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1 day ago

Went this weekend and did the full trip. Closer to 18 miles once account for for the hike to the campsites and back.

Extremely hot, coming back was more challenging than the first day. Partially because you’re sore. Partially because it’s up almost the whole way— albeit not as steep.

Biggest con is the forest area is extremely thick so there was zero breeze. Bugs were fine, but we did see snakes closer to the end of the trail. Also, it’s not quite bushwhacking level, but once you’re to the lesser travelled part it does become overgrown.

Would do again on a cooler weekend for sure.

horseback riding
2 days ago

Was out with horse group 6/23/18; walked my horse across bridge and it is so slick that neither of us could stand up mid-span. I was knocked off the bridge onto the rocks below. Be very careful whether you are hiking or bike riding, but horses, stay off the bridge! The tie area is across the bridge but don't do it, tie to the trees just before you get to the bridge and "skate" across. We were able to get my mare back across, yes she fell on the bridge, by putting dirt and gravel on it for traction. This bridge and the one around the corner, needs fall protection like the others have

This is a great hike if the road is closed to Cloud Cap. If the road is open, and you don't mind the abuse to your car, I'd drive up and spend more time exploring higher up.
Start early, it's worth it!

Very busy on the weekends, but beautiful view at the top. totally worth it.

Awesome trail. I thought the elevation graph on the map was misleading. It's really a very gradual climb for the first 2 miles then a slight downhill or flat all the way in to the falls. Only met a few people on the trail. Long stretches of open sky so bring a hat and some sunscreen. We will definitely do this trail again.

Get there early if you want a parking spot. We got there just before 8am on the weekend and were able to get a spot next to the trailhead. Very pretty hike. Was bummed that the mountain was all socked in with cloud cover. Clouds broke just for a minute to get a parial view of the mountain pic when we got to the summit. Very busy trail but to be expected since it is right off the highway.

Absolutely bring bug spray! I definitely fed more than a few mosquitos on this trip. But, this is absolutely worth it. The rhododendron are on their way out, but the other wild flowers are more than making up for it.

Do the loop around the lake to get the full experience. I made an earlier start than most- left the truck around 7:45 this morning and was joined by about 6-8 other people up at the summit. By the time I got back down around 11, it was a zoo at the parking lot and I passed about 30 people who were headed up. Get the early start for the best views and less people!

Climbed in from the Mirror Lake trailhead, kind of on accident ( we saw the signs and made a spur of the moment decision to hike up). Definitely a steep climb (about 2000 feet over 4 miles), but the terrain changes constantly making for amazing views every half mile or so. Potential for fabulous views of Mt Hood as you hug the hillside, then some beautiful young forest trails, and some craigy rocky terrain towards the top. We arrived around 8am, and when we reached the summit it was still in cloud cover. We'd brought snacks so we sat down to wait out the clouds. One other couple arrived while we were there but they hiked down shortly after. About an hour after we arrived the clouds cleared.
Spectacular views of the valley, the mountain, and Mirror Lake!

The view from the top of the mountain was amazing on a clear, sunny day! We went on a weekday and arrived around 9am. We had to park about .75 miles up the road at the Skibowl and walk down to the trailhead. This was pretty easy to do but be mindful that you’ll have to walk back up it after you finish the hike. When we started out we encountered a few people on the trail. However, by the end of the hike, about three hours later, the trail was heavily trafficked. We’d recommend getting there early!

Nice city trail walk. Westside of the trail near Sellwood bridge is blocked in places due to construction.

Awesome hike! Beginners and more expert hikers alike can enjoy. Arriving early helped us beat the crowds we saw pouring in as we were leaving. Passing the spot that seems like the summit and continuing on to the smaller outlook was worth it.

Worth the view! Pretty easy hike just a bit rocky at the end, but accessible to post! Enjoy hiking!

Great hike! The trail is closed in places due to maintenance so we had to detour quite a bit and ended up with almost 16 miles. Loved the varied elevation and views. It’s easy to get off track; I was glad to have the map downloaded but even so we went down an abandoned trail and got stuck in blackberry brambles and had to backtrack. There are water fountains at the main recreation areas to refill your bottle, which was great (and bathrooms!). It does cost $7 to get into the park, as well - card or cash.

