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This is a nice easy walk with lots to look at. The sand crabs are everywhere. The museum is nice and very kid oriented. Didn't see much at the boardwalk but I'm sure if you say for a bit there would be birds or even a manatee passing by.

No wheeled vehicles allowed. Super cool

So beautifully !!

The park is adorable for walking and enjoying nature. We made a almost 4 miles but with walk 3 around for complete our gold but it was easy because the park is nice. Most of the walking is in wood boardwalk. It’s divided by two trails.

I loved it. I had so much fun exploring.

Awesome walk. I did it many times when we could wAlk along the Sheraton Hotel until the Intracoastal!

Definitely a hidden gem in the area. The trails are not overly scenic or long, but they do bring back memories of big cypress and Everglades outings in years past. Look out for all the cute hermit crabs.

This is not a hike, payasos! This is where people go to work.

I don’t think I have a problem

I went in the evening and there was so much to see. It's quite crowded though and parking can be tricky.

4 months ago


HORRIBLE. all these pictures are from a biking trail. The walking trail is very small and boring. pretty much like you are walking on your back yard. this is a nice family park so people are everywhere.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Close to my new home, but I’m definitely sticking with Virginia Key.

first time doing that stuff and had a blast can't wait to do it again

4 months ago

As a mountain bike trail, this is excellent, definitely 5 stars. For hiking, it’s really meant for biking so at times it feels redundant walking in loops. There isn’t a lot of shade so I would go as early as possible to avoid the midday heat. I did see a few folks on bikes and I moved to the side to allow them to pass. Everyone biking the trail was really friendly and didn’t mind me there but I was definitely the only hiker. This says 4 miles, I don’t think that’s accurate. I walked the entire loop and even some side paths in 50 minutes. There are some gorgeous views of the water and city that you catch through breaks in the brush. Most importantly, DO NOT forget bug spray.

My all time favorite so far. it's all you can ask for.

Its just the side walk in front of the hotels near the beach.

Wonderful park with beautiful and dense plant diversity! Ive never been to a park with such a goal to educate everyone on plants, wildlife, and insects. I love that you can actually see more wildlife here than any other park!

mountain biking
5 months ago

It's pretty but it's more a boardwalk than a trail. That made it disappointing.

5 months ago


There are actually a whole lot of trails here that aren't listed in this app. The trail I was able to walk was very unique and fun. It was also a mountain biking trail so it had drops, steep-ish climbs (occasionally) and mini boardwalks. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Great trail system and very well maintained by the VKBC. Love coming out here on the weekends and take in the views by the bay.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Fun trail system in the heart of Hialeah.

For South Florida primative camping, very nice place.

I was the last week end and I think is so beautiful and good place for make off road driving. I was scared of take the ways off road because I was alone with my two guys and now with the rains it’s a lot of mud and pretty flooded. I’m thinking in go again for know better the place when find some friends with 4x4.

6 months ago

Is this place good for Hiking?

trail running
7 months ago

Running through this trail and seeing the lighthouse standing up tall is a beautiful sight, and the best part is they let you climb up to the top to see the view of the ocean!

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