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This is a great hike with lots of varied terrain. The first time we did this hike we found the south entrance in Extension. Easy hike up to the ridge and spectacular views south and west. Awesome for catching the setting sun! The second time, we entered the trail from the Harewood Mines Rd end. Unfortunately we read the direction sign from one side and went to the left instead of the right, resulting in a less than interesting walk along the power line.... more like a scramble over jagged rocks. Once we realized this was not where we wanted to be, we cut up toward the SW, into the trees. Much better!
The third time.... we got it right and headed right up to the Abyss near the top of the ridge. We met a couple who said the last time they had hike there, the slope was still all forested. Now it’s a pretty sad wasteland with a ton of debris from the logging and a few spindly arbutus. It gets way better up top though, so keep going! Take a look at the big fissure, called the Abyss, (keep small dogs on a leash and watch your littles carefully - it’s just wide enough for one to slip down into) and then carry on up to the ridge. Keep going until you get a great view over the city! Then go some more til you get to the big tower. Take photos here! You might even be able to see Mt Baker in the US! Keep going and enjoy the last couple km, especially where you can see down into the Extension valley. Really pretty. The first couple times were nice and quiet, but the last time we went on a Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of rifle fire coming from the shooting range, and many people on dirt bikes and ATVs, so it kinda sounded like a war going on..... not super peaceful. A fun hike, with lots of terrain, not too hard, and pretty views. You will just have to ignore the logged areas, and try to go when the shooting range isn’t open!

8 days ago

My wife and I only got about halfway in then turned back. Very still, not another person on trail. Got a little freaked out about bears. Forgot our bear spray that day. Ha ha.

Nice trail for exercise, a fair bit of surrounding noise (hwy, blasting and dirt bikes), and a lot of clear cutting :(

The view was totally worth it! If you haven't been before, we didn't see any signage, so it would be easy for ppl to get lost and turned around. Be mindful of your location and take water and snacks with you.

4 months ago


4 months ago

Went up this last Sunday (Oct 22nd) and proposed to my now fiance. Was extremely hung over for the first half hour of the hike (lol I will never learn). Felt like I was dying half way up but push on. The weather held up and provided the perfect place to pop the question. Would definitely hike it again, but not hung over next time.

Trailhead is easy to find. Begins with an easy walk up to the Petroglyphs then leads to a 15min hike up to the Ridge. About 10-15mins past the Ridge, you'll find the Healing Circle and the Labyrinth. On clear days, you'll have great, beautiful views of all of Nanaimo. Bring a snack and plenty of water and please don't litter!

Took the judges route up. Snowed the night before and near the top some of the steep rocky scrambles had potential to be very dangerous with the ice and snow, but with careful judgement and patience we made it up to the summit all in one piece. The hike is very steep and not for the faint-hearted. This was my first time hiking this mountain and the views on the way and at the summit were unreal.

it's a tough climb and tougher descent. i wish I would have taken the trail down I had taken up that follows the lower cliff face a little more. I was expecting the hike to be hard on my knees but was not expecting it to be that hard.
Fantastic views from atop, watch out for the angry wasp nest, a couple guys in front of me stirred it up and created an angry swarm. The views made the strain and sore muscles worth it, umatched views of the Georgia Strait and Salish Sea.

6 months ago

Not a trek for the faint hearted. Straight up incline at points and if you're the pack mule of the group (the big guy that carries everything) then you'll definitely feel every lunge. 3 incredible view points, including the top, that were spectacular. The way down is rough and you need to be very careful with your footing due to loose dirt and gravel.
Helpful tips:
* hike boots not sneakers
* camel packs for water (1 pack per person)
* bring a camera that can catch the mountains in the distance

The gate to the logging road is closed due to extreme fire risk. Only way u r getting in there is by bike.

6 months ago

An amazing hike. the view at the top is stunning. Highly recommend.

Long uphill hike and climb
Can be hard going
Fantastic panoramic view at the top

7 months ago


Good views. We wandered through the bike trails for a while. Looks like a great place for cross country biking.

7 months ago

Great hiking trail, clearly marked and not too busy. The campsites are well laid out tent pads (but they are about 30mins further walk than the All Trails route suggests. But- we went in early August and the bugs and insects were interminable- the worst we've had at any BC campsite and really hampered our enjoyment- we wouldn't visit this campsite against except in the winter months - we're covered in painful fly bites.

Tried to go today, but the gates are closed due to high fire hazards. Apparently the mountain has been shut down for 2 weeks now. They will probably reopen once the heat settles down :)

8 months ago

Harder than I thought it would be but reaching that summit with its spectacular views was worth it!

Very steep in some areas but worth the view when you get to the summit

8 months ago

Awesome and challenging hike with great rock climbing opportunities. Not for the faint of heart!

great trail from my back yard that meets right smack in the middle of the ridge:) beautiful at sunset!

Tough hike, with a little snow on top that you have to traverse. Overall great views and good workout

Great hike bring lots of water and snacks for the top! Great view and the Whisky Jacks will eat right out of your hands.

8 months ago

A great workout. Wear quality hiking shoes.

awesome! one amazing waterfall after another

Nice trail for the first half (going in). You can loop the whole trail as I did, however, the second half coming back is on a gravel road and through a clear cut logging area. Would suggest doing this trail as and in and back - as you are in a pretty forested area going in (note, we weren't able to find the small 'cut across' trail that loops just the bottom portion of this trail). Some pretty views on the first half, but probably wouldn't do this one again. Easy terrain throughout.

This is not flat!!! 2 miles uphill the entire way. This has a nice view in 2 places. Bring hiking poles for knees on the way back down.

9 months ago

Be prepared for bear wildlife, we ran into near the parking spot on the return. Lots of nice birds and flowers along the way. Poles helped a lot on the descent, still lots of snow at the top that impeded our ability to finish. Overall it was a fun but challenging hike! Enjoy guys!

9 months ago

A great trail but would consider it more difficult than moderate. The view at the end is amazing! We did it in just over 2.5 hours total but we're moving pretty fast. It is a bit muddy at parts, so be prepared for that.

10 months ago

This is Not Moderate!
Steep and more Steep !
Had a great time with Dwayne and Coco

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