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19 hours ago

Great trail for boulder scrambles. There are definitely a few sections that aren’t for the faint of heart. If you fear heights, take the Orange & Black path to Champlain Ridge Trail

I always enjoy this hike! A challenge for someone afraid of heights for sure but so so rewarding. Please be wary if you are very afraid of heights or unsteady on your feet. Also make sure to wear shoes with great traction - you're going to need it. Awesome!!!

Not long but pay attention, as it is challenging with many metal rungs and hand holds

Very nice little hike. A bit crowded but worth it, especially with the pebble beach and lovely bay at the end.

5 days ago

Great trail. I went early to beat the crowds - 5:30am in the summer - worthwhile, as it most likely backs up with traffic due to the amount of ladders and tight spaces.
Definitely more of a climb w/ Great views at the end for reward.

Great time easy walk lots of people out there

rock climbing
5 days ago

Excellent views and playful environment! Make sure to wear hiking boots to protect those ankles and ensure solid contact on rocks, as it’s so much fun rock jumping

mountain biking
6 days ago

I’ve never felt so accomplished as when I reached the Beehive Summit. Beware if you are afraid of heights. You will have to climb on iron rungs up the face at various times but the descent is pleasant. Swing by the Bowl after. It’s worth it.

Very fun hike with my wife and two kids (ages 11 and 9). My entire family is in better shape then I and we still had an amazing time. We stopped a few times to let faster people go ahead of us (but honestly I was using these times to catch my breath)...great short hike that gets the ticker really pumping...views and smiles on family’s face was completely worth it let alone the spectacular views

Lovely stroll. My husband and I 2alked the path and loved looking out into the harbor to one side and historical building and sites on the other. Very easy and some climbing spots if you are adventurous.

rock climbing
9 days ago

Fun did with wife first timed, then second climb was with son, wife and myself. Was first trip to Arcadia. Was not disappointed. Had a blast and was exciting and felt huge sense of accomplishment as we reached summit and took in breathtaking views of sandy beach and ocean!!!

This might just be my favorite hike to date! Once I found the trail head, it was absolutely amazing the entire way. Unbelievable views from every direction at the summit. Challenging climb the majority of the way... a tab bit tough on the knees, but well worth it!

10 days ago

Absolutely stunning trail. It ranges in difficulty from easy to fairly challenging in parts. I wouldn’t recommend the whole thing for novice hikers. I descended Dorr mountain on the south side and connected to south side Cadillac Mountain Trail and ascended from there. The Canon Brook trail had a tough ascent in parts and went through some beautiful stream areas and lots of wildlife with hardly anyone on it in early August (prime season).

Lovely, easy walk, more like a stroll. Some 12-15’ ledges, but the path is wide enough to keep kids from the edges. Some easy access points to get down to the rock/water joining. Shaded walk back to Main Street at the end of the Path.
Great pictures of the islands.

Great trail, very busy as some spots we had to wait because of congestion

13 days ago

Sweet Scramble Hike! Myself, my bride and 12 and 9 yr old boys. Boys loved it. Couple of areas of exposure made them a bit nervous, but steel rungs to hold onto proved to be the support they needed. Took a little over an hour to the top and we took the ridge trail down.

Fun and unique hike with the rungs and climbing. Our whole family completed it including 9 and 11 year old children. Be brave if you are afraid of heights.

mountain biking
14 days ago

Really fun trail. Both my girlfriend and I are in really good shape and not afraid of heights so it wasn’t that bad. We both wore sneakers and had no issues. The hike is really rewarding and I would recommend it to people who love to hike and see great views. There are several different options to make the hike longer or shorter (1.3 miles-11.8) so you can customize it to fit the difficulty and length you want.

14 days ago

Hiked with my family today and we all loved the hike. Boys are in HS and College and while we saw some young kids hiking, I would be thoughtful about taking them if they are less than agile, not active or afraid of heights. Otherwise it is manageable if you approach each challenging climb with respect and caution. Take your time and enjoy the views.

Beautiful trail with fun and thrilling heights! My family and I enjoyed hiking up this with exciting views, rings to climb, and many rocks with lots of variety!

16 days ago

This was crazy cool, fun, and challenging. I was stupid and tried to do it alone. Some hikers asked that I join them so I did. Do it at your own pace and it’s totally fun. Some parts are “scary” but it’s totally in your head. Wear good hiking boots.

sketchy for sure. lots of exposure. don't do if you are scared at all. don't take little kids. not worth the risk. but def one of the coolest hikes I have ever been on. took the loop to beehive and back to the beach. if u like a little adventure don't skip this. you will love it

great hike, with even greater views. the cliffs were a little scary but overall very well done.

one fairly steep uphill

What a fun trail! Once you get to the top of Beehive you have great views of Acadia, the Bowl, and the ocean. Continue down to the Bowl for a nice lake view. Then the hike on the way back down is very easy over well built staircases.

Although steep at the beginning, I found this trail to be approachable. Bring grippy shoes though, for the iron bars and rocks.

18 days ago

Great trail with my 14, 12, & 10 year old. Some parts were slippery because it had rained earlier, but still very doable for all ages.

had to turn back as we approached sand beach overlook section on great head trail as it was too steep and rocky for my dog to navigate. we had started at schooner head parking lot and got about 3 quarters of way around loop clockwise

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