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Fantastic trail. Started at Seaton Creek. I worked my way south down he MRT. Fantastic views from not only the river banks and overlooks, but inside the forests as well. Fairly rugged terrain, so I recommend a sturdy set of shoes. Also great spots to stop and swim in the river. On the MRT side, campsite 8b is the best. It backs up to the river for easy access to the water, plenty of space, and great shade.

awesome must hike

mountain biking
4 days ago

Very nice trail with great beach and cliff views on Lake Superior. Make sure you are prepared when you get on the ferry with a map, water bottle and BUGSPRAY. Mosquitos are no joke, even when moving at 10-15 mph.

mountain biking
4 days ago

Incredible! Starting with the extremely nice and helpful staff at the boat dock and outfitter to the amazing views to the thrilling ride overlooking cliffs. Definitely recommend going clockwise (starting on the west trail). If you like solitude start early and hit the North Beach before the pontooners roll in. Did this trail with the whole fam (age range 47-18-16-14-11). We are all novice riders and managed to finish in 3.75 hrs of ride time. Hanging at North Beach was my personal favorite.

5 days ago

Awesome trip! We stayed 2 nights. Our favorite part was hiking to the west Side of the island near crescent dock and camping there the first night. The sunset was unbelievably beautiful and being on the beach was awesome. You won’t be alone though. There were about 14 others around. The night sky was filled with stars.

Other things to note:
- Black flies were biting on the beach.
- trip cost about $100 for Park and ferry passes and parking.
- ferry took about 90min one way

Start off on the North Country Trail with fresh legs as it’s a bit hilly depending on where you start. We got caught in a monster thunderstorm that ripped the rain fly off of our tent the first night...definitely made for a wet finish. But a great hike for anyone of any skill level.

It’s pictured rocks...it rocks!

7 days ago

Lovely hike. We camped in the campground but next time will camp in dispersed campsite on West side. Pretty and easy/moderate hike. Our dog loved going for dips in the river. Will be back.

9 days ago

If you really like hills, this is a good trail for you. We started out going clockwise. This trail has taught me to hate downhills just as much as a i hate uphills because after your descent, it’s almost guaranteed that your going to go back up hill in the next 3 minutes. The first day was definitely the hardest and the longer or the two. We arrived at the campsite that had a decent water pump and outhouses. The next day was much easier. Much of this trail was relatively flat, but there is quite a bit of mud around. The last .5 mile of the hike was very difficult. After walking ~ 20 miles in 90 degree heat for 2 days with a heavy backpack, it was really hard to make it back up that (very steep) hill. I honestly can’t say much about what was that great on this trip. For the amount of hills that you have to walk up and down, there wasn’t that great of scenery. All of the trails were riddled in poison ivy, so if you do take this hike make sure you wear long pants.

trail running
11 days ago

Just did the 50k race on July 21st and I will say it was pretty hard but gorgeous views!

mountain biking
14 days ago

My husband and I biked the Rim Trail on July 31. It is a well used trail, although not busy on a weekday. Mostly double track with periodic elevation gains and drops as you drop down to several beaches and climb up to cliff top overlooks. Not technical, but requires a mountain or fat bike and riders need to be attentive in some sections for rocks, tree roots or sand. There is also a central road/trail option that is mostly gravel. The beach at the island’s north side features beautiful sandy lake bottom.

I clocked the round trip as 23 miles and it took us 4.5 hours including a lunch stop. Bring bug spray and water. Drinking water sources are located at the ferry dock and group camp sites and are marked on the maps provided by the Forest Service. No water on the north end unless you carry a filter to get water from the lake (at beach access).

Took the ferry and mountain biked the loop counterclockwise around the island. Challenging, but only one semi- steep slope. Beautiful views, beautiful woods. We didn't have any bug spray on. A few horse flies and mosquitos, but none compared to Wisconsin!!! We biked late July.

the direction given is wrong, someone house at Dixie...trail is not bad,but have missing marker at wilderness trail,number 14-15

Love this trail! We did 9 miles of the MRT and straight back skipping the NCT. Next time plan to do the whole loop. Do not start at the Marilla trail head like we did, added an extra 2-3 miles and was not scenic. The river is beautiful, you hike up and down ravines, and you can camp over looking the river. We went in late April when it was high 60s and it was really crowded. I would do it again in the fall. People had their bags tied up with rope to avoid bears. We camped about a mile or less from the red bridge on a cliff and it was really open so we could see other campers but it was a great view! All dogs we came across were on a leash which was awesome and hikers were very kind!

