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This could become my new favorite hike.

11 hours ago

A nice hike for bigger kids. Steady incline till the end, where you have to scramble up the rocks a bit. The trail would have been hard to follow without the app. It is also pretty rocky much of the way.

1 day ago

I didn't have any expectations for this hike after reading some of the reviews. The trail head was just down the hill from the bridge where we parked. It was a clean trail with no signs of feces except for a pile of horse droppings about halfways through. Not crowded at all and the mountain bikers were all very friendly. It was a easy hike with plenty of areas to sit and enjoy the scenery or take a rest. Although not needed since this is an easy trail. Will definitely do this one again. There aren't many signs to keep you on track but if you make notice of the ones you do see, you will have no problem keeping on the loop.


3 days ago

It‘ s a nice short but moderate hike. It took me 50 minutes from the parking lot to the cave and this is including stops to take pictures. On the way back I took my time looking for critters and reptiles. Found some scorpions and lizards.
As for the cave I was the first one of the day and I had the cave all for myself. Loved it!!!

very nice views.
lots of rocks in trail. Played hide n seek with several Mule Deer!

Great Hike with GTAH, AZ! Easy/Moderate with spectacular views! Bathroom on site! Need to purchase pass at Gas Stations, $8.00

Went last Saturday with the family it was a great trail. We are new to hiking but all did well. Views from the top are awesome.

A nice trail with some good incline at the midpoint of the loop. Decent amount of people but not to the point of crowded.

Really easy, perfect for beginners and kids.

Would go 1000 times again. Pretty rocky at the end but worth every second!
Bring water !!!

I'd call this moderate but strenuous. Nothing incredibly difficult about the ascent, just a lot of work if you aren't in the best shape (me). I particularly enjoy that it's not the usual desert landscape. There are a lot of trees and shady areas that you can feel the temp drop as soon as you walk through them. There's a beautiful view of the Needle at the top with plenty of space to relax and enjoy the view. A great all around hike. Plan on about 90-120 minutes up and about an hour back down.

Getting to the trailhead is straightforward. Once you get off the 60 you go about a mile on pavement, then loose asphalt. Then the rest of the road in is about 5 miles of washboard dirt so be prepared. Nothing a little car can't handle, but it does take a bit of time to get to the parking lot.

The trail is pretty easy to follow and mostly marked by its wear. In the few spots it wasn't completely obvious there are kairns ti guide you in the right direction.

Did this hike a week ago and loved it. Definitely a change of scenery. Felt very foresty (as opposed to the usual desert landscape) with the trees and bush, especially at the beginning. Awesome rock formations and views the whole way up. I was worried about the trail's difficulty but would say the trail is moderate and the elevation is gradual. Weaver's Needle is super cool to see too. Loved how "out there" the park felt (as opposed to more urban environments like Camelback or Dobbins Lookout), a total escape. We started at 2 pm, weather in the 60s or so, and almost the entire trail was in the shade, so we got pretty cold at certain points. Wished I wore leggings and brought a jacket. Moderate to highly trafficked. Also, beware that the trailhead is at the end of a 7 mile dirt road. Saw quite a few sedans but would still recommend driving a SUV if possible.


it starts off great but after the halfway point, it meant climbing up rocks. going up is doable but it's very hard for me to descent over them.

6 days ago

the trail isnt very well marked so pay attention. however it was beautiful and we had a wouderful day hiking, and hanging out in the cave.

Kids enjoyed this one also! Took the boys past the cave.

This Trail is tricky. Most people hike right straight up the bottom of the canyon in the middle. It is best on the way up to stay to the left and follow the ridge, same thing on the way back down stay to the right and follow the ridge. there's a little hiking in the middle Canyon but watch for the trails veering off.

for two 66 year olds it was all we wanted. beautiful scenery

I did a solo hike yesterday, going up it was a little difficult finding the trail. Great scenery, beautiful views from the summit I will be going back soon.

I forget how much I love this trail. It never ceases to impress me when you come up over the saddle!

7 days ago

There’s not a cave at the top. Don’t feel it even warrants the name Wind Cave Trail because it’s more of a spot where the upper part of the mountain overhangs the lower part; kind of an indent in the mountain. However, great view from up there. Really well maintained trail and a good short hike. Took me, up and back about 2 hours, but I was taking my time and enjoying the views. Not a difficult hike, there’s a moderate incline. You do have to pay a park fee to do this hike, which is $7 per car. So because of the fee and the fact that there’s not a cave at the top, I give this one a 3 star. Other than that, it’s a nice scenic hike with a great view of the Phoenix area from the top.

great easy hike with lots of trees and things to do for kids. Clean area and bathroom.

Very fun hike, lots of scrambly off-trail areas.

My favorite hike yet. Beautiful up, at the top, and back. Hope to do it again soon.

A great hike today. Love this trail. Dont be scared of it, just get out there and do it.

Did the Black Mesa Loop Trail today which is exactly the same as this - and also the correct name, I believe. Good trail!

Great hike, beautiful views and perfect weather!
This exact trail is listed twice on Alltrails. The other name is Lost Dutchman Loop.

Terribly marked trail, but overall a TON of fun. Amazing views from the top and some climbing required. It's easy to get lost on the way down, so make sure you have adequate time for sunlight.

10 days ago

I remember reading a previous review of how awful this trail was but I’d have to disagree. I don’t encounter a ton of animal feces and didn’t walk far to enjoy the hike. We parked a small way up the road on the bridge so it wasn’t long at all. I assume you can park there because there were a couple other vehicles. The trail is obviously more used as a bike path but the hike was calming and not difficult. The views today with the cloud dusted sky were phenomenal & the sun hit Red Mntn just right. We didn’t encounter anyone until the last half mile or so and only 2 bikers but everyone was friendly and considerate of each other. It’s not strenuous and could easily be done with children although there are a couple spots where you get some cardio in.

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