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Great birding yesterday! Saw 11 different birds.

Easy hike to the viewpoint. From there I scrambled up the East and West peaks, but reached the top of neither due to snow and ice. Fun nevertheless.

Easy trail with many creek crossings. A few too many people for my taste.

This was a fun little trip, the trail was a easy enough of a hike but got a little more difficult as I was approaching the Arch. Also at first I didn't see where the Arch was because it was so far from where the trail technically ends. But the other views of the mountains made up for it.

Nice hike, quiet as it was snow ladden but never the less beautiful!!

Me and my wife carefully counting all creek crossings, it is 63 times each way, so total should be 63x2=126 times; some of them are in and out the water on the same side, those should be considered crossing too; a lots of snow on the surface of creek, it makes our crossing easier without touching the water.

I did part of the trail from the Grotto through to the first campsite and back. Physically challenging trail due to multiple switchbacks and 3000 elevation gain but so worth it. It gets crowded on the first stretch up to Angels Landing. After that I only came across 6 people. One of them was returning from camping overnight. Another one was heading for camping. I booked one of the campsites too, but temperatures dropped to 26 F and I had to stick to a day hike and have no regrets. Gorgeous views on sunny chilly day. Due to snowfall and icing, recommend to wear some type of chains for the

the Kolob Arch is misleading. It's much further away from the trail then it seems from pictures. Someone carved into a tree to look up at basically the closest you can get on trail.

3 months ago

My husband and I checked out this hike on Sunday 11/26 on the recommendation of a park ranger. It feels very different from the main canyon at Zion. We really enjoyed it. There is a parking lot right at the trailhead. Follow the Wildcat Canyon Trail for 0.9 miles, then take the split to the right for Northgate Peaks. The trail sort of ends at a rock outcrop with gorgeous views of both Northgate Peaks, with North Guardian Angel in the middle. The directions for climbing both peaks provided in the description and map here are very helpful.

East Northgate Peak:
The peak to the east (which isn't technically a peak) is the easier ascent. There is a fairly easy to follow social trail around to the south side of it. It's a moderate class 2 ascent--a walk-up most of the way with a few places where hands are needed. The views from the top of it are spectacular.

West Northgate Peak:
After coming down from the eastern peak, we headed over to the west peak. I decided it was a bit beyond my comfort level, but my husband completed it. The trail to the west one is much less established. It took him about 40 minutes to go up and come back down from the base on the south side. He described it as a solid class 3. The slick rock makes it challenging. I would recommend it only if you are experienced with this level of climbing.

We encountered only one other hiker the entire time. However, we saw what we think was a mountain lion on the way back from the western peak. While it did not bother us, it was an unsettling feeling in this rather remote area of the park. Still highly recommended if you are an experienced hiker and want to get away from the crowds, but just be aware of the surroundings. I would rate this hike as moderate if you add the eastern peak and difficult if you do both.

3 months ago

After two days in the main canyon at Zion, my husband and I were ready for a break from the crowds. We did this hike on Saturday 11/25. The trail is sandy but easy to follow. The challenge is the creek crossings--I counted ~52 each way. That's right, over 100 creek crossings roundtrip. That means lots of ups and downs. The creek is low right now, so we were able to avoid getting our feet wet. The double arches at the end are very pretty, and there are some good views of the rock throughout, as well. We saw several other groups (but nowhere near the crowds as the main area of the park). There was plenty of parking at the trailhead. Definitely recommend for a change of pace.

3 months ago

The canyon was very crowded, many had to turn around for part of the day. Kolob terrace was so quiet, it saved the day. We enjoyed the variety between the meadows, lava rocks, the view and climbing the first peak. We saw grouses, songbirds, butterflies, tracks in the sand, and very few people.

This is a 3 for the regular trail to the look out Point and 4.5/5 for the trail past the look out. The initial trail is average compared to all the great places you can go to in Zion. However, if you follow the trail over the backside of the look out and go up the white mountain rock in front of you it becomes a great hike. Follow the stacked rocks to the top and enjoy the reward at the top. You will love it!

Great easy trail. You can continue past the arches and there is a waterfall with a small trickle of water. You can keep going past that but we did not go, next time.

3 months ago

Good trails with lots of great scenery that make the entire hike enjoyable. Stopped at Kolob Arch and hike up to the point that the canyon narrows.

Great hike! Beautiful! The loop is really cool too... don’t miss it! Lava tube and amazing red rock!

Very nice trail to overlook Zion National Park

Nice trail. The start of the trail at the trailhead has a number of steep steps to begin with, however it does level out into a sandy trail through the canyons. As others have said, be prepared to cross the stream 15 times or more.

loved it! I recommend hiking up the stream bed bellow the arch as far as possible. this allows dor.much better viewing of the arch!

scenic driving
4 months ago

Great trail, if by "The only Redwood Tree found in Utah", you actually mean "The only creepy, abandoned, Hantavirus-infested-shack in the middle of nowhere", then yes, you will enjoy it. Especially at night.

4 months ago

The Whipple Trail ends in the saddle according to this? We made this trip with our one year old on my wife’s back and it was really easy. Due to lack of daylight left we only made it to the saddle but it was a nice little trek. Definitely plan to do again and go down to the valley.

There is not a better way to see Zion than this trail. Expansive views of Zion to Cedar Breaks

Fun trail to run with great canyon views.

Very nice scenic hike. Easy. My 3 boys loved it.

Very nice hike for our family of 5. Easy trail along the creek and beautiful views.

beautiful hike little muddy and snowy but amazing

Amazing and challenging continuous climb from Oak Grove Campground to the mountain ridge above. I'm not sure that this recordings moving time is correct since that was the time for the decent only. There is a marked trail the entire way but it is not for those who are not in shape.

trail running
5 months ago

Wow! Spectacular fall colors to go with the canyon colors made this run/hike totally amazing. We really did not expect the brilliant reds and oranges mixed with the yellows of the leaves. Totally awesome experience. We are already making plans to do it again next year.

We started at the West Rim trailhead and ended at The Grotto. We were able to run over half of it easily and hiked the rest. Measured the distance right at 17 miles so a bit longer than the advertised 13-14 miles. There was some water but it definitely requires filtering if you need to get it. We took 6 hours with hundreds of photo op stops. Had the whole trail to ourselves until we got close to the Angels Rest area and then it got a bit busy.

In some sections you can easily jog even with a Camelbak 3 litre reservoir. Double Arches at end are worth this easy out and back hike

This was an awesome hike. Beautiful scenery and lots of creek hopping across rocks. Plenty of places to stop and rest along the water. Campsites were big. Keep an eye on water levels if you are getting a spot across the river.

Great hike without any strenuous climbing that's great for kids. We took our 7 and 9 year old children and they loved it. Plan to cross the small stream 50+ times, which along with majestic views, makes this a fun hike. Great to experience this hike without all the crowds typical of a Saturday at ZNP.

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