Started around 820am, took a half hour break at the top and got back around 4pm. Be mindful of the trail splits on the way down or you’ll take a nice detour like I did. Fortunately there’s a few other routes on the mountain and ended up on the Timberline Trail.
Bring sunscreen as you’ll spend most of the time above the tree line. The snow will reflect the UV rays so make sure to apply the sunscreen under your chin and nose.

This trail is a favorite. Loads of good look out views and the view at the top is to die for. Definitely recommend this hike.

Great hike with a stunning view of Mt. Hood! It’s a pretty moderate incline for the most part with a segment near the top where there is more of a steep climb. There are many mosquitoes along the trail, especially once you are near Mirror Lake so bring bug spray or cover up your arms and legs! The parking lot can be crowded; we parked at Ski Bowl and walked back to the trailhead (adds another mile or so to the hike).

This is a great trailhead.. however there is an open rocky ledge that everyone stops at and doesn't really continue on. This is NOT the end of the trail, it goes for a good .4 to .6 mile more and you hike over a rocky ridge up and over to a higher viewpoint. Only 1 other couple we saw do this! It was warm, dusty and bring bug spray!

Decent hike. It was nice that it wasn't overcrowded. I thought the views were better on the way out than in. The falls were nice; you can walk right up to the base and soak your feet in the shallow pool at the bottom. It was pretty brushy so gaiters would have been a good idea. Lots of wildflowers and butterflies.

Arrived around 1100 Sunday 6/17 and parked at ski-bowl and walked about .5mi to trailhead. Took our group between 1:45-2:10 to hit summit from trailhead. Down took 20min less including walk to ski-bowl. Not sure if they changed path, because two different trackers registered about 3.6mi up, so this is closer to 7mi than 6mi. Postage was pretty clear. Gorgeous terrain and mostly a bidirectional pathway. There’s a strip where it narrows after some rocks where passing has to be deliberate. There was a lot of rain the day before but you couldn’t really tell on the trail. Mirror Lake loop looks cool, I’ll have to do that next time. We were on a schedule so we went straight up the mountain. It was a moderate hike and the payout is totally worth it. On a reasonably clear day, you can easily see Mt Hood, Mt Adams, and Mt St Helens. Trailhead Ambassador said we could follow the ridge line back towards ski-bowl and either hike down or take lift. I’ll try that one date and update you all. Good path for friendly dogs; if your dog’s scared of dogs/people like mine, leave em at home. This is well trafficked. Ski-bowl Peking is free -lots of adventure things to do there too. Parks dept is in process of moving trailhead parking closer to ski-bowl -so be mindful of parking recommendations in older reviews. Saw folks of all ages; it isn’t difficult so pace yourself and you’ll hit the top!

26 days ago

This is a nice hike that isn't too strenuous.

Hard climb but awesome to the top!

Nice views and a good little work out

beautiful hike, trail is well maintained.

1 month ago

Got to the trailhead by 8am. The weather was foggy and cold, the trail was we at times but a well maintained trail. Got to the summit just shy of 2 hours, the summit was covered in for but after waiting about 30 minutes, the fog gave way and we were able to see beautiful Mt. Hood.

Hiked June 5 on a sunny day...glad we got there early...the lot was packed when we got back. Views of Hood, St Helens, Adams and Jefferson....it doesn’t get any better than this!

We hiked Seaside to Indian Beach today. No trail closures, but some areas you have to get creative to get through.

First of all you need a WA Discover Pass for parking.
It was a wet and rainy day, so I’m sure the views are great in clear weather.
Hiking is easy going, if you go when it’s wet, definitely have waterproof pants or at least gators.

The falls are tranquil, and not high volume but still a nice reward at the end of the hike.

1 month ago

Loved this hike. my very good friend Laura and I did this today the only complaint was we had a bunch of ticks on his because the trail is over grown in spots, and the other sad part is when you go over road and get back on the trial it ends on another road and there are no signs saying which way to go.
steep steep steep!!

View is amazing and the hike is fun.

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