7-mile trek from Slagle Creek trail head north to Seaton Creek camp ground. Nice trail crossing several small creeks that cascade down into the Manistee River. Good views of the river from many elevated view points. Last mile past the suspension bridge a little less spectacular but a worthwhile hike. Seasonal two track to Slagle Creek trail head could cause problem for sedan type vehicles.

This kayak route is awesome. Clear beautiful water. The views of the rocky shoreline,and formations are very unique for the area. I took me about 3 hours including a 30 minute break at Turnip Rock to take a dip, and swim around it. The bottom around the rock is all sand.

I love the scenery... Challenging trails for a novice hiker.

on Silver Creek Pathway

17 days ago

Pretty hike. Easy to moderate. Nice to get side tracked for a dip in the pine. Dog loved it.

Parked at the south Slagle Creek parking lot with plans to do and out and back hike to the small waterfalls. Walked down a hill, over a pretty wooden bridge, and then the trail wound to the right (north). The trail offers great views of the Manistee River along the way. Note there are one or two areas where the trail is very close to the edge and you have to watch your step. Loads of ferns, several footbridges, people kayaking on the river added up to a wonderful time. There were a few ups and downs, but nothing too extreme. I had knee surgery about 6 months ago and was able to do it, with precautions, especially on the descents. The biggest hill we encountered was the one right before reaching the small waterfalls. I forgot to start recording until a little way into our hike. Would estimate distance from slagle creek parking lot to small waterfalls is about 3.3 miles so 6.6 miles for an out and back.

1 month ago

Very scenic. Beautiful river. Trail ranges from wide to narrow, mud to rocks to leaves, some trees are down over the trail through the whole thing, but that just makes it more fun.

trail running
1 month ago

We did a trail run loop, parked at the west side of the red bridge (bridge still out). Clocked 20 miles without any side trips, took us 5 hours. It was a very very calm river day - We staged 2 small rafts on the east side and floated across; also could have swam across. Be warned - i could easily see this river having tougher/swifter conditions after a rain. Lovely forest trail with amazing river views. Previous reviews are accurate - NCT side has no water for most of this section. I’d say both sides are same difficulty, NCT has longer ups/downs but MRT has more roots, shorter ups/downs, and harder to navigate due to social trails and campsite side trails (when running we were forced to stop and check several times to ensure on right path). Have fun running among the trees & ferns & mushrooms!

1 month ago

Completed this loop counterclockwise. It was very intense at times and was no easy task to complete. 20+ miles in two days was difficult, but rewarding overall. This is the perfect weekend backpacking trip and there is a campground about halfway around the loop trail.

I went on a Friday and I only saw a handful of people. Very nice trails, although a couple of them were not marked/maintained well. I will be back!

Basically an out and back from Upper River trailhead to Slagle Road campground, totaling ~30 miles. Too bad the loop wasn’t accessible due to the bridge construction. First time out here - definitely a good hike for the Midwest. Some tough hills, especially on the NCT side 2x and nice views on the MRT side. Even took some time to swim in the Manistee River. I’d recommend it.

Greatest hike I have ever done and the absolute best in the Midwest.

A great kayaking adventure out to Turnip Rock. Kayaked there from a shorter starting point than Port Austin. Recommend kayaking in Lake Huron on a calm day as the wind can pick up quickly.

My husband and I did both loops on a Saturday. Beautiful place and very low crowds. We had great weather and we presently surprised how quiet it was on the trails. It was a great experience! I love that many of the miles on the hiking trail are bike free which makes it safer to have our dog with us. We will be back. (Both loops totaled more than 9 miles though, not the 8.3 as stated here)

I adore this trail. I go back time and time again and find new ways to explore and make the most of my time there.

Really good place to go. Mosquitoes are difficult to deal with. The chipmunks are very good at stealing food. The scenery is nice. The trails are nice. Good camping spots along the beach. Overall loved it.

Connecting the Lake Loop, and Wilderness Loop make a great hike. So far one of my favorite trails in southern Mi. It would have received 5 stars,but the Park needs to repair a few trail markers.

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