail that is paved through forested land, rock formations, wildlife and great views of the lake.

on Volunteer Trail

16 days ago

great trail. it has a 4 mile option and a 5 mile option. both are loops you can also combine them for about an 8 mile hike. BEAUTIFUL scenery well marked and good amount of traffic. I drive over an hr to get to this trail and it's worth every min.

Very nice paved trail. Nice scenery, and open for walking, running, biking, and for dogs too!

18 days ago

Nice trail mostly flat we will come back again

Such a pretty trail to display the park. We had fun, but I highly recommend picking up a stick as you begin to swipe away the spider webs. They run across the trail and are hard to see sometimes. Not so bad if you aren’t the first one hiking thru for the day, but just a suggestion. This hike will take up a good part of your day. We walked and stopped a few times and clocked about 5 hours.

Nicely kept trail. Hiked it with a full pack. Good hike.

Such a great trail!

23 days ago

Wonderful. I’ll definitely be back soon.

trail running
25 days ago

Great trail for running if you're looking for something more mellow without steep gains. If you park at the Couchville Lake parking lot, you can make the run a good out-and-back for 15ish miles.

28 days ago

Did this today.. Wasn't bad, little wet and slippery on the rocks at times. would do again.

trail running
29 days ago

Love this loop for trail running, but the spider webs get a little outrageous, especially when starting early. Last time I went running (arrived at 7am), I ran through at least 50 large webs that kind of hindered the experience, but I'll definitely be back in the future (probably when it's colder, though).

Boring, too easy,

Really liked this little lake loop, want to take my boyfriend here for a picnic.

This is a pretty trail with nice meadows and wooded sections and a good view of the lake. You can hear the boats on the lake very loudly though, which I found disruptive.

This was a beautiful trail but initially had a hard time finding the trailhead. You access it from the MB trailhead but the sign on the road didn't have the Creech Hollow sign . Other than that it was a beautiful trail that goes thru the forest and then follows along the lake.

We took our dogs on this trail last week. Had a great time. Very clean. Seen other dog owners hiking with their dogs. Everyone was very polite and good dog handlers.

1 month ago

I was excited to do this trail because it looked pretty good. However I didn’t even complete the first mile due to the numerous amount of spider webs on the trail. I lost count of how many I ran into after about 20, both on the ground around my legs and up at face level. I get it that you can’t control nature all the time, but you can at least attempt to do the trail can be pleasant. There was no attempt here and I wasn’t about to spend the next 9mi worrying and clearing webs instead of enjoying myself. I will not revisit this trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Drove over here today to ride my bike since Altrails says it's an option, but the last item on the trail head sign clearly states "No Bikes". :(

Very nice walk . Will do again. peaceful and quiet and relaxing.

1 month ago

Well paved. Easy for beginners. Saw deer every time. Not much hiking but still a very nice place.

Great for scooters

I wouldn’t really call it hiking. It’s more of a walk through fields, with a lake. Paths aren’t properly marked and there’s very little visibility (lack of elevation). Also, during the summer the paths have grass that’s tall enough to conceal the snakes, which there are. Better off going to Edwin warner

Tried to do this trail counterclockwise, blazes were pretty poor. Could be a nice trail, but there are tons of unmarked side trails and it's pretty easy to get off the main trail. Got off the trail somewhere around mile 2 and had to double back, got fed up and left. May try again this winter, tons of spider webs. Saw 2 deer and a camper that decided to squat and pee right in the middle of the trail.

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