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More of a mountain bike than a hike trail. For hiking it’s pretty easy and very exposed. Not a tad of shade, so better for the winter months. Be aware of bikers.

3 days ago

It was fun. Yesterday my friend and I really enjoy it a lot. Like the below say there’s narrow trail a lot cactus by the trail but you can walk thru just to be careful. There is couple climbs I was nervous about but friend of mine help me guide. Not too bad tho. Just my balance was not too well I will definitely come back. Perfect weather tho 80s. There’s shade where you get surrounded with tree it’s beautiful

Love it, beautiful view.

trail running
5 days ago

Super awesome running trail! Great views!
We went counterclock-wise & started with the hills. Bring water!

Great trail and amazing views

Super Rocky terrain so if you have weak ankles or small children I suggest skipping this hike. We did see a snake and other wildlife. The views at the end were beautiful.

Awesome trail. I rate easy trail with moderate elevation.. Bonus we seen the wild horses on the end of our hike playing in the lake.

11 days ago

off road driving
15 days ago

Best place to get some Arizona pin stripes on your truck.

Despite the beauty of the water, this trail is not well maintained and trash is omnipresent. Loud music and very little reason to ever go back. The one star is for the roadrunner that we saw.

19 days ago

Picturesque in sections. Good diversity in landscape. Powerboats can be noisy. Wild horses at the trailhead were a highlight.

20 days ago

Amazing! It’s great for a new hiker

Nice, easy trail.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. It's moderate, fairly easy in spots, with amazing views of the lake the entire time. It can be narrow in spots, but everyone was friendly in letting our group by. Lots of places for taking a dip or enjoying a picnic. We ended up hiking just over 7 miles without even realizing it! Make sure you buy your Tonto pass before you get there!

23 days ago

So we actually went about a mile and a half further than we thought we are going to. But it was beautiful today, and the scenery was stunning. I do suggest going early in the morning as I could see it gets hot- there is definitely no shade but plenty of photo opportunities. People to bring their dogs but I do worry dogs will get overwhelmed... I would definitely do it again but make sure to bring water and be prepared to walk at least 10 miles if you need. That means wear good socks and bring sunglasses

Nice easy walk

One of the great benefits to hiking Butcher Jones is you get to hike alongside Saguaro Lake, me and my friends arrived at the trailhead around 10AM and it wasn't too hot, just enough of a breeze to make it enjoyable. It's a lightly trafficked trail, perhaps it was because we went during the week. There were certain parts of the trail where we did get bottlenecked behind large groups of people, so if you're a fast hiker definitely try to get ahead of those big groups to avoid getting behind the pack. The trail has a light elevation gain, so it's a good trail to get your hiking legs back under you. Definitely worth the hike especially if you like looking at lakeside views.

29 days ago

Easy and nice trail has beautiful views.

This was an amazing little gem of a hike right outside the Valley! We brought our small dog and had a wonderful time enjoying the views. We went the whole route and felt the very end of the trail was not as beautiful as some of the other views we saw on our way. This would be a great location to spend the whole day and kayak, swim, or have a picnic after you finish the hike. We felt like it was very worth the $8.00 price tag.

Awesome hike and there's usually not a lot of people so if you need to think deeply and immerse yourself in nature, it's a great hike. Nice elevation changes without killing yourself.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! Perfect spring day to hike this trail- water felt cool and refreshing too

1 month ago

Nice hike! Easy to Moderate Hike for me, enjoyed the landscape and friendly peeps as I was a little nervous as no markers on the trail. Saw a few lizards & vultures. Good Times :)

trail running
1 month ago

Not very crowded. Free. Beautiful scenery. Not much bad I can say about this one.

Great trail and so beautiful

This "trail" was not really a trail. No signage, no markers.
Just dirt trails that bifurcated everywhere. The area suffers from years of neglect by the Forest Service. But, if you want to see horses, they are certainly around.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice mix of easier and challenging sections. Great views if you take the time to enjoy them. I got 7.35 miles the couple times I’ve run this trail.

This is not Spook Hill. This used to be the microwave tower, which they moved close to the shooting range. This hill has no name. Spook Hill is 1 mile Northwest of this.

Otherwise it's a small little trail. Nice Vista and a great spot to watch fireworks on 7/4.

Great trail, 13 km and we finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes. We went clock wise so the steepest part of the trail is when you’re descending near the end.

1 month ago

A big group of us all took our dogs and we had a wonderful time on this trail. It’s not difficult and I would personally rank it as easy as opposed to moderate. You also get a nice view of the lake the entire hike which is where we stopped to eat lunch. At times, the trail is very narrow with cacti everywhere so I would recommend wearing long pants or being extra cautious in those areas.

Quick, easy hike. Great for kids, or for people wanting to take it easy.

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