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17 days ago

i love the laguna area. especially this pct stretch up there. no where else in the county you can get the full appreciation of forested green mountain tops, with sweeping panoramic views tailing into the desert. go during a high pressure system because you can see clear across the salton sea to the chocolate mountains east of he city of pope. bring water and food, shelter too because you may not want to come down from there.

25 days ago

Awesome hike. Took my kite with me to fly at the peak. Beautiful location. No shade so hat is recommended.

Beautiful views!

The water at the end of the trail was all dried up which as big bummer. Also- while the trail is easy down along the river, I would say it is more moderate to difficult, especially with young children, because it’s straight down and straight back up out of the valley.

We were very disappointed that there wasn’t any water in the canyon. The hike, albeit short, was very steep for about half a mile and our older Labrador had a tough time getting back up. Only ran into a couple other people all afternoon. If there were water, this hike would be great!

1 month ago

We took about an hour hiking up and what a view!! Well worth the walk. It was a bit rocky once the grade began, but nothing onerous. Take plenty of water!

A nice hike showcasing the rugged beauty of San Diego’s cliffs. It’s gorgeous!! The trail is has steps built into the steeper slopes. Parts of the areas you can explore are dangerous, especially with little ones - I felt that I had to be very attentive and careful with my kids. It’s a pretty short trail, but you can also drive up to the lighthouse parking lot and walk the Bayside Trail or the shorter panoramic trails around the lighthouse. There is an entrance fee of $15 per car (good for one week), but $30 gets you an annual pass to this park. If you’re military, you can get a free annual pass for all the National Parks here.

I’d definitely come back, but after some rain. There was almost no water at the end but the rocks were cool. It was a pretty hike and you really feel away from it all. There was no one else on the trail that day which was cool-so quiet, just me and some birds and a snake

Not really a hike. One mile but it is very cool looking. If you go in the winter I guess the low tide is during the day hours so you can get to more of the cool places. Nice and relaxing. Carry some snacks and have a picnic on the shore. Very relaxing. You can bring your fur babies too.

This trail was okay. Not "must do again," but nice enough. I did this trail alone with my dog on a Friday afternoon and there was NOT A SINGLE OTHER SOUL AROUND. Normally I'm happy to find less trafficked trails, but this was creepy since I was by myself!

Nice but so short it’s almost pointless

Never disappoints!

2 months ago

I stumbled upon this trail by accident and am glad I did. The view at the top is incredible and the trail itself is very quiet. It’s windy at the top so bring a lightweight jacket.

great trail, could wander around there all day! will definitely be going back to explore more!

Awesome! Just beware...where there is water, there be a-holes

3 months ago

Fun hike!!! Enjoy!!!

3 months ago

absolutely stunning hike!! didn’t pass a single person on the trail. very very rocky. don’t take dog unless they can climb up some smaller rocks and have tough pads. view at the top is incredible make sure u go up as far as u can go!

4 months ago

Good trail. Nice and quiet.

Amazing views! Short trail with steps but worth the hike. Get there early to avoid the crowds.
No flip flops, slippery at times if you get down to the water.

Great trail, beautiful views, fun to climb down the cliffs into the tide pools and check out the caves. There were many visitors and many children of all ages also climbing down. Family friendly, and adult friendly as well.

Did it at sunrise and completely worth it, even with sub 20F temperatures. A great hike and beautiful view!

Nice hike with great ocean views, tide pools, and interesting rock formations and cliffs.

Great hike for the kids, water features are always a nice way to take a break halfway through. especially in San Diego where water features are almost nonexistent. Its a pretty gradual descent down into the canyon which flattens out as you get closer to the Pine Valley Creek. We went in the afternoon around 3, which was perfect. Hopefully we get some more rain this year, because I'm planning on a springtime return here. I could see how it could be scorching in this area around summer time, so bring lots of water. Should really call it the Espinosa Trail through Horsethief Canyon.

5 months ago

hiked it while it was snowing.

the clouds cleared away to reveal the desert floor below, the sun peaked slightly out of the clouds, and snow was still falling.

can the timing get any better than that? 6/5 stars.

Make sure you don't miss the sign to go down hill to the trail. coming back up was a killer.

The trail is rocky, but worth the effort.

6 months ago

Headed up Garnet Peak from Penny Pines. Beautiful addition and the view from the top was unbeatable. Great view of the Salton Sea. Warning: it’s pretty breezy up top.

6 months ago

I live in South San Diego, close to San Ysidro area so this was a drive for me. Awesome first hike of 2018! It was chilly, check the weather before driving here. The view is amaaaazing! Easy trail with a bit of incline at the last half mile or so.

6 months ago

One of the best examples of native “rock art” in the region. Easy to access and a pleasant nature hike overall. Bring the kids. Wash is stable most of the year. Still best to bring a 4x4.

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