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We parked on the side of Raven Rock Rd. Quick climb (<0.75mile) , then the trail levels off. Nice stroll through the forest. High rock is accessible by car. Lots of neat graffiti. Awesome view. Police did a drive-by while we were at high rock.

Good level of challenging, some steep parts but such a well made path it was no problem. Ample parking (with video security), free (with donations recommended), great views and different path options. Overall great hike!

Hard to find trail head without reading comments, but great hike once you find your way.

Great hike. Fairly easy, but White Rocks( north and south) has scenic views. I will agree some of the markings(blazes) were difficult to see. My wife and I did lose the trail at one point. However, given this property is part of a foundation, I am very thankful we have access to it. Worth the hike.

The blue trail is beautiful and rugged. It is poorly marked in one spot. We took the wrong path and had to back track. We came across a Timber Rattlesnake on the trail.

If you follow the blue trail up to the left and then meet up with the Appalachian Trail to get a chimney rocks you get a wonderful water experience. The overall view is fabulous at the end, and then circling back down the Appalachian Trail to the beginning is easy. If you start out going up the Appalachian Trail to the right the climb is very steep

26 days ago

Relaxing hike with multiple overlooks

27 days ago

Very pretty hike! Was rocky and slippery in some places. The area around the hermitage cabin was so pretty with lots of flowing water and little waterfalls.

The Blue Trail was an enjoyable but challenging walk in the woods. I found myself going up and down a lot. The trail markings were a bit confusing at first and it can be pretty easy to go off the trail if you're not careful. It wasn't too hot considering it was mid July when I did this. I had fun spotting all the different granite intrusions in the rocks. The summit at White Rocks was breathtaking.

Great ride, yet very hot!!!!!!

Park is beautiful but the lack of adequate blazes and trail markers sadly makes me rate this loop 2 stars.

the trails get poorly marked as you go further in. we completely missed a turn off for the blue trail and wasted a lot of time. it was disappointing not being able to do the full loop as originally planned. we might try another day

1 month ago

A great way to escape Maryland's liberal bullshit.

1 month ago

fun hike, lots of different scenery from tall forests on sloped hills to dense bushes and valleys. this loop is actually a few different trails, so the markings were inconsistent and we kept checking the map. some muddy spots but nothing bad. there is a spot where you have to wade through Big Pipe Creek. there was no bridge so we found a shallow spot to cross. we also had to walk along the road for a bit.

there are lots of branching trails and shortcuts that I will most likely take next time. overall it was a cool hike, good elevation changes and nice views

Great hike with great views! Pick up map when you enter park. Orange trail is steep, but short (0.25 mile), climb to summit of Sugarloaf at 1,282 ft elevation. (Climb from parking lot is around 400 feet.) Many surrounding trails allow you to customize your hike and length. I did this trail as mapped out to Northern Peak and White Rocks. Most of the hike, except for the steep Orange Trail climb, is easy. Beautiful Mountain Laurel on the trail, nice scenery around, mostly shaded. Would definitely do this hike again!

Gorgeous views. Started from Tumbling Run. The AT route was fairly challenging first thing in the morning, but it was my first section hike.

Quick and easy hike with beautiful views. Went two Friday afternoons ago and the parking lot was almost empty.

2 months ago

Started at Old Forge Rd at AT. Followed AT North to Chimney Rocks spur, then further up AT to Swamp Rd crossing.The vista at Chimney Rocks was quite high, with nary a sign of civilization. Lotsa thru-hikers on way to Maine. Overall 5 miles or so. Wonderful breeze from NW cooled us the whole way. Nice fern fens.

Great hike for hikers seeking a drastic elevation climb.

2 months ago

Very nice trail, took my small dogs (was a little tough for them). There is a good amount of up and down and some nice lookouts.

Great day hike, packing route. Plenty of campsites to stop along the way or call for the night. Great views of the Potomac, some fishing opportunities on both the Canal and the River. Great family hike. No noticeable slope, packed terrain. North of Seneca Landing gets bad after rainy weather. Going to try an overnight bike ride soon

2 months ago

Hiked the AT north from Old Forge Rd to the Tumbling Run shelter. Here a blue blazed trail bears slightly left. According to maps, it should also branch to the right of the shelter, but we were unable to locate any blazes beyond the group tent area. As such we continued north on the AT up a moderate incline and at 1.4 miles from our start, a blue blazed trail crosses and to the right is Chimney Rocks. Views are nice. We chose to return by crossing the AT and following the blue blazes back to the shelter. Most of this trail is an old logging or mining road. The southern portion leading to the shelter, parallels Tumbling Run Creek. Round trip distance is 3.6 miles with an elevation gain of 900 ft. Took us 2 hrs round trip.

3 months ago

We had some difficulty finding the trail access, so I hope that this may help others who are unfamiliar with the Chimney Rocks trail. Unfortunately, there is very little signage and we found it to be a bit confusing.

We first tried accessing the loop trail (blue blaze) from Swift Run Rd. but could not figure out the entry/exit point (more on that later). We drove back to the Old Forge picnic area, where another hiker explained where to access the AT at this location: if you are facing the restrooms at the picnic area, to the left and set further back is a small brown building…there is an access point to two trails a few yards behind this small building…take the left trail with the white blazes. You will cross over two roads; the trail continues directly across the first road but when you cross the second road (which I believe is Old Forge Rd.), you will need to go to the right and a short distance down the road to the trail access on your left. (Note: not sure if there is a parking area on Old Forge Rd. near this entry point to the AT but, if so, it would be a good access point…just stay on Old Forge Rd. from the picnic area past Swift Run Rd for a short distance and you should see the AT access on the left). Once across the second road, the trail starts to climb…and the grade continues to get steeper and more rocky. When we reached “the Shelter,” we opted to remain on the AT instead of following the blue blaze loop trail. The AT continued to be steep and rocky –I wouldn’t say that it was overly difficult but it was a bit tiring, especially if you are not used to more strenuous hikes. We persevered and finally made it to Chimney Rocks – the view was great and there was a nice breeze.

Coming back, we opted to follow the blue blazes and selected the right-hand trail. This trail is a much more gradual grade than the AT, switch-backing down and fairly wide with little rock. Think we made our error when we reached the bridge that crosses Tumbling Run…crossing over the bridge and climbing up again, we found ourselves at the Hermitage Cabin. We continued hiking up until we reached the trail turnoff for Shaffer Rocks; following the trail to the left, away from Shaffer rocks, took us out onto Swift Run Rd. So if you are looking to access the blue blaze loop trail from Swift Run Rd., you’ll want to park near the Shaffer Rocks access…there is actually a sign for Shaffer Rocks, so you’ll have no trouble finding it. Would have been helpful had the signage also indicated that this is also where you can access the blue blaze loop for Chimney Rocks. I think if we had not taken the trail across the bridge but stayed straight, we would have continued on the blue blaze loop trail back to “the Shelter” and the AT. We’ll have to try this hike again to see if we can figure it out.

All in all, an enjoyable hike although we did wish that there were a few more directional signs to guide us in the right direction. We hiked this on a weekday and saw only 3 hikers already up at Chimney Rocks and the people who were staying at the Hermitage Cabin.

The uphill hike towards the beginning was very hard but worth it! Make sure to check out the Weaverton Cliffs on the way. Ed Garvy shelter is a decent size but there’s not much room to tent. but the Cranston shelter offers a lot of room to tent or hammock and little room in the shelter.

See reviews below to locate a trail map. You need a trail map, it is very confusing to attempt to stay on the trail. There are some pretty spaces along the route and a lot of horse manure to avoid. This loop seems to include some other trails. Blockhouse trail has a dead end at some point where there is a cliff, it is an old military site.

I did the Rt 28 to Ed Sears section in 2018 and the whole trail in 2015 or so. Saw no glass either time. Dog had no trouble in 2018. Plenty of parking at both ends--both lots hold more than one car. of the section I walked. A map will help find the section north of Ed Sears. This is a hunting area and is isolated. Be careful!

Nice trail...if you can find it!

Did a 2 night camping trip starting from Harper’s Ferry visitor center, which allows you to park for 3 days for $10. This adds about 0.50 miles one way to your journey.

At key’s gap you can get food and water at a gas station 0.3 miles down the highway that intersects the trail.

Hiked past Keys Gap as far south as “trail to blackburn trail center”, which is about 3.5 miles past the David Lessner Memorial Shelter and has an ok view. From there I doubled back. Several camp sites along the way, deer sighting, flowering trees and butterflies.

On my way back, about 1 mile before reaching Harper’s ferry, I took the blue blaze trail at the junction to get some nice views of the river. This will add a couple more miles to your trip. It’s worth it because this section of the AT is all woods and doesn’t have great views.

3 months ago

About halfway through this hike I was saying it should have been rated easy... by the end I was completely exhausted! I am training for a backpacking trip so I did this hike with a 25-30 pound backpack on which made the incline portions pretty difficult. It was great practice and a beautiful hike. Towards the end we came across a parking lot and thought we were at the end but it was not the west view parking lot and that made the last mile or so much harder. We also got off the trail a couple of times but always found our way back without too much trouble. We went on a beautiful spring day and there weren't too many people on the trail.

Very nice trail. More bikers than hikers.

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