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This is a great trail with lots of peaceful clearings, winding loops, and quiet river scenes. There are lots of mosquitoes after wet weather, so use bug spray.

Nice trails, well marked, nice walk, dog friendly. Unless you walked every single trail that’s interwoven together you won’t walk the full 9.3 miles. You can pick out a pretty good loop and get about 3.0 miles. It’s still a very nice place to walk in the woods. Don’t forget to visit the majestic beech tree.

Nicely manicured trials, easy to walk, geared toward bikers, but still a very nice walk.

22 days ago

East side of Swan Creek is moderate difficulty. West side is very easy.

Trailhead is easiest to find from the parking lot that is East of the bridge / dam. Make sure you look for the Yellow paint marks on the trees and do not simple follow the path that starts at the base of the dam that gets overgrown and ends about 200 feet down stream.

Also at the north end, the map is a bit off. Just take the obvious left 90 degree turn when you come out of the woods onto the levee.

Best trails ever! Well maintained, easy to read signage, wonderful clean restrooms.

I parked my car on 48th Street, just south of 120th Avenue in Fennville today. I added yellow splash paint on the trail westward crossing 120th, continuing west passing the connecting trail on 51st Street almost all the way to 120th Avenue. I never used a map, but did add more yellow trail markers so trail is now well marked. Looked like heavy winds or tornado took some trees down a little east of 52nd Street, so I spent a bit of time clearing the trail. Someone else had already chainsawed the big trees (thank you!). I never looked at a map and was able to follow with the yellow splashes, even though I added a lot more yellow. I was glad I brought my head net (ordered online at TrueValue for $4), since it is deer fly season in July. Worked great! 78 degrees was warm but ok for a day of hiking in the shade of the trees. Round trip, maybe 7 miles, less than 3 hours.

went for a hike with my dog, stayed on the paved path most of the time (grass was still pretty damp), didn't make it too terribly far one mile in and one mile back. so far liking what I've seen, now I need to work the dog into taking longer hikes, break him in slowly

Gravel nice for family. If you're out to get a good run it it's great. Lots of steps

1 month ago

I had a great time but the outline isn’t for people with dogs. Dogs can go to the dune stairs and the parking lot of Hoffmaster. No beach access allows pets.

200 plus stairs up is worth the view!

Love going here with my 3 year old. This is our favorite trail!

This trail is a real ankle twister, you are walking on a slanted slope nearly the whole way, one wrong step and you’re in the river. There are treacherous trees to limbo under and swarms of insects everywhere you look. The trail seems never ending and is not well marked. I would rank this trail as hard due to the unforeseen turmoil on the trail.

trail running
3 months ago

Great run, despite some moments where you need to stop and crawl over logs. Found a few ticks on me afterwards as well, FYI.

3 months ago

This trail is dog friendly, the beach is not. We bring our dog all the time but turn around and head back when we hit the beach. A lot of people do this with their dogs :)

This is a great place to get a fantastic stair workout! View from the top of the Big Red Lighthouse and Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan. Nice trails to continue on if you like.

4 months ago

Riley Trails is our go to park when we need to walk the dogs. Lots of trails, well marked and easy to navigate. Some small to medium hills, terrain varies from packed forest bed to sand. All the mountain bikers we have encountered have been courteous and signaled their approach from behind so as not to startle us or the dogs. I also use this park regularly for photo shoots - it is a very scenic area! :)

The east bank trail is close to the river edge, nearly all the way to the turn around. Footing is rarely flat and there are several fallen trees to climb over or under. This makes for a great hike! Really enjoyable! We saw several people fishing for steelhead and a section where a beaver really went to town on small trees. On the way down the west bank, we met Lynn, who was maintains the trail. The west bank trail is pretty much a walk in the woods, along the ridge over the river. It’s part two-track and part trail. We covered the trail in about two hours.

My kind of trail, quite primitive. I did loose the trail a couple times but got back on without to much trouble. I would rate it as moderate to difficult with a few quite difficult areas on the east side. Using trekking poles was mandatory for me. I liked the solitude, variety of terrain and nature. Will do this one again.

Well marked trails. Easy to get to. Mix of paved and non-paved paths. Closer to highway than expected. Mountain bike trails look fun though.

5 months ago

Good workout and hike but a few places were solid ice. More people than I expected, most with dogs unleashed (does anyone follow the rules?). I think will be quite busy in the warmer months. I prefer more seclusion but if you're a beach person this is nice.

5 months ago

These trails go around a landfill that has been filled in. The trail is well marked and there are a lot of options. It is not wilderness hiking as you can often see houses/roads and hear traffic, but the trees are very pretty and it was very leisurely, enjoyable hike.

I hiked this trail this weekend. follow the yellow painted painted on the trees, the northern part is less a trail and more of follow the yellow markers. I shouldve downloaded the map, as it is easy to lose the trail. It is fun in a different type of way.

No need for hiking shoes. Running shoes will do fine. Stair climb leads to beautiful views, but not much else to explore.

The trails are very beautiful. There are so many loops that you could make it a nice long hike, or enjoy a short hike with the kids.

Very beautiful trail along the winding swan creek. Lots of biodiversity with unique setting. Only downside is the trail is very narrow or undeveloped in areas.

very enjoyable

Currently, the paths are really icy. Watch your step. Quiet, with no one else around on a Sunday morning.

Very good for your first hike!

8 months ago

Perfect distance for a nice relaxing walk!

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