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Very nice half day hike. We combined it with the Humility Trail hike to make our own loop. Started from the south end off Extension Road and did Humility Trail first and then back on Extension Ridge. Just under 3 hours on a pretty steady pace. Moderate up and down so ok for kids but close to 9 km so quite a distance for young ones. The first part was a bit muddy and a stroll through a logged area but regrowth is ongoing and lots of new arbutus and greenery.

Amazing rock formations and ocean views.

Excellent training trail for future and more difficult hikes. Beautiful trail, amazing views of Nanaimo

This is a very accessible trail and keeps my 64 year old lungs in good shape.

1 month ago

Started this hike around 3:30pm Saturday December 1st. Hike two hours in and 45 Minutes more in the dark, before I found a flat spot to set up camp. From base to camp (half way) it was a steep pitch incline, however tolerable. I continued hiking around 9:30 am to the summit, at this point it was getting really steep and the path was getting narrow, I decided to ditch my pack an hour in and hike the rest with just my camera and water bottle. I made it to the summit by 11:10. Took a few photos and videos. Then proceeded my way down. Made it back to my car at 2:00pm. On the way down I found it more difficult, really steep so kept wanting to slip, no foot tracking as it did snow over the night. I did this hike alone. It was a good hike but requires lots of energy and endurance.

1 month ago

Some difficult parts in snow, overall really fun hike!

gorgeous forest trail with lots to identify on route. ladders and switch backs help with elevation gain. some beautiful lunch spots around baby Bedwell. camped at big Bedwell. not many trees to tarp so have fun getting creative! certainly worth hiking onward to Cream Lake too

great trail through forest and exposed rocky terrain. some route finding in last km of hike towards landslide. watch that you don't follow cairns that could lead you to stray!

other than a bit of steep scrambling it is mostly moderate. well marked, if you can't see an orange marker, you veered off course. great views part way and at the top.

An awesome lake!! Lots of stairs but beautiful!! It’s the camp base to many other places !

This was a beautiful trail. What I loved is it wasn’t too difficult, nice for a quick weekender, the lake was stunning! We swam in it, it was cold! What I would do different, not go over a long weekend. We went over the September long weekend, it was so busy we almost couldn’t find a spot to camp in either of the designated areas. I would go midweek if I were to do it again, just to keep the people to a minimum.

Nice trail to explore and take the dogs out.

2 months ago

Did this trip over May long weekend this year. Lots of mosquitoes at the beginning of the trail. There was still a fair bit of snow near the falls but was easy enough to hike over. Unable to make it to love lake at this time of year due to the snow.

Pretty simple walk with some nice views from the tops, expected the crack to be bigger, still impressive tho.

BEAUTIFUL hike!! Steeper than I expected but the views and scenery were well worth it. Took us about 3.5hrs up, with lots of breaks.

3 months ago

Great views at the top!!!

Great trail easy to follow the orange markers. Great climb, it was a misty day so didn’t get to see the views but the hike a beautiful.

A good hike, gorgeous view of the valley and Vancouver island. My dog and I enjoyed it, we went earlier in the year and got to hike through the snow. My dog absolutely loved it.

4 months ago

A friend and myself started this Hike at about 3 o’clock, the sun went down at about 8 o’clock, we got down at about 9 o’clock. It was a very fun hike but it was harder than I expected when reading a couple of websites. This is a dog friendly hike and a hike I will definitely do again.

4 months ago

This is an excellent hike with three water falls on the way. The view from the summit is incredible, make sure you go up on a clear day. Follow the trail, at some spots it is easy to get lost.

Steeper then anticipated. Surface was very lose. Easier up then down.. But worth every step. Beautiful view from the summit.

4 months ago

Fun and challenging hike. 3hr40min round trip "straight up" route (that included quick water breaks and 20 mins at top for lunch and photos). Enjoyed the different types of terrain and the workout. Amazing views all around. Can be slippery on loose gravel/rocks/ground so be mindful of that as well as all the tree roots.
Lots of fun and would definitely do it again!

Does anyone know if you
Can access trailhead right now?

Great hike with a nice view

Great day and view from the summit despite some smoke

Road to trailhead is still closed!

Great trail but could mark the trails better.

Challenging hike if you use the "to the top trail" but can be easier if you use a different one. amazing view of Nanaimo. Well with it. It took my husband and I 4 hours round trip including a 30 minutes so and lunch at the top.

Loved this trail! My very first ever over night hike with a large pack and this trail was definitely a good hike for me. My hubby has done a few before and he said this one was moderate. We loved the option of two campsites, but it’s short enough it makes sense to go to the second and set up camp , there are tons of spots for tents and a few options for hammocks which we used ( I gets cold ar night so bundle up! ) we took the second day to go up to the lake which only an hour and then we hiked Around the lake to the left ( it’s a hidden trail , but it’s not to bad) and then up to the glacier which was incredible!!! So worth it! Stayed another night and hiked back out. Magical trail!

4 months ago

Decent day hike with lots of elevation to gain. Worth the swim at the top. Wish I planned an overnight trip to continue on to Cream Lake.

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