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Absolutely beautiful views of lake mi and Harrington lake

Probably the most beautiful hike in Michigan.

Excellent multi-day hiking trail with stunning views, great swimming spots and great rustic camping.

great trail. watch out for the bikers

trail running
23 days ago

I have ran the trail a couple times and really enjoy it, the most difficult trail you will find in southeastern Michigan. Mountain bikes travel in the opposite direction, so you have to keep your eye out for them. I try to get out there early, but still come across a dozen bikers on the weekend.

23 days ago

Loved hiking here! Super pretty views, different level of difficulty with different trails, unlike anything in mid Michigan!

nice walk through the woods and by the river would go again

1 month ago

great fun hike. my favorite hike ever

1 month ago

One of the best trails in the entire Midwest.

Great views of lake of the clouds!

1 month ago

Awesome short hike, very family friendly.

Was absolutely beautiful!!

What else can I say! National treasure

It’s a really nice hike and it has an overnight campsite on it with a latrine

1 month ago

Great overnight solo trip. Trails were well marked. Hiked from Portage lake to Pine backcountry campground, about 12 miles on my phone, took 4 hours. unfortunately even though I paid for and reserved a site, they were all full when I arrived. Apparently some people just show up without paying. There was plenty of room to pitch a tent, but it also would have been nice to have my own flat site....
Overall, a great hike. Easily accessible to roads if needed. But you still feel like you’re in the wilderness.

1 month ago

A true hidden gem! I call this the little brother to the Manistee River Trail. While not quite as elevated, similar river views and rollaways throughout. And I love the fact that it's a loop. Very few of those in Lower Michigan!

1 month ago

Great trail with awesome views!!

Great trail in SE Michigan. We did part of this trail this past weekend as a two day, one night hike. The bugs were not noticeable during the day. We did need to cover up while hanging out at camp though. Barely anyone on the trail although it was a beautiful weekend. Pines campground doesn't allow fires so we chose to spend our one night at Green Lake. We were pleased with our choice. Definitely want to check out this trail again soon.

This is a great trail. I brought my 9 year old son who’s a 21st century digital boy. Definitely didn’t do the complete 17 miles but with the shortcuts and a few other tricks we made it out and had a great time. Both crooked lake and blind lake campsites are nice. And I loved the water pumps. We still used a sawyer water filter because ya never know. Mosquitos weren’t too bad but that’s probably because haven’t had rain in a week or so. We did have to move aside for about 15 mountain bikers along the way but we could always see them coming. I highly recommend this beautiful trail.

We just completed this hike in August. It was our first backpacking trip and we had an amazing time! It was my husband and I and our 2 children ages 11 and 13. We did it in 4 days, 3 nights. Our garmin watches clocked it at 48 miles, but that included the distance to and from our campsites, side trails, trips to "toilets" etc. It is claimed to be 42 miles, I believe. I feel it was a great choice for a first backpacking trip because aside from the beautiful views, the sites all have ample bear locker storage, there is plenty of water available (just bring a filter), and pit toilets at most campsite areas. Also, the areas of the trail that are scenic points and accessible by parking lots and drive-in campgrounds gave opportunities for getting rid of trash and bathrooms! We went from Grand Sable Visitor Center to Munising Falls Visitor Center, and used Altran to shuttle us. We had no problems and we felt glad we went westward. The entire trail was beautiful and scenic, but the last half was really the best. I can't recommend this trail enough.

Hiked the east trail from the south boundary road. You can park there near the bridge and get on the trail there. It’s a beautiful hike along the river and falls. The east trail is more rugged than the west trail but not difficult. Moderate would be an appropriate rating in my opinion. Hike this trail to Lake Superior and back and you will have gone appropriately 2 1/4 miles. One of my favorite hikes. Our dogs love it

Easy and beautiful hiking! Nice rolling hills.

Absolutely stunning!

Great trail. Considering what we have in southeast Michigan, this trail is a gem. On the Waterloo side, you have rugged trails that are hiking only, filled with good vegetation. That turns into horse trails, so look out for dung. Camped at the pines, which was just fantastic, and then booked it from the pines to blind lake the second day. This was my eighth night I’ve spent at blind lake. It’s a great campsite, with the exception of glampers getting dropped off with acoustic guitars this time. After blind lake, you have a pretty busy mountain biking trail and a short hike out.

Over all, I highly recommend this hike for late spring and all of fall. The insects would be pretty bad in the late summer, and the heat and mugginess make it a little unbearable.

2 months ago

Thank you note to the park rangers who they went of their way to come in and help evacuate one of my friend hiker when she felt sick . I lead hike every weekend almost on this trail. It is one of the most amazing trail in the area .

2 months ago

Great trails and a ton of fun

As far as I am concerned, this is the best hike you can do in Michigan.

The best section of the trail runs from Chapel Beach to Miners Castle. However, the whole lakeshore trail is beautiful and worth doing.

I started at the Au Sable trailhead and went west to Munising falls. I decided on going through the Grand Dunes - the actual trail skirts past the south of the dunes. The dunes are certainly difficult, but the views are absolutely killer once you reach the lake.

I went in mid August and the bugs were not a problem at all. My biggest complaints are how disgusting the campsites were - there were piles of human feces and paper not 25 ft. from the sites I camped at, and it was everywhere. Additionally, all of the sites are communal and isolation/seclusion isn't really a thing.

The trail itself is absolutely breathtaking.

Awesome trail to hike and the waterfalls are gorgeous. One side of the trail has lots of ups/downs but has better spots for taking pictures. The other side of the trail is mainly boardwalk. Definitely worth checking this trail out if you’re visiting the Porcupine Mountains.

the trails are a good excersize. but if you camp, there are weird howeling noises at night along the trails for hours. probably dogs? i barely slept, thinking of Bigfoot.

Pretty easy trail. Down hill to the lake, then up hill on the way back. Beautiful views from bluffs

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