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Fantastic hike with a very special woman and some awesome friends. This was a hard one... more difficult mentally than physically. Just when you think your there, your not... We loved it!!!

paddle sports
1 month ago

Excellent trail that has few people as South Manitou is proffered by boat tourists. We did a mix of kayaking the perimeter of the island and hiking the trail in the afternoons and evening. Nice rustic tenting options too.

$9 daily pass (and no cash on hand) but parked alongside Reynolds Rd and hit the trailhead from there. Not sure about the legality of it, but there were no signs deterring me from it. Finished the hike in an hour and a half with my four-legged pal. Nice trek!

Go for the views. Stay for the views. Not a tough trail at all, making a beautiful panorama all the more available.

mountain biking
2 months ago

My wife and I rode our fat tire bikes here for the 1st time and both loved it! The trails are well marked and great for just getting started on our new bikes.

Great hike. Mosquitos were abundant.

It was a nice trip with a baby, and it's relatively easy. I would've liked a bit more of a challenge, but it was a very peaceful.

It’s hard but rewarding!!!

2 months ago

Easily accessible and well groomed. Worth the views!

Went today and walked the whole thing barefoot. 55 degrees and cloudy were perfect conditions for this trail. Great cardio workout. Pure Michigan

Even though it was drizzly the day I hiked here it was a good hike.

My wife and I made the trip on this trail, to reap the wonderful reward, a view that is spellbinding! The clouds seem to be touchable from atop the bluff. The benches make a comfortable place to ponder the legend of Sleeping Bear Dunes, as the "cubs" (North and South Manitou Island) are easily visible from the bluff. Allow yourself some quiet time at the turn around to listen to the clarity and peace of nature on this trail. There is a friendly chipmunk that visited us also , sit still and be quiet, I bet he or she(?),will introduce itself to you!

We hiked all the way to the lake, myself (40 something) and two athletic sons. We made it to the lake in 41 minutes, that was a non stop good pace. The expression on people's faces when you meet them at the top of the first section at post marker 4 and advise them there are 27 total, priceless! There is something special about this area, perhaps Mama Bear keeps an eye on all of us when we are in her dunes...enjoy!

Spectacular. We very much enjoyed the hike and sights.

3 months ago

This was a great hike. The sand was really loose on the trail and made for slow going up hill, but the views at the tops were worth it!

3 months ago

Weather makes all the difference! We went right after a light rain/sprinkle that even helped pack the ground a bit, leaving the air about 79 degrees. I walk regularly but not a ton of recent hiking and I could’ve done it twice, running every downhill. If you can make it past the first dune, you made it up the biggest, and while there’s still a bunch left, you can do it!! Be smart. Bring a hat and PLENTY of water regardless of the weather. You never know. We did 1 hour each way, but keep maybe 2 hours each way in case. The number markers go up to 28! Secluded beach at the end makes it worth it!! Have fun!

Brought our large dog. Lots of other walkers, several w dogs. Hike was fairly easy w moderate elevation changes. Tricky part (at least w a large dog) was the wooden boardwalk as you approached the bluff. VERY narrow-not enough room for us to walk one direction and another hiker the other direction. A bit crowded overlooking the lake but the view was simply spectacular. No regrets!

3 months ago

Awesome trail but challenging. The trail seems like it goes on forever. Just when you think you are close to the Lake, you go over another hill to realize you are not quit there yet. Gorgeous views once you do make it to the Lake.

Cute little riverside trail. Saw a few deer. The Boardman rushes fast alongside. Always an interesting river. Downside of loud traffic all around this little spot.

3 months ago

Easy, neat walk to see the views of the lake.

Right off the trailhead you can either go left or right. If you go to the right, it’s just a short walk to an incredible and secluded beach where you will be one of a few people occupying the beach. We ended up staying there and swimming for hours!
However, the left side of the trail at the Y has “okay” views and tons of dunes. It was alright, maybe 2/5 stars.
But that beach was soooooo amazing! So clear!

Short and amazing views! Worth your stop!

3 months ago

This trip was as good as it gets. Trail was well maintained, getting water is very easy being that your on a island. Did this loop ten days ago and didnt pull out the bug spray once. Gorgeous views every night at camp, the best part is once you are off the boat and on the trail you dont run into anyone. I would highly recommend backpacking the NMI loop.

If you are looking to spend time in the sleeping bear dunes area with some degree of seclusion, this is the place for you! Four days was just enough time to hike the trail and enjoy all there is to offer from the island. The other reviews stand true and cover most of the bases. I highly recommend NMI!

Very challenging and fun day hike! Beautiful views from multiple dune peaks.

4 months ago

great trail to take the kids on.

4 months ago

Great challenging hike. The icy water of Lake Michigan is a wonderful mid-hike treat.

on Dune Climb Trail

4 months ago

We went at sunrise for our Dune Climb. I highly recommend it as this place gets crowded fast & early! Only drawback, a few of the restrooms were not yet open and/or clean. It took us just under 2 hours to complete the hike all the way to the Lake Michigan shoreline and back. There was a good variety of dunes, native grasses and trees. If you are able, we recommend running down the dunes as it's just plain fun!!

The trail and dune run/walk are the same until the trail veers to the left at post 4, there are 27 in all very straight forward to follow. Must bring a bottle of water and sandals or shoes if the sand is hot. Best to do the trail in the morning, we did it in 2 hours, allow for 3 to be on the safe side. beautiful trail.

Great, simple trail to do with our yellow lab! We did the small loop and came across a great view with a crystal clear lake where you can literally see fish swimming! Frogs and a small snake also greeted us along the way.

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