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13 days ago

This is the best hike I have ever had in the redwoods. Amazing trees, mid 40s in February, light rainfall.

scenic driving
13 days ago

Short hikes along Avenue of the Giants. Awesome trees, beware of poison oak!

super pretty river surrounded by redwoods. can go on for a long ways!

30 days ago

A truly beautiful trail in the redwoods! Giants all around you for the entire hike and a beautiful, easy meander next to the Eel River. However, the mileage is severely under reported on this site. I tracked the entire loop, and with a very small detour of maybe .5 miles, the entire hike came to 11.75 miles. So the entire loop is at least 11 miles. The south side is much better than the north, so I would suggest taking that one if you're going to do an out-and-back. There is a lack of signage on this trail which can make it a bit annoying. The path is fairly clear, but you have no idea how far you've gone or how close you are to the river crossings.

The foot bridge was not set up when we got there, but turning around and going back on the south side would have extended our hike even longer than it was, so my boyfriend was nice enough to carry me on his back across the river (twice!) since there was no good way to ford it without getting soaked.

On the north end, the trail comes very close to the road and at some points you are forced to walk on the road because the trail to the side of it is unclear. Eventually you poke back into the woods and reach the part where you cross over back to the south side.

Overall, I think it was a wonderful experience and luckily we're in good enough shape to hike that far, but just take my warnings into consideration when planning your hike.

1 month ago

Construction complete. Trail open 1/20/18. New gravel down along primary and secondary trails, still some storm runoff and standing water, all easily passable, but be prepared. New bridge as well. Cold sunrise start but a great day hike. Look for river otter activity and listen for the woodpeckers.

Gorgeous hike! Just be careful about ticks! I got one and my dog got three!

Trail closed under construction 11/18 2017

5 months ago

Lovely! Easy hike with fun and beautiful views everywhere.

wonderful views and easy to follow trail.

Ran this a couple times, peaceful and pretty

The Redwoods were amazing here. There was a pretty stream right next to it.

for its sheer beauty!

This hike is absolutely beautiful- I highly recommend it! We only passed maybe 4 other people while out on the loop- very quiet and peaceful. Mixed terrain was nice. The only tricky part is the signs are not very clear. It was a little confusing getting off the Big Trees Loop trail and onto the Bull Creek Trail South (we somehow hiked toward the horse farm for a bit). Just make sure to only take the one trail that is well marked "bull creek trail south." We parked at Blue Slide Day use area and hiked the loop starting west.

Great trail with a lot of wildlife.

trail running
6 months ago

gorgeous trail that follows river, mostly flat. would be five stars except sections of trail veer away from river and are less scenic.

Any hike among the Redwoods is one to be cherished. These trees truly take your breath away and leave you speaking in hushed voices, if you speak at all. It's great for all ages and abilities. Do not miss this opportunity among the giants

Did this trail a couple of weeks ago. It was short but very amazing. It looked like a setting for a fairy tale. Loved it!

An easy walk around an old growth. Parking is pretty limited but understandable for a very short trail.

7 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike. We started at Albee Creek Campsite and took a detour along the homestead trail on the way back - a total of nine miles, about five hours. We did have to climb over a tree and cut through vegetation to go around another tree that was fallen. One of the most enchanting forests I've ever been in. Unfortunately, my phone died early in and I didn't get many photos. I also didn't think to bring insect repellant which is definitely needed. I would love to do this again someday and venture out on some of the other trails.

A must do!!!

Great family hiking with great ocean views and easy path.

It's a super easy. The views are some of the best I've ever seen. Something out of a movie. Really just go to see the views from the cliffs. the other half is a stroll through town.

Such a beautiful hike. Went wth my four kids. Ages 12,8,6,6. It was long (9miles) but beautiful along the creek. Had one part where you have to climb over a tree but they put in a ladder (kids thought that was awesome). One part of the hike where you climb through a tree. The bridges were in making it easy to pass over the creeks. One tree was down that we had to climb over to continue on the path. In another area a tree was down but someone hung orange strings in trees to show alternate route around the tree. My kids climbed over but the hubby and I went around. Didn't see much wildlife but my kids aren't super quiet. We only passed maybe four hikers on the trail. We had a great time. Bring bug spray as we have had a lot of rain and the bugs were out. Bonus is the creek is still running. Saw such beautiful groves and the hike is not challenging. Mostly flat and shaded.

Niiiice loop. Had to do it twice. You can cross a creek on the back side of the loop and hook up with the awesome Bull Creek Trail which will take u through some outstanding, more remote groves and u can cross the bridge on the Eel River about 5 miles down and be at the Humboldt State Park Visitor center.

So glad I hiked this trail as it takes you thru a handful of backcountry groves that most people do not get to experience. My favorite was the John Scott Douglas grove. Not only is the scenery amazing but the trail is the softest most padded that I have ever walked on. Bridge was out so had to wade across the Eel River to get to the trail. It so quiet on this trail and the creeks were in full display. I just dipped my cup as I crossed them and drank strait from the source. I saw and did everything possible while at Humboldt SP and loved it all but if I had to pick one single element that sticks out in my mind of those three days it would have to be this trail. So cool and dark and beautiful all at the same time. Saw a rare banana slug in this trail. It had softly rained all night before giving the majestic redwoods a whole new look as they glistened. Get away from the crowds and hike this easy trail people. You will be glad you did.

fun easy beautiful

9 months ago

Beautiful views of the water along this bluff hike, reminded me of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Fun.. we kayaked upon to the wood thing. Docked and walked about 3 more miles in.. it was a fun adventure.. and super simple.. ..(Ok, accept for finding a trail to the main trail after we came off the river.. but not too bad, my wife was 5 months pregnant and made it.. and after we even had time and energy to do falls bike/hike one or 2 rivers N.. (Russian glitch..). and no we are not early risers..

Beautiful place with lots of birds!

11 months ago

Absolutely beautiful redwood grove! A little harder to locate than others on Ave of the Giants. Grove initially preserved from a donation from John D Rockefeller. Gorgeous big redwoods, huge fallen ones you can climb onto to get a sense of scale. Some had fallen very recently this winter. Access to the river was nice, although the river bridge is out. Connects to longer trails if you're in the mood

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