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Done this twice. Each time in the winter. Very hard but perfect for a day hike. 2:15 up and 1:45 back. Skipped the eyebrow trail each time which is now a regret. Micro spikes were necessary.

15 days ago

Ranks as toughest and most scenic hikes of my life.

26 days ago

Killer winter Hike. Most definitely will be going back to do more hiking there! I highly suggest this hike to anyone looking for a solid day hike with great views at the top!


Andrew V

Great hike up to enjoy the fall colors. Went up eye brow and down the AT, eyebrow wasn’t a must do and wouldn’t be a good trail to descend. Clear day up top on the fire tower, views were stellar- snow on top made it even better. Took longer than expected due to icy conditions but beautiful hike, another great 4ker.

Magnifique randonnée que je recommande! Sentiers bien balisés et vue imprenable sur le sommet des montagnes environnantes! Wow!

While it may not have an alpine zone like its neighboring peaks, the Crocker-Redington Loop is a very beautiful hike. After a short road walk, you begin ascending steeply through mixed woods up the AT. After passing Crocker Cirque Campground, you start climbing straight up steep rock to the ridge, while the climb may be difficult, the views from the two talus fields are exceptional. The Bigelows are clearly in view across the valley. The summit of South Crocker has a nice ledges with an outlook to Sugarloaf and Spaulding. The out and back to North Crocker is quite steep and not too exciting. North Crocker is wooded but has a nice view spur off the back. Redington is not as bad as everyone says, the herd path off the summit is very well defined, shortly after leaving South Crocker, you’ll see a cut boundary line, take a right and follow it to a cairn, then take a left onto the herd path. Shortly after the col, you’ll hit a logging road, take a left and look for another cairn. You should be able to easily follow the path to the summit. The top has a sign, beyond the sign there’s a short spur to the canister. Inside is a summit log. When you descend the summit, you’ll see a split (you probably missed it on the way up). If you want to do the AllTrails Loop instead of returning to South Crocker, take a right. This leads to an overgrown herd path, which terminates on some short of Snowmobile Trail, follow this to the logging road. Take a right and follow it down. There’s cairns and arrows made of sticks and rocks that point the way to go. You’ll eventually hit Caribou Road which you can follow to the lot. This loop is a little bit of everything and certainly a fun adventure.

Road to trail head just got brand new bridges and is better then ever! south crocker has great views of current foliage on way up. Crocker and Redington not so much.

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Une vue magnifique au sommet à perte de vue. Un peu plus technique à certains moments entre Saddleback et the Horn mais ça en vaut la peine.

This is a fun hike. There are views from the peaks and a beautiful view heading up to S Crocker from caribou road. This hike keeps you hopping. Never a dull moment. It was fun finding the canister on Redington! I did an out and back and really enjoyed it. Not difficult at all.

AMAZING. Definitely challenging but worth it. Be advised: the hike down the Hamlin Ridge Trail is rugged and strenuous. Also, once you get to the last leg and start dreaming of cheeseburgers, you still have three miles to go :)
Nonetheless it was totally worth every ache and pain.

2 months ago

This trail has moderate and difficult terrain. Please read the hiking checklist at baxterstatepark.org before you embark on a Katahdin hike. We saw several under-prepared hikers and you really need to be at full attention on this hike. The Hunt Trail's challenging boulder field turned several people around as there are some technical moves that are as difficult on the descent as they are going up. We hiked at an average pace and took 4:45 up, and about 4 down. That is with a couple of food and water stops. So plan your time accordingly.

The views at the top are some of the best in the northeast and well worth the strenuous hike and time commitment. Under tree-line there are a couple of tough boulder moves as well but nothing like the boulder field, where you ascend well over 1000 vertical feet in less than a mile. This takes by far the most time but is the most rewarding. When you get to "The Gateway" you still have about an hour but it's easy compared to what you just did. But descending the field is treacherous. Use extreme caution.

We parked at the base lodge of Saddleback and hiked up grey ghost trail. Gorgeous views. Definitely some tough terrain at times but totally worth the view at the top.

Solo hike on 9/6. Went up the eyebrow trail to Appalacian and the to firetower on summit. Returned via Appalachian trail to parking lot. Would not want to descend on the eyebrow trail if trail is wet. Had a great time even though I got drenched. Only met 6 folks, all solo. Two were thru hikers.

This was my favorite hike I have done on the East Coast yet. Highly recommended. I would advise a little caution navigating knife edge but the experience was well worth it. There does exist a vertical climb/scramble thing that is about 40' of vertical on both sides of a notch on knife edge. Awesome though!

Great hike straight up Saddleback with beautiful views. The trail over to the The Horn was technical in a few spots but fun. This hike is a must do if your in the Rangeley area.

