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4 hours ago

This trail is moderate, definitely some hills and lots of roots on the trail. It was just great being outside, away from the noise of life and looking at beautiful trees. My best friend and I walked it twice. I like that they had benches to sit on throughout the trail. It was lightly trafficked the time I went, grateful for that. I recommend this trail if you don't mind inclines.

I usually do the perimeter of this loop system. it definitely is fun, a mostly wooded, moderate trail. porta jon at the parking area. even when the parking area is full I don't usually run into a lot of people. one of my top 3 for the area.

Nice well maintained trail that is good for all skill levels

Fantastic trail. Started at Seaton Creek. I worked my way south down he MRT. Fantastic views from not only the river banks and overlooks, but inside the forests as well. Fairly rugged terrain, so I recommend a sturdy set of shoes. Also great spots to stop and swim in the river. On the MRT side, campsite 8b is the best. It backs up to the river for easy access to the water, plenty of space, and great shade.

Close to home, enough stairs for a decent workout, and beautiful. love it!

Start off on the North Country Trail with fresh legs as it’s a bit hilly depending on where you start. We got caught in a monster thunderstorm that ripped the rain fly off of our tent the first night...definitely made for a wet finish. But a great hike for anyone of any skill level.

trail running
10 days ago

GPS tracking app I used showed 7.45miles around the loop. Fun trail to run! It includes gradual inclines, and nice downhills to keep it interesting. All the bikers we came across were nice about telling us how many they had in their group coming, so nice community to run around.

11 days ago

Lovely hike. We camped in the campground but next time will camp in dispersed campsite on West side. Pretty and easy/moderate hike. Our dog loved going for dips in the river. Will be back.

on Kal-Haven Trail

mountain biking
12 days ago

Amazing trail !! Best part was the bridges and a roster on my way !!
I doing again !!

mountain biking
14 days ago

great mix of forest & fields. awesome boardwalks and lots of flowly single track.

You have to pay. Sorry, nature walking is free.

Great trail, we walked opposite bike path and had no issue walking...bikers always courteous

Love this trail! We did 9 miles of the MRT and straight back skipping the NCT. Next time plan to do the whole loop. Do not start at the Marilla trail head like we did, added an extra 2-3 miles and was not scenic. The river is beautiful, you hike up and down ravines, and you can camp over looking the river. We went in late April when it was high 60s and it was really crowded. I would do it again in the fall. People had their bags tied up with rope to avoid bears. We camped about a mile or less from the red bridge on a cliff and it was really open so we could see other campers but it was a great view! All dogs we came across were on a leash which was awesome and hikers were very kind!

7-mile trek from Slagle Creek trail head north to Seaton Creek camp ground. Nice trail crossing several small creeks that cascade down into the Manistee River. Good views of the river from many elevated view points. Last mile past the suspension bridge a little less spectacular but a worthwhile hike. Seasonal two track to Slagle Creek trail head could cause problem for sedan type vehicles.

22 days ago

Great trail for a hike. Very few people but you do have to make sure to watch for mountain bikers - they come at you fast! The trail connects with dirt roads a few times and there are no markers or indications which way to go so download the map before you go so you can track your progress. The trail in general is not well marked and having the map as backup was helpful. I walked counter clockwise based on recommendations here - you start at the back/right of the parking lot. 8.12 miles according to Map My Run app. Beautiful scenery!

on Silver Creek Pathway

22 days ago

Pretty hike. Easy to moderate. Nice to get side tracked for a dip in the pine. Dog loved it.

1 month ago

BE CAREFUL! I found something metal sticking up out of the ground in the middle of the path. Someone else can probably look at this and know exactly what it is and if it can be removed, but I honestly have no idea. It looks like it could easily pop a tire or go through a shoe, so I ripped off my sleeve and tied it around the head of the “metal thingy”. It’s red, so hopefully people see it. Pics attached to my recording from today.

Parked at the south Slagle Creek parking lot with plans to do and out and back hike to the small waterfalls. Walked down a hill, over a pretty wooden bridge, and then the trail wound to the right (north). The trail offers great views of the Manistee River along the way. Note there are one or two areas where the trail is very close to the edge and you have to watch your step. Loads of ferns, several footbridges, people kayaking on the river added up to a wonderful time. There were a few ups and downs, but nothing too extreme. I had knee surgery about 6 months ago and was able to do it, with precautions, especially on the descents. The biggest hill we encountered was the one right before reaching the small waterfalls. I forgot to start recording until a little way into our hike. Would estimate distance from slagle creek parking lot to small waterfalls is about 3.3 miles so 6.6 miles for an out and back.

1 month ago

Very scenic. Beautiful river. Trail ranges from wide to narrow, mud to rocks to leaves, some trees are down over the trail through the whole thing, but that just makes it more fun.

trail running
1 month ago

We did a trail run loop, parked at the west side of the red bridge (bridge still out). Clocked 20 miles without any side trips, took us 5 hours. It was a very very calm river day - We staged 2 small rafts on the east side and floated across; also could have swam across. Be warned - i could easily see this river having tougher/swifter conditions after a rain. Lovely forest trail with amazing river views. Previous reviews are accurate - NCT side has no water for most of this section. I’d say both sides are same difficulty, NCT has longer ups/downs but MRT has more roots, shorter ups/downs, and harder to navigate due to social trails and campsite side trails (when running we were forced to stop and check several times to ensure on right path). Have fun running among the trees & ferns & mushrooms!

Hiked, swam, trail ran a bit, camped. Tons of mosquitoes, flys, and another larger flying biting pest. Cool precession of moths as you move down the trail. Lots of tiny frogs.

Great for biking, hiking, and just enjoying the sounds and sights of nature. This trail is used by many and therefore becomes a ”safe” trail to use. Much is a hard pack surface but it does turn to gravel as you travel west. There are few places along the route for restroom breaks and there are no shelters. Come prepared.

Basically an out and back from Upper River trailhead to Slagle Road campground, totaling ~30 miles. Too bad the loop wasn’t accessible due to the bridge construction. First time out here - definitely a good hike for the Midwest. Some tough hills, especially on the NCT side 2x and nice views on the MRT side. Even took some time to swim in the Manistee River. I’d recommend it.

on Atwater Loop Trail

1 month ago

Follow the lookout trail to the land bridge to cross over to the North hiking trails. No bikes allowed. Well marked trails with colored arrows but parts were pretty overgrown.

I adore this trail. I go back time and time again and find new ways to explore and make the most of my time there.

A wonderful trail with one huge 90 degree sand dune well that how it felt anyway!

A wonderful workout with one giant sand dune with an 90 degree angle or at least it feels that way.

1 month ago

This was a nice path on a hot day (90°F) for my wife, me and our 2 dogs. Being a senior citizen and given the heat index, we elected to cut across the loop about 1/2 way in and still hiked 2.5 miles.
The terrain is pretty easy and the forest is not real dense, so it was very pleasant. The trail is sandy and the slopes are gentle. The flora consists of a lot of oak trees and low green ferns.
There are several alternate trails that cut across the loop (well marked and legitimate ) so the hike can be customized to varying conditions if necessary.
The entrance to the trail is somewhat obscure and it required a walk from the car to confirm. The trails are well marked and numbered so navigation was simple. To locate the trailhead enter 9901 East 13th street. (Wexford- Missaukee Career Tech Center) It’s up the hill to the east of the parking lot.
Happy hiking.

1 month ago

Holy mosquitoes and bad directions. Nice terrain though.

I read reviews and knew it was moderate but the entrance I started at was up hill for a long time and wasn’t expecting it. Horseflies were horrible, so we only did the green path. The paths were marked very well. I will have to give this one another try.

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