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McKenzie River Area Map

Went in middle October. The leaves were changing and just gorgeous.

Such a great trail with lots of views. October is a lovely time to go with foliage changing color and fireweed in its last fuzzy stage blowing in the wind. Burn area is beautiful and woodland forest surprisingly dense. Closer to 7 miles for loop.

Pretty hike. Several beautiful waterfalls. Shaded so good for a hot Summer day. We had a group ranging in age from 13 to 55. Hike was enjoyed by all.

Awesome trail along the river with fantastic views of rapids and waterfalls. One side of the loop is developed, most likely from CCC crews, with log fences and a couple of observation points. The less developed side of the loop is more picturesque. Fall colors were out in full force. A beautiful hike. It took us two hours because we took so many pictures.

9 days ago

Had the place to myself today! Got there early and it was raining but I loved it. Got slightly confused with parts of the trail but figured it out. One of my new favorite hikes! Good for all skill levels. There's two ways to go in. I went on the trail on the right. The foliage was beautiful.

This is a 5* hike. The reason I'm giving it 4* is due to the misleading slight difficulty in driving the roads. We trekked from Corvallis, and let me reassure you the find and hike are worth it. However, if you drive a sedan, be mindful of your clearance, and follow the AllTrails map and some of the helpful instructions in the reviews to the T. It is easy to get lost on forest roads. In addition, the signs on RD 11 are misleading. We followed the signs and ended up really in the middle of nowhere. Follow the user guided instructions and your Apple Maps and you should get there. Take the roads slow, when we drove there last week, there were minor obstacles and some difficulty in clearance (scraping the bottom a few times). Be careful, and most importantly, have fun.

Hiked this with Sunflower not only to hike the Cone Peak trail, but to look for Christmas tree ornaments placed by the ranger district. Struck out. Beautiful day and beautiful hike. Sunflower struggled slightly but made it back just fine. I found an arrowhead on the trail near the base of Cone Peak which adds to my collection.
Got back to the highway and tombstone pass parking area and Sunflower and I ended up aiding a young man and his vehicle and trailer stranded due to overheating, and who was on his way moving to Texas.

18 days ago

This is a nice short hike up to a magnificent viewpoint of the surrounding cascades. I intended to jog the entire way up but was hit hard by the 4000 ft elevation starting point and ended up walking rather than running about a quarter of the way. I brought my dog with me and due to the steep terrain she had to stay on leash. The decent isn't too technical, but due to the narrow singletrack our speed was slower than I expected. Be careful. Watch your step. Keep your dog on leash and enjoy the amazing views at the refurbished lookout at the summit. FYI. I would have given this trail 5 stars had it been a little bit longer. I didn't want the trail to end.

Awesome hike, forest is green and luscious. Hike was good, and weather was perfect. no rain, mud or snow.(even had first time hikers with us and everyone made it up and down) fall was an incredible sight. 100% must see. Falls flowing. We saw folks with dogs, children and bikes.

Beautiful hike!!

Really a pleasantly easy hike. Fairly flat. Well maintained. Beautiful fall foliage. We did not see any one during our hike. Half the trail is through green forestland and half through an older wildfire zone. Very diverse landscape and stunning Mountain and Meadow views. Great fun with our dogs too

great ride with only two hikers on the trail. lots of water for the horses.

19 days ago

Spectacular views on a clear day. The road in was in decent condition considering the location. The hike itself was short but still a workout. I would have climbed many more miles for the experience at the top. The fall colors were gorgeous and the trail was well kept. Simply wonderful.

A day hike that is not to be missed! The loop is more likely a 3-mile trek, but every step is worth it. The loop takes you around 3 very accessible and spectacular falls. You’ll get to see each from multiple angles and you can get surprisingly close to the edges, so caution is needed. For groups with little ones, less mobility or less time, stay on the near side and go south (go left downhill from the parking lot) and you will see all 3 falls in a half mile stretch. Well worth the short detour off of highway 20.

loved loved loved this very short but beautiful hike. fall is popping right now in color

Take the loop left (glacier trail first) for awesome views of he mountains. Otherwise you hike down with them at your back. Awesome trail not to steep but a steady hill up/down.

There is a lot of overgrowth on this trail- waist deep for about half the trail. The forest road leading up to the trail head also had a lot of erosion and was a bit hairy and a few small places. We really enjoyed the views once we got past the brush, tree line and into the meadow. The small wood bridges were very photogenic as was the surrounding area. Bring water resistant shoes if you don’t like getting your feet soaking wet, and long durable pants for the thorny overgrowth.

22 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. Did an overnight hike - went south on the PCT and camped at Eileen Lake. First day on the Obsidian Trail featured bright blue skies and gorgeous sun. The next day was classic NW fog, mist, and moody skies. It was like an entirely different trail. Both days were stunning. Pretty easy hike - no major climbs! Spooky burn areas - very surreal!

22 days ago

The falls were beautiful and enormous! Short, easy hike and I would 100% recommend the hike to anyone.

Beautiful short easy hike - the lower falls are gorgeous and since it’s end of September- can only imagine how full they are in the spring . The fall colors of the vine maple against the black lava/obsidian is breathtaking...Definitely coming back!

23 days ago

Pretty, easy hike but could not see the lake from the trail due to growth/trees blocking view.

Would consider this an easy hike. Short and sweet!

Hike for any level hiker! Beautiful waterfall that you can hike right to the base of the fall for spectacular photos.

We were amazed by the clear blue waters of the river not to mention the beauty of Sahalie Falls. We absolutely loved it!! We definitely would hike it again next time we are in the area. :)

I’ve hiked to the falls 3 times now, never been disappointed. Go in early September for less snow, more wildlife/LESS MOSQUITOS!

easy and fun

28 days ago

Amazing Overnight stay.

Hiked this trail today without my Sunflower and with the threat of rain for the afternoon.. Low cloud levels prevented good clear views.
Was on the trail looking for the U.S. Capital Christmas tree ornaments but didn’t find any. SweetHome ranger district lists 3 ornaments on the trail with one being close to Gale creek trail head but found no such trail head or marker. Turned around and headed back down at the 5 miles in.

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