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4 days ago

These trails go around a landfill that has been filled in. The trail is well marked and there are a lot of options. It is not wilderness hiking as you can often see houses/roads and hear traffic, but the trees are very pretty and it was very leisurely, enjoyable hike.

I hiked this trail this weekend. follow the yellow painted painted on the trees, the northern part is less a trail and more of follow the yellow markers. I shouldve downloaded the map, as it is easy to lose the trail. It is fun in a different type of way.

No need for hiking shoes. Running shoes will do fine. Stair climb leads to beautiful views, but not much else to explore.

The trails are very beautiful. There are so many loops that you could make it a nice long hike, or enjoy a short hike with the kids.

Very beautiful trail along the winding swan creek. Lots of biodiversity with unique setting. Only downside is the trail is very narrow or undeveloped in areas.

very enjoyable

Currently, the paths are really icy. Watch your step. Quiet, with no one else around on a Sunday morning.

Very good for your first hike!

3 months ago

Perfect distance for a nice relaxing walk!

Great hike up the boardwalk, and if you feel adventurous take the boardwalk ramp down and into the woods. Great hike!

Nice trail, very beautiful this time of year. This trail is located within the ely lake campground, and finding were the trail starts and or ends was difficult. I ended up just parking at a campsite and walking along the lake edge until I found it. Now that I walked the trail I’ll know where to get on, but just know it is not marked.

Beautiful trails! Hiked the mountain bike trails (off-season). AllTrails GPS isn't very exact... this hike was 7.26 miles.

5 months ago

Beautiful hike. Great fall colors

5 months ago

Nice trail to the lake. Trail is made up of sand and a little hard pack dirt but most of the trail is loose soft sand. Once on the beach we let our dog play in the water. Beautiful day in Michigan and a short nice walk with my wife and our dog Chester

trail running
5 months ago

The mountain bike trails are good for mountain biking and trail running. The paved trail is part of a 9 mile paved loop that goes from the south west parking lot to the southern edge of the park, east to drenthe, north to vriesland, then west to the north edge of the park, then winding through the park back to the lot. Good trail connectivity on the southwest to Holland and on the northeast to the trail that heads through Jamestown. There are also several mowed walking trails.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike and swim with the kids.

It has paved trails for easy walking, grass trails past rolling meadows, and dirt paths through a forest tunnel for a more advanced hiker. Also, if you own a bike... BRING THE BIKE! There are amazing mountain bike paths here.

Trail is maintained by volunteers. As a volunteer, I have market the trail through the campground and all the way to 118th Ave. When you leave the campground, turn left on 116th Ave. In about 300 feet, you will see a marked trail to the right. If you run into Do Not Trespass signs on 116th Ave, you have gone too far and need to turn around. If anyone wants to help with loppers or chain saws, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

I am giving it a 4-star because it is the only trail in Southwest Michigan that is of considerable length for trail running or back packing.

It was hard to locate the trail around the maze of campsites at Ely Lake. Then no more than a half mile on the trail I come to a road crossing and can't find where it picks up on the other side despite having the map and GPS. There are no clear trail markings but plenty of no trespassing signs. I ended up just running along the county roads praying all the while that no dogs came chasing after me... Not a recommended trail unless you know the area.

7 months ago

Trail is in pretty good shape, if I say so myself. Only a couple of logs across the trail that can be easily cut by some nice person. Volunteers are always needed to help out with the trails. Anytime you see something that should be removed from the trail, even if you have to use a chain saw, the volunteers will love you for it! :)

Even though there is a break in the gps map, this trail goes completely around the lake and is relatively easy to find, however, there is no trail head sign. It is well marked around the lake with a couple of signs for hikes branching off the Ely Lake Park Loop trail.

road biking
8 months ago

I did this trail on my road bike with my nephew who was on my mountain bike. I loved every bit of it. However it was not clearly marked near the head if the trail. We spent 20 min turned around and far away from the trail. Also, the trail is a little too bumpy in some areas for a road bike. I suggest riding in the street if you are on a road bike. Loved this ride. Great with friends or solo. I suggest hybrid, commuter, or mountain bike on the trail. Overall, great trail and good for the various activities listed.

8 months ago

Trail marked well, different levels of difficulty and terrain, and overall enjoyable hike.

Excellent afternoon hike. Perfect around dusk.

I would rate this Trail moderate over easy because of all the roots in the trail and the amount of hills. It is a beautiful trail! About half of the trail is wooded ravines, the other half is the beach. You can walk along the beach or up in the dunes. Once the woods cleared into the dunes and lakeshore I ended up going right instead of left. There's a small trail that leads to a dune in the middle of the woods. Amazing view, but then you need to turn around and head back to the trail to continue along the beach.


great stair climb and trails in back

10 months ago


Sunday, March 05, 2017

Easy hike. Can have wet areas in the spring. Watch out for bikes on the narrow areas especially on the weekends. Mostly shaded. Well marked and maintained.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lots of birds to watch! Beautiful trails year-round!

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