This is a great hike but people need to be aware that this is not a 6.6 miles, nor is the description above accurate when it says its an easy mountain (this seems to relate to finding the trail). As people note, its more like 3.8 in (so closer to 8 total), and a fairly challenging hike, though the trail is well maintained. Top is not totally clear, which is disappointing, but there are nice views on the way up, and from the fire tower at the top (if you are ready to climb a 40 foot ladder). As many note, if you can handle a steep initial climb its nice to do the eyebrow trail up, and the AT down. Some good views on the last part of the eyebrow trail. Overall a nice hike! Maybe not my favorite ever, but nice.

3 months ago

Outstanding hike, as good as it gets. Prepare to use all fours in spots. I completed this in early September. It was 75 and completely clear. I am so spoiled. It was tough on my knees, going up and coming down. The views are second to known. I went up the Hunt Trail and came back down the Abol Trail.

more like 7.6 miles as the signage says 3.8 from trailhead. hike was challenging but overall i’d say just OK as far as payoff for level of effort. the 360 views are great but this was not my favorite trail. only a few views on the way up otherwise you’re covered in the trees

3 months ago

This is a FULL day of hiking. Luckily the cloud cover was so thick that you couldn’t see 25 feet in front of you. That kept the July temps down (mid-90’s in town). I’m 49. I’ve recently done some notable hikes including Angels Landing. This was harder. My 20 y/o son concurs. The uphill is moderately difficult. The descent is unforgiving. Several ppl reversed course, went back up and took Abol down.

Bring extra food and water for this one. Expect every type of terrain it’s possible to see on the East Coast.

3 months ago

Beautiful, but extremely challenging! The boulder scramble got me. Met guite a few thru hikers who were smiling the whole way up.

Saddleback is a must if you go to Rangeley. It’s one of the more difficult and strenuous trails as it goes up a ski resort trail. The top is beautiful and well-worth the hike. It connects to the AT up top, and there is a nice little pond up there to swim if you want (my dog sure did!). It’s one of the most beautiful mtn tops I’ve hiked.

3 months ago

Took this route down after coming up the Abol Trail... Woah, no way would I want to climb up it. They sure wanted to torture the thru hikers on their last miles of their trek on the Appalachian Trail. It's challenging, rough, tiring, with a little fun mixed in.

Stunning 360-degree views from summit of Sugarloaf; can see Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Washington on clear days. Have hiked this all four seasons. I've heard of hikers ascending up the black diamond ski slopes. I've only hiked up the neverending tote road beacause I love a great leg challenge. Burn baby burn.

Absolutely an incredible mountain range for snowshoeing! Love this spot after a classic Maine blizzard. The Saddleback ski resort may be abandoned but there's someone grooming part of the trails for past few years. 360-degree views from summits are stunning. Autumn and summer hiking up Saddleback offer a moderate to strenuous workout. There's an old warming hut just before the summit, as the trail connects to the Appalachian Trail; sources of heat have been removed from this hut but it's still a great quick shelter to grab a bite and get out of high winds.

By far one of my favorite mountains to hike in Maine. The terrain is varied, passing over a few streams, an old fire warden cabin/camping area, the trail is pretty level for a few miles then it begins to get real steep for roughly the last mile of this out and back trail. The alpine zone around the summit is over 300 acres; the 2nd largest in Maine after Mt. Katahdin. Mount Abraham (aka Abram) is challenging and rewarding. Views of surrounding mountain ranges are stunning.

great hike! we did the eyebrow up and the at down. challenging enough without being a killer. views were ebautiful in several spots, and the view was incredible from the fire tower.

3 months ago

Absolutely amazing trail, with a variety of landscapes. You start off on a fairly flat section through the woods along the stream. At about 1 mile in you will get to the beautiful falls. From there the incline picks up as you will climb hundreds of stone steps. After a reprieve from the steps, it levels off a bit before the boulders.

The boulders start just about at the tree line. After climbing the boulders you’ll get to the gateway, a steep rock scramble. If the weather is good, you’ll get some amazing views starting here. I thought the summit would be just after this point, but don’t be fooled. You still have a ways to go. Luckily after the gateway you get to the tablelands which is a pretty flat for the most part, and a surreal alpine landscape.

Finally there is the last push to the top, with sweeping views.

This hike is very challenging. Be ready for a long day. It is just an incredible experience and I highly recommend it be on any hikers bucket list. Baxter State Park is an absolute must see for anyone visiting Maine.

4 months ago

Read Katt Bernu's post from June 2018 for a good description. This was an awesome hike of a kind I've not seen elsewhere in the Northeast! I brought mechanic's gloves that had a protective, grippy palm, and I was very glad I had them for all the boulder climbing.

This is a nice trail right on the Maine/New Hampshire border, it gains a fair amount of elevation over a short distance, so it is a decent workout. The view from the tower is great, and there are several spots along the way up with very nice views. I enjoyed being able to see the White Mountains at the same time as Maine's western peaks